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Behind the music with the Teen Titans

It has been five years since we have heard from the Titans, Because they have been living a peaceful, not to mention boring, life. Our girls, Raven and Starfire, have reached the wonderful age of 18, while our guys, Beast Boy, Robin, and Cyborg, are 19. Our Titans are no longer fighting crime for the city, But are the back-up fighters for the new team, the Happy Heroes.(pretty weird!) The Teen Titans get to keep the Titans Tower as thanks from the city so this is where our story will take place. But before we get there, let me fill you in on the changes our Beloved Titans have undergone.

Raven has overcome her emotional struggle and is now free to express emotion.{A/N: I won't tell you how, because I would have to write a whole new story, lets just say it was a maturing issue} Tearra is out of the picture (yess!) and Beast Boy is long over her, in fact he found out that he loves someone else. He has FINALLY gotten Raven to smile ( she hasn't stopped ever since) that was when he asked her to be his girlfriend. (she said yes obviously!) Starfire is finally in touch with her Earth lingo and is still crazy for mustard. And Robin. Robin is going out with Star (never would have guessed that, would you?) and is no longer obsessed with saving the world. Oh and he did beat Slade, so don't worry. Cyborg put on pounds and is on a diet. He thinks he looks good in a do-rag, and his only true love is the GameStationX. I think that's every thing, so now it's time for the Real story.

"This game is getting boring" said Cyborg after playing 500 rounds of SuperMegaRacersUltra with Robin. Robin rolled his eyes." That's what I have been trying to tell you for the last 397 rounds" he said, sounding quite exasperated. Just then, Beast Boy, who had been in a deep conversation with Raven, clutched his stomach as his stomach rumbled very loudly. Raven snorted. "I guess it is time for dinner" she said, getting up and heading to the kitchen. Raven had been appointed head cook, because she actually could cook, and very well too. Beast Boy licked his lips. He was thinking about the delicious food that Raven cooked. He knew that Robin was thinking the same thing, because he said "MMMMMM, I can't wait for dinner". From the kitchen they heard Raven heave a very comical sigh. They laughed. Raven had developed a good sense of humor ever since she overcame her emotional barrier. She would crack jokes at almost every opportunity, not unlike Beast Boy.

Meanwhile............... Starfire was in her room, listening to music. Ever since she went to The Band's concert in Minnesota, she wanted to form a band with the other Titans. She wanted to play the bangy things she believed were called drums.It could be so fun!! They could dress in spandex and jump around on the stage like monkeys. She saw people doing that on a show calld 'I love the 80's'. Those people seemed to be very popular.Just as she was fantisizing about monkeys in spandex, she heard Cyborg calling her. "HEY STAR!! IT'S TIME FOR DINNER!"

It was dinner time. Raven had outdone herself again. She had made Starfire a Tai Cuisine she hadn't tried yet. Robin had some of his favorite homemade sushi. Raven had tried to make Cyborgs diet food as tasty as possible. Beast Boy had gotten himself an exquisite tofu dish, and Raven made herself a simple chicken salad. The titans jaws dropped when they saw their food, and tucked in immediately.

"How did you know what I wanted?" asked Robin, spraying sushi in everyone's face.

"Irf kinder oofous, oof reeden ut ver rifgh tish eek" said Beast Boy with a mouthful of tofu.

Raven rolled her eyes. "What he means to say is : It's kinda obvious, it's what you've eaten every night this week"

"I guess you're girlfriend is the only one who can actually understands you!" said Cyborg, but no-one was paying attention to him because they were too busy staring wide-eyed at Starfire devour her food like a hungry animal. When she was finished she looked pleased.

"You think she liked it?" asked Robin , raising her eyebrow.

"No" Raven said sarcastically.

"I think she's still hungry!" Beast Boy said, appalled. She was, truthfully, still hungry. So she grabbed the bottle of mustard and started squirting it in her mouth.

The rest of the dinner was relatively quiet, except for Robin wrestling the mustard bottle from Starfire and the crunching coming from Cyborgs carrot sticks.

Suddenly, during Starfire's seventh helping of mint frosting banana, she said "Why don't we make a band?" . Everyone at the table gave her a questioning look. "I mean we aren't really doing anything else, right?" she said quickly, trying to explain herself. "It would be just for fun". Everyone at the table nodded in agreement, everyone except Cyborg.

"Good idea,but we will need money, instruments, music teachers........" He kept on rattling off the stuff that they would need.

"Money and getting a music teacher are not problems" said Raven interrupting him.

"Yeah and there are stores for instruments, duh!" said Beast Boy, smacking his forehead.

"But seriously guys, this will be a lot of work" Started Robin, he paused and smiled, "So we will have to start tomorrow, it's time to hit the sack so we can get up early and get started"

Cyborg grumpily got up and trudged off to bed. Starfire skipped off to her room, singing a song from the 80's. Robin, Raven, and Beast Boy just looked at each other and shrugged before heading off to their rooms as well.

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