Authors Note: This is the first story I have written so it might suck I apologies if it does. Italics denotes thought This is told in Jack's POV

Summery: Jack's punishment after Learning Curve

As I walk to his office I know I'm in trouble but that's to be expected. I disobeyed a direct order. If I'm lucky I'll get to choice retirement instead of a court marshal. But with my luck and my enemies I will end up in front of a firing squad.

I arrive at Hammond's door without remembering walking here. I knock on the door and when he tells me to come in I do and come to attention as quickly as possible and salute General Hammond. He returns my salute but doesn't give me the at ease command this is not good.

"Colonel O'Neill reporting as ordered sir."

Its then I notice another General in the room.

"Colonel this is General Richards from the JCS he will be the one over seeing your case since it was decided I could not be objective enough to do it."

"My Case Sir?" I direct my question at General Richards

"Yes Colonel you are being charged with disobeying a direct order as well as endangering this whole planet. I'm here to escort you back to Washington where you will be tried. Because your work is highly classified you will get no jury I will be the person to decide if your innocent or guilty if I decide your guilty I will also be the one that decides your punishment. Do you have any questions?"

"No sir"

"Good then we will be leaving know follow me"

With that I followed him out of the mountain without a backwards glance at anyone. As I climb in the back of the van the General has waiting I am brought down by some SF's I don't know and shackled, gagged and blindfolded. I'm in some deep shit.