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Nine Years

Chapter 1: Prologue

It's been nine years since the battle city tournament and all there adventures.

Everyone has changed including Seto Kaiba. He decided to be a little nice and kind. Mokuba, his younger sibling made it easier.

Everyone decided to go there own paths but still manages to keep in good touch.

Joey, Mai, and Serenity have moved to America and Joey and Mai are happily married.

Tea became a traitor and almost killed them all. That was not too long ago but it still remains in the gang's hearts. Whenever the topic comes up, it leaves everyone in confusing thoughts as to why SHE of all people would do such a thing. But that's in the past. Let's move on…

Tristan and Duke are roommates who decided to stay in Japan. Duke's dungeon dice monsters game is flourishing but it still can't manage to beat Kaiba's company rates. Tristan is trying to accomplish his law enforcement training so he can become a police officer.

Yugi, Ishizu, Marik, Bakura, and Grandpa Moto decide to explore Egypt, to find out more about Yugi, Marik, and Bakura's past and possibly more.

Seto Kaiba and Mokuba are still living in Domino City, where 21 year old Mokuba has a job being vice president of Kaiba Corp. And the story continues…

It has been nine years since my break up with Seto Kaiba. Yes, the notorious Seto Kaiba. We met when he was in America in a business trip. He was staying there for a month because America wanted his inventions. I remember exactly how we met...

Story Flashback…

It was raining, not only rain but lightning and thunder. My brother was in the hospital because of a freak accident. I visited him at the hospital and was returning home. Mai was also there. She was also crying but not hysterically like me. I looked at her, she changed, not her personality, but the way she dressed and I didn't blame her. She was 5 months pregnant. She didn't wear mini skirts or the tight tops, then on she wore a maternity shirt and pants. Even after the baby came out, she stopped wearing those clothes and wore sensible, mature, womanly clothes...if i do say so myself. Normally, I would stay by Joey's side, but the seeing the sight of him, covered like a mummy, made me burst into tears. The nurse had suggested that it was just best to go home. So I did.

I had no umbrella so I got drenched, inside and out. I could hear howls of laughter and drunken voices from the nearby alleys. I decided to go the opposite direction, away from them. Even though it was a safe decision, there were others. Gang members, I thought. Two gangs, enemies, I supposed. I was an innocent bystander walking amidst them. Bad scenario. My worst fears were confirmed; bullets were fired and I just happened to get in the way of them. I ducked of course but it was too late. I got shot in the in the arm. Crying out in pain, I fell down and stayed down. I screamed for help, but it was overlapped by sirens. The shooting stopped and they scurried away. I was left alone. Just when I thought hope was lost, a tall man appeared before me.

"This is an illusion"

Before I knew it, I blacked out.

When I woke up, I found myself in a white room, bright white room. The curtains were white, the bed I was on, the small couch in the corner. Silver was there also but white overpowered it. It had a stale smell; alcohol and a faint smell of blood. I wrinkled my nose.

Somebody laughed. I sat up now, turning my head furiously, trying to find the person. He was sitting to my right.

I blinked and stared at him. "Who are you?" I asked. The person just smirked and said, "The person who brought you here."

I thought he was the most handsomest man I had ever met. No one could have been finer than him. Yup, I knew right then and there I had a huge time crush on this guy. And I still didn't know his name. I couldn't describe him really, words can't. All I can say is that he had shiny chestnut hair. I wanted to touch it, see if it was soft. He was obviously tall because even when I sat up the bed, he was still taller than me.

"What am I doing here" I asked bluntly.

"You got shot in the arm" he stated. "I found you on the street, conscious for awhile, and then you blacked out. You must've hit your head pretty hard when you fell. How could you not know me" the last part he scoffed out.

I frowned, thinking deeply. I felt so embarrassed. I gasped softly. I remembered him! How could I not? He was my brothers 'enemy' as he put it.

"You remember," he asked.

"Yes," I said. "Thank you for bringing me here...Kaiba," I looked at my lap.

He then turned my head back towards him, and looked at me in the eye. "If you want to say thank you, look at me in the eye and say it," he said, calmly.

"Thank you Kaiba," I mumbled. Boy was he demanding. But I can't say that at that moment I didn't get a thrill out of it either. He got up and turned to leave.


"I have to go"

"No I mean, like...is there anything I could do in return," I asked sheepishly.

He stood there looking at me, like I was insane, or so I thought.

