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Summary: Post Meteor, Yuffie has gone on a downward spiral of drugs, sex, and drinking due to many past problems and it's up to a old comrade to pull her out before its too late.

Disclaimer: Don't own it, just write horrible stories based off of it. Oh yeah, I don't know own the song harder to breathe by maroon 5 either (great song BTW)

Harder To Breathe (pending title): A Yuffitine

Chapter 1 (Bunkai Ichi): Four Years Later

She stumbled down the street slowly from the door in which she left. The neon sign flashing "pub" lighted the way through the many crowds lingering on the streets late at night. Her twentieth birthday had just passed and four years since she and her old comrades had saved the earth. However, both of these facts were in the way back of her head as she continued with difficulty to her hotel. She hardly noticed as people backed away from her as she walked by, the smell of vodka reeking off of her. Nights like this weren't rare to her; they were practically her best friends. They met quite often, almost every night. She hadn't much contact with anyone since meteor and she wanted to keep it that way. It'd pain her too much. The thought of pain echoed in her head as her eyes winced from the all the neon signs and lights from the many different strip clubs and pubs. They just were beckoning to come but she had to resist, she wouldn't make it much longer before she passed out.

She opened the door to the hotel building slowly, trying to catch her balance, she was more then buzzed, she knew that. As she walked more toward the desk she heard a female voice speak to her softly but it sounded like someone yelling.  

"Miss Kisaragi, you need to pay for your hotel sometime soon, you've been here for a month." The woman stated sounding concerned.

 "Just put it on a tab…my dad will pay for it. I'm checking out tomorrow." She spoke a bit slurred and head toward the elevator.

As Yuffie entered it, she lost her balance and let herself slide to the floor of it as it slowly started to make its way to the top floor. She just rested her head on her knees, trying not to think of the pain in her head. Every time the elevator hit a new floor it made a small bump causing Yuffie to groan. She had about 30 more floors to go until she got to her room. A small light soon went off indicating a stop at the 17th floor. She didn't bother to look up as the door slowly opened and it walked a male about twice her age.

"Well well, isn't it my sweet ol' honeybee?" the man cooed.

She quickly shot her head up to look at him and winced, feeling her head throb. He helped her up slowly as the doors closed behind him. He slowly held her to the wall, kissing her neck.

"I'm not really in the mood Derek…" she spoke with difficulty.

"Come on Yuffs…you can't deny a frequent customer…" he spoke and continued to kiss her neck.

"If you don't stop I'll tell Reno…he is your boss you know…" Yuffie threatened.

"Tsk tsk." He said in return and continued; "Your getting your partners mixed up…" he lied.

"No I'm not…wait, I'm sorry…your working for…the honey bee inn?" she asked confused.

She could never operate normally like this; whenever she was drunk she could easily be fooled. Fooled into doing anything, simply by lying to her. It always hit her later too, when she woke up to discover her mistake, and yet continue to make more. A cycle of mistakes, to only prove Cid and Barrett's point that she was a failure. She pondered as to why those two came into her head…they didn't matter anymore. It was all in the past, the same with Tifa, Cloud, Vincent…and all the others.

She was distracted as she heard the elevator doors open to the 30th floor and she stumbled away from Derek. She almost tripped at the opening of the elevator but caught her balance just barely. She started heading down the hallway to her room, hearing his footsteps behind her.

"Derek…like I said I'm not in the mood…" Yuffie tried to sound firm as she went to unlock her door and discovered it already was.

"Come on Yuffs…" he persisted.

"No and stop calling me Yuffs! Only one person is allowed to call me that" she yelled getting angry.

"Damn it Yuffie!" he yelled and slapped her across the face.

She just glared at him, feeling her face sting really hard. She brought a face up to touch her cheek and smug grin came to Derek's face. However the grin was quickly removed as she punched him hard in the gut.

"Perhaps you forgot I'm a shinobi…" she muttered angry.

"Perhaps you forgot I'm the one who saved you from that rapist." He spat nastily and pushed her against the hotel door.

She was speechless as a few tears slid down her cheek. He always used that to get what he wanted…and she always let it work. She looked away feeling her head and her body hurt immensely.

"Perhaps I should calm you down…" he spoke half suggestively.

"Perhaps you should leave her alone." Came a voice from behind Yuffie.

Derek looked behind Yuffie to see her hotel room door open and a tired looking redhead glaring at him. A lump formed in Derek's throat he hastily walked down the hallway. Yuffie slowly looked behind her to see Reno looking at her a little stern.

"Why are you here?" Yuffie asked and followed him inside slowly.

Reno didn't answer her question but laid back down on Yuffie's bed. Yuffie just sighed and laid down next to him, her back to him. Her head hurt so much, she just wanted to sleep. He quickly sat up and looked at her.

"Yuffie…" he sniffed the air. "How much did you drink tonight…more or less, how many men tonight…" he spoke smacking the air by his nose with his hand at the smell of Rum.

"I slept with 3 men earlier…in the morning. To pay me for it they offered me some drinks at the pub they owned…" Yuffie mumbled half asleep.

"You tired?" he joked sarcastically and rolled her over to face him.

"Yes…very…" she spoke and winced at her head.

"Hm…I'm not that much anymore." He replied more to himself then her.

Yuffie closed her eyes again and quickly opened them when she felt him on top of her.

"Reno…" she muttered.

"Come on babe. I won't make you do any of the work." He smiled once of his cocky grins.

Yuffie felt like her insides would melt, he was the only guy who could smile like that and cause her to feel that way. She just sighed as she felt him pull off his shirt and then reach down for his belt buckle. Her heart was feeling numb now as well as her body, she always felt like this when it came time to have sex with some one. She just laid there, staring at the ceiling, just moving with rhythm, its how she always did things.

"Alright babe, time to make some magic." He spoke all energetic despite her lack of it.

He started to strip off her mini skirt and tossed her panties along with it. Reno smirked to see some white crust here and there on her body. She had obviously chosen not to bathe afterwards. His smirk halted when he saw some bruises here and there and as he pulled off her shirt he noticed more bruises.

However his body was calling so he tossed the thoughts aside and was so glad for his pre-activities. He looked at Yuffie; she had that blank expression as she always did when they had sex. Then again, she always looked like that during sex, he had seen her with other men, and it was always the same. Made him wonder why she kept coming back really, if she bared such abuse. She wanted to cry as she felt him enter her, she knew it was only suppose to hurt once but then again, she was so overused by men. But she couldn't blame them; she let them do it to her.

            Yuffie was snapped out of her thoughts as she felt a warm liquid fill her inside and felt Reno collapse beside her. It was over…she thought. However her body still ached, it wanted more, it wanted for once to feel loved. Before she knew it she was fast asleep.

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