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He Wasn't (A Yuffitine)

Bunkai Roku (Chapter 6): "I Don't Know"

            Vincent was now seated in Yuffie's room staring at her pale form. Dr. Renis had said since she could wake up now or in a few hours but he could be her room to wait. However, Vincent had insisted that Tifa and Cloud go home and rest. From the look of things, Vincent felt Tifa needed to calm down and let it sink in slowly. He prayed Cloud would help with that process cause he knew Tifa didn't want to lose another sister like she had Aeris.

            He let out a sigh at the thought of Aeris and slowly glanced over at Yuffie's form. She no longer had an oxygen mask to help her breath and she now only had one IV in her system. Vincent knew he came at the right time and saved her but he honestly had no clue what to do with her once she left the hospital. He knew he would have to keep her away from Reno and The Turks but that would be no easy task, or would it?

            Why did she endure all of this pain and suffering? It was obvious in his mind she was unhappy because she was resulting to drugs and alcohol. It also made him wonder if she endured this pain and unhappiness for Reno. If so, Reno was really going to have to pay for what he's been doing. To willingly break her heart, and use her and pass her around. What type of man would do that to a woman? Vincent felt his emotions getting a little out of hand and quickly gripped his human hand with his claw tightly.

            He felt the other presence in the back of his head, the being with him for more then 30 years, Chaos. From the sound of things, he wasn't that happy with Reno either then again; Chaos had always had an interest in the young shinobi. It was unspoken of but it was indeed there and Vincent knew. So Chaos' expressed anger was greatly fueling Vincent's desire to get to the bottom of things, he couldn't but help feeling a little different around the shinobi himself and wanted to feel like this like he did back in his Avalanche days.

            His thoughts were broken when he heard shifting and looked back up at Yuffie. She was moving slowly in her sleep and let out a silent yelp in pain as she did. Vincent slowly brought the chair closer to her bed and watched her settle back down with ease. Vincent slowly lowered his arms to her bed and placed his head on top of it, to rest a little.

            "Reno…" he heard her whisper faintly.

            Vincent's head shot up to see her eyes open slightly and looking around for the red haired man. He slowly looked at Yuffie and her eyes fell upon him. She squinted slightly and looked at him. Crimson eyes looked back at her with curiosity as she slowly realized who it was.

            "Vincent…" was all she was able to mutter, as she looked confused.

            "Yes Yuffie?" he replied quietly.

            "Why are you here…?" Yuffie spoke with tears in her eyes. "I thought you guys had abandoned me…"

            "We abandoned you?" Vincent asked confused.

            "You guys left me after Meteor! No phone calls, no letters, no nothing. All I had was Reno…Where is Reno?!" Yuffie started getting angry.

            "Yuffie please calm down, you just woke up." Vincent replied calmly.

            "Where is Reno damn it! Why isn't he here?? He would surely see me if I was in a hospital! Damn he loves me Vincent, he loves me…" she started sobbing uncontrollably with pain.

            "Yuffie…if Reno loved you he would be here…not passing you around to…"

            "No!" Yuffie yelled and continued, "He loves me and cares for me and makes me happy and gives me what I want. Unlike you guys who used me to help get rid of the meteor and throw me aside!"

            "Yuffie…we tried contacting you, Tifa especially. She said she was never able to get a hold of you or if she got one of your numbers you had moved somewhere else. We've been worried about you…we thought something had happened to you or you were avoiding us."

            "You're lying! Reno said you guys never called…never…" Yuffie yelled even more and stopped when she saw Dr. Renis come in.

            "Ms. Kisaragi I am your doctor Dr. Renis, I would like to discuss your condition with you. Mr. Valentine can you please leave?" She spoke and stood by Yuffie's bed.

            Vincent nodded silently and left the room just as quietly pondering Reno's influence on her. Dr. Renis sighed and sat down in the now vacant chair. Yuffie slowly calmed down and looked at the female doctor next to her.

            "Ms. Kisaragi…I want to know how you sustained these injuries and why you've put your body through the ringer. I know you had pelvic issues in the past and this time it went almost to the point of not being able to be repaired." Dr. Renis explained.

            Yuffie was silent for a few minutes with a straight face although Renis could tell she was thinking.

            "I don't know…." Yuffie finally replied and new tears came from slightly dry ducts.

            "Well, Mr. Valentine will be taking care of you after you are released from the hospital and you will have several medications to help with the pain. I must clearly say this as I told Mr. Valentine. NO sexual activity of any kind for 2 months or so, your bones need to mend, till then you will be in a wheel chair and on crutches. I am also signing you up for class about substance and alcohol abuse. You WILL attend this time. Mr. Valentine will see to it. You are also to not go anywhere near those men who did this to you, ever again. You understand?" Dr. Renis say making a long speech on what she could do and no do..

            Yuffie just nodded sadly and Dr. Renis stood up and patted Yuffie on the back maternally and left the room. Yuffie just laid back down, Dr. Renis saying she had to stay away from Reno and his friends relieved her yet left her heartbroken. Reno…without her there he would move on to another girl would they come for her? Reno… she missed him so much and some more warm tears fell down her face in pain. She wished she had died rather then be here living in the hospital. She was ashamed for handing him a heart worth breaking. She had her heart broken once before by an ex-turk and now it was being broken again. She sighed as the moisture kept falling from her eyes, so much pent up frustration and pain in her mind. She slowly let her tired eyes close and soon she was asleep, unaware of Vincent returning to her room.

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