"I'm new here, and I need a guide--"

"I'll be your guide!" I said interrupting him. I flashed a grin at him.

He smirked which melted into a smile. I wanted to melt. "Fine, I'll pick you up tomorrow." He turned to leave.

"Hey, you don't know where to find me," I cried out again.

"The doctor said you'll have to stay overnight so I do know where to find you," he said. He had an answer for everything! I later found out that it was annoying.

After he left, the doctor came in a short time later. He told me stuff I have to do to take care of my arm. Night time came and I fell asleep. The next morning I woke up to find Mai and Kaiba by my bed. What was he doing here? Kaiba soon left, muttering something about getting breakfast. Mai asked me bunch of questions like Joey would do.

I asked her "How's Joey?"

"Well doctors say he's likely to wake up soon but he still looks like he's in the same state to me" I nodded. I didn't know what else to say.

"I hope the doctors are right" I muttered, sighing afterwards.

Mai squeezed my shoulder. "I hope so too" And then a side of Mai that hadn't really appeared for days now inched its way to the surface. "So..." Ah...the word used to change a subject. "Kaiba told me how you promised him a tour of the city..." it sounded more like an inquiry rather than a statement.

I gasped. "I forgot! So that's why he's here" I smacked my head with my good arm. I forgot about Joey's condition when I told him that.

Mai smiled. "Just go. I'm sure he won't do anything"

"No I'm okay with him…I guess…" I replied, unsure of myself. He doesn't torture you physically but tortures you mentally, at least thats what I hear. I can deal with it, I hoped. "…I forgot about Joey's condition when I told him"

"You need to go out. Sitting by his bed won't bring him back"

I arched an eyebrow. "So what will you be doing?"

Mai blushed, realizing her hypercriticism. "Well—"

"If it'll make you feel better then stay with him. Don't force yourself to"

Kaiba returned looking at us blankly. "Let's go" he stated. I smiled softly.

"Yeah sure"

I showed the places I liked the best and were beautiful and some of where he needed to go to. At the end of the day, it was surprising. He kissed me. At first I wanted to push him out of the way, but I let him continue. It was very…innocent. Yes, that was the word to describe it.

Then on we dated each other, and he bought me all the things a girl could ever want. I got mad at him most of the times, because he kept wasting his money on me, rather than himself. Joey didn't approve of him dating us, because of their history. It took a long while before Joey was used to Kaiba being around me and him.

The month had passed by quickly and it was time for him to get back to Japan. He asked me to stay with him. I didn't know what to do. I didn't want to leave Joey and Mai behind. Mai then suggested that I stay there for a month and see if he was the one. However, Joey didn't approve, me going half across the world with Kaiba. I told him that I'm not his baby sister anymore, I'm an adult. With Mai on my side, Joey lost the argument. So I went with him.

The first few days were ok. Then, the as weeks went by, misery came upon me. When Kaiba left his brother Mokuba and some other of his best employees on charge, everything went wrong. Shipments were done wrong...the whole company was...as Kaiba said so very dramatically...on its way to its downfall. Kaiba got irritated with this and his hatred and his old cold-hearted side came back to him. He would work endless nights just to finish ordering some new equipment. He acted like I wasn't even there. Then, the most disturbing news came to me...he broke up with me. He told me he couldn't handle a company and a girlfriend at the same time, so he broke up with me. It's awful how he stated it too. How he couldn't handle both of us. Goodness! What was wrong with him?

I went back home, telling Joey and Mai everything. Joey's hatred came back and Mai kept saying, "at least you know he's not the one." I got over this soon, because Mai was right, he wasn't the one. And he loved his company more than human so I knew he was an emotionless ba— never mind.

Another month had gone by and morning sickness came to me. The sight of food would make me throw-up, especially eggs. I tried to think of the ways of what might be happening to me. When I looked at Mai, I knew what was wrong with me, I was pregnant. Just to make sure, I took a pregnancy test. It came out to be positive. I double checked with a doctor, he also said I was pregnant. At first I wanted to go back to Kaiba and say I need child support. But I knew he would refuse that the child was his. I knew it was his because he was the one who…well…I just knew! Ahem…

So I kept the child to myself. Joey and Mai helped me raise it.

End Story Flashback…

"And today she lives happily ever after with her mother, Aunt Mai, Uncle Joey and Cousin Matthew," I told my daughter Kari.