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Â"What is it?Â"

Â"Is it alive?Â"

Â"Why is it so ugly?Â"

Â"I wonder if itÂ's intelligent, I mean it is blondeÂ" (sorry all blondes, Just a joke, donÂ't hurt me)

A group of roughly ten people gatherd around the Blonde, errr, thing that shot out of the Jump Park Memorial. It was fortunate enough to land in a nice patch of grass, but that just happend to be the same patch of grass that a chocolate lab decided to relieve itself.

Â"Uggh, whats that awful smell?Â" said the blonde thing looking around the crowd that had gathered around her. Â"Why are all you stupid people looking at me? AinÂ't you ever seen a Blonde Beauty Before?Â"

Â"Hey ladyÂ" said a little boy, poking her back. She turned aroung and glared at him. Â"What?Â"

Â"You smell badÂ"

Â"Why, thank y-- Hey!, Well, YouÂ're a, a, scuz munching zit!Â"


SLAP!!!! Â"Oww, what was that for?Â" she yelled, glaring at the woman who slapped her, obivously the scuz munching zits mother.

Â"Because you deserved it!Â"

Â"Yeah well, you deserve this!Â" The Â'blonde beautyÂ' Focoused her energy on smacking the woman on the head with a good sized rock, but none came, not even a pebble. Instead, her hands glowed brown, and some nearby dog poop hit her square on the face. The woman screamed.

Â"You foul being!Â"

Â"Sorry, I meant to hit you with a rock insteadÂ"

The woman screamed in outrage, a scream that turned into a hideous growl. All of a sudden the nice petite lady that we grew to love turned into a monster! Her mucles grew seventeen times their size, but her head stayed the same, so she grealy resembled the hulk with a barbie doll head. She let out another horrible growl and said Â"Me no like rocks!Â". When the Hulk/Barbie thing turned around to smash some rocks, the blonde beauty decided that that would be a good time to make her escape. So she tried once again to summon a rock (this time so she could fly), but instead she got a flying hunk of dog poop.

Â"Aw shit, I guess that this will just have to doÂ" So she hopped on and made her way to Slades Lair.


As she entered the lair she heard SladesÂ' muttering. (Ha, heÂ's not Dead, just old and defeated!)

Â"Uh, master Slade sir, IÂ'm backÂ" said the blonde beauty peering around the corner, seeing Salde at his desk.

Â"Oh Tearra you have returned to me!!! Are you hungry? Why donÂ't you have some Bacon?Â" He Pointed to a seat right next to him.

Â"Mmmm, Bacon!Â"

She sat in the seat that he had indicated to, and she wondered how he was eating the Bacon with a mask on. She decided to watch him to see how he did it. He picked up a piece of Bacon out of the huge pile on his desk. He turned it on itÂ's side and brought it up to where his mouth should be. He jammed the bacon where the little slits in his mask are. She looked hard and realized that he had a strip of bacon in each slit, and they were getting shorter and shorter until they dissapeared completly. She picked up a piece of bacon and jammed it in her mouth.

Â"Uh, Slade?Â"

munch, munch Â"Yes?Â"

Â"I have some bad news, you see instead of controling rocks now, I control poop.Â"

Â"Cool, that must mean youÂ're foul, like poop, foul, like meÂ"

Â"Soo, thats good?Â"


Â"How will we destoy the Teen titans?Â"

Â"I donÂ't knowÂ"

Â"Sould we bombard their house with poop?Â"

Â"No,no that is much to silly, we must wait for an Idea to come to me!Â"

Â"Oh, okayÂ"


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