Title: Peace

Author: Lala

Rating: PG

Pairing: Scott/Shelby.

Spoilers: Seduction.

Summary: "Shelby? Shelby please. Please don't go." "You're scaring me." "I'm scared too. Please… don't go." Missing scene from Seduction.

Disclaimer: None of the characters or situations portrayed in this fan fiction are mine.

Author's Notes: First Higher Ground fic. Short, but reviews would still be liked. Un beta'd.


Looking back on it, he's not quite sure how it happened. He hadn't touched her since that last kiss; he hadn't let himself and she hadn't tried.

There had been a moment, when the tears wouldn't stop and he was certain she'd leave him. But she hadn't. She'd come back. Sat beside him. Not close, not at first, but close enough for him to know she was there.

And that had helped so much. Because for so long, no one had been there. He hadn't let them if they tried, not that many had.

But she had. He wasn't sure what made her; it couldn't be simple attraction. She'd been ready to bolt, and if something inside him hadn't cried out to her, some last desperate part of him needing salvation, he knew she would have.

But she hadn't.

And that's what helped him; that's what held him back. In reality; in the present. Away from the memories; away from Elayne.

She had been scared; she had been no doubt upset with him for earlier; but she'd stayed. Not saying a word, not having any physical contact with him… just sitting. With him.

She'd been the one to suggest going back to the lodge. He'd thought he'd feel safer here, with so many people around… but he didn't. She was too far away.

When they'd entered, their sleeping bags had been close. He hesitated before moving his closer. Wordlessly, they slipped inside.

Sleep didn't come. Her face didn't enter his mind; her voice didn't echo throughout his head.

He just couldn't relax.

He wasn't sure who reached out first; one minute he remembered feeling the hardness of the wood floor, the next second his fingertips were brushing hers.

And it wasn't magical or electrocuting or even surprising. It just felt right. Safe. She squeezed his fingers and didn't say a word. He turned to look at her but it was too dark to make her out. The fire was going down and her hand seemed the only warm thing in the universe.



Another squeeze. Silence. Warmth. Security. Sleep. Peace.