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Sand. All he could feel was sand. Darkness and sand. Fortunately, the darkness could be remedied rather easily. A feeble groan escaped the young man as he stirred on the beach. He managed to roll himself over, but this simple act drained him of most of his strength. With whatever power he had left within him, he cracked an eye open. The result was blindness of a different sort, as this left him staring right into the sun blazing overhead. He began to gain the feeling back in his body, which he was devoid of until now.

'Where am I?' he thought to himself. He felt some of his strength returning. He slowly sat up and began to take in his surroundings.

The most beautiful beach he had ever seen assaulted his senses. The water was clear enough to see straight to the bottom. Ruins of ancient buildings rested both on the cliff faces surrounding the beach and beneath the water itself in the small bay before him. A long dock stretched out running parallel to the shore to his right, and the ocean spread out beyond there to the horizon. He sat in awe of the sight before him for a moment, before realizing that he was obviously lost. In more ways than one, it would seem, for he remembered nothing. Only his name floated in his mind.


'Is this my home? Where the heck is this place?' This was all that was running through my mind at this point. I wanted to go home, but I had no idea where home was for me. I struggled to my feet and began to examine myself. My apparel was rather monotone, but at the moment I didn't really care. Black combat boots covered my feet, stopping just above the ankle. I was wearing simple black shorts that were rather loose and fell beneath the knee. Continuing up, I saw a simple black belt around my waist and a black shirt. Oddly enough, I was also wearing a traveling cloak/cape type thing that reached halfway down my calves.

"Black. No surprise there", I said aloud. I saw one last thing to complete this odd ensemble – a rather large sword strapped to my back. Pulling it off, I took a look. Figured I should at least swing it around some. It was of decent length, to where it almost warranted the use of two hands. The handle was large enough to accommodate two hands if needed. Just above where the handle connected to the blade itself was a strange design in the metal. Welded right into the sword was a round chamber with six holes boring through it. The holes ran parallel to the blade, almost like they were sights, but I didn't think that would be practical. A small pin jutted back towards the handle from the area of the chamber. I couldn't figure out if this did anything, so I just assumed it was for effect. The blade was rather light for its size, but it still felt more comfortable to hold it in two hands. I went ahead and strapped it onto my back again and began to walk away from the beach.

"If there's a dock here, there must be some people around. Maybe they can help me. And why am I talking to myself?" I muttered. I found a small path leading away from the beach and figured it'd be a smart idea to follow it. I found myself in a small valley. Or maybe canyon would be a better word. Walls of rock covered in vines towered up around me, but the path led through here and kept going. It was cool looking, but finding people in this natural paradise would be cooler.


He continued along the path, stunned by the beauty around him. As he rounded a curve in the cliff, he paused for a good minute to take in the scene. He drank in the waterfall pouring oceans of water right overhead, the grand view to his left as the island ended and the ocean began, the beauty of the forest around him. He remembered his current predicament, and thus continued his little trip. After crossing the second bridge, a strange sight greeted him.


A young girl stood before me just a ways up the path. Well, young was a bad way to put it. She was about my age, I guess. She wore a kimono that faded colors as it fell towards the ground and some type of fabric on her upper arms. Her brown hair fell to her shoulders, and at my angle, nearly masked her eyes. As she turned though, I got a good look at her face. Different colored eyes, one green, one blue. Interesting. Even more interesting than that was the pack of no less than ten dog-like creatures that had her surrounded.


Kind of short at the start, I know, but this felt like a good place to stop. Sorry there's no action yet, but I'll be getting there. I set some butt-kickin' action up for next time, so next chapter should be better. If you didn't get the reference, I tried my best to describe the guy's sword as a gunblade. Never played FF8 (don't hit me!) but I've always liked Squall's weapon. And I know I haven't given a name yet, but I'll get there too! I got this planned perfectly to Luca, and like 95% until Operation Mi'hien. I'm working, and I'm out of town next week, so I'll probably be a while for updates. Updates also depend on your guys' reviews. I'm not gonna update if no one cares to read this thing. I'm done for today. C-Ya!