Disclaimer: OK, let me put it like this. Do you people think I'd write fanfics if I owned anything more than my brain, and the imagination that comes with it? I don't.

A/N: This is a popular form of V/B fanfic, but mine has a slight twist. I made it so that Earth also has royalty, and Bulma's family is royalty, who are captured by the Saiyan army when they come to earth, at which point, Bulma is 3. The story is set 16 years later.

Chapter 1

Vegeta, Saiyan Prince

"Vegeta," Bulma called.

"Oh, God, she's back," I muttered. 'Course, she is kinda cute. No, I can't think that way. Father would kill me. I have to marry a Saiyan girl.

"Hi, Vegeta," Bulma said sweetly, walking into my room.

"Hi," I replied. God, she's pretty. I wish Father would approve, because she's just my type.

"What's up?" Bulma said.

"NOTHING! I don't wanna talk right now. Just go away!" I replied.

"Well, sor-ry! I guess I will leave! See, I don't have to take this, and I fell sorry for anyone who does! I thought you were a good person, Vegeta. I'm beginning to think I thought wrong! I'll see you later. Much later," Bulma said.

"I'm sorry," I sighed. "I'm just in a bad mood. I didn't mean to snap at you."

"But you still don't like me, right?" Bulma asked.

"Right," I replied.

"Just wondering…" she said, sitting down on my bed next to me and putting her face near mine, "Is it you or your father who doesn't like me?"

"Although I had to admit it, it's more my father. In fact, I- I kind of like you," I said.

She kissed my nose, smiling.

"Knew it," she said.

"WHAT… the HELL… is going on here?!" Father yelled.

"Nothing, Father," I said. Nothing you need to know about.

"Really. Then why did she kiss you?" Father said.

"Dunno," I replied, not showing how nervous I was. Father, of course, knew all along.

"You're red. As a beet. Something's up here. I hate the thought of you not being with a Saiyan girl, but if she makes you happy… I guess that's alright," Father said.

I smiled. He wasn't mad, thank God.

"So… what now?" Bulma said.

"We kiss," I said, leaning in. We kissed… and kissed… and kissed… and…well, you get the point.