It was a quiet day in the feudal era. "SIT!!!" At least it was... we join our group to see Inu face down in the dirt while Kagome is bandaging Shippo's leg.

"All I'm saying is we aren't gonna find any jewel shards if we're just sitting around!" yelled InuYasha.

"We're aren't just sitting around! Shippo hurt his leg, let me wrap it and then we can go! Okay!?" Kagome yelled back.

"Feh, some demon he is! I'm only half-demon and I never have to stop for pain!" he argued back.

"SIT!" (You think he'd learn by now!)

"OUCH! What did you do that for!?" he yelled.

"You said you never have to stop for pain, so lets go InuYasha." Kagome replied while putting away her first aid kit.

"She's right you know." said Miroku.

"InuYasha, you really could avoid a lot of pain if you'd just stop teasing Shippo." Sango advised.

"Whatever." Inu sulked.

Once again the group sets out, but soon it was dark and they had to set camp.

"InuYasha, can you hear any running water from here?" asked Kagome.

"Yeah, but it's faint. Probably a stream or a creek, it's coming for the north."

"Well, I'm gonna go fill some bottles, we don't know how long it will be before we can get somemore." Kagome silently walked off with Shippo on her shoulder.

"How's your leg Shippo?" asked Kagome.

"Much better! I think I can take this bandage off soon!"

"That's good! Do you want to help me fill these bottles?"

"Sure!" Eager to help Shippo gathered five bottles in his little hands and stuck them under the cool water. Kagome took the remaining five and also filled them.

"Okay Shippo that's all of them, lets head back!" Kagome said.


"Hey, Inuyasha?" said Miroku.

"Yeah, what do you want?" he replied ignorantly.

"How come you pick on Shippo?"

"I've actually wondered the same thing." said Sango.

"Feh, I just hate little kids! Does that answer your question?" he said sarcasticly.

'Sigh, InuYasha must have had a troubling past...I wonder what happened.' thought Miroku.

"We're back, and we've got lots of water!" yelled Kagome. Kagome handed everyone two bottles and they all had a quick gulp.

"Ahh, this water is very refreshing! Thank you Kagome." said Miroku.

"Yeah, it's kinda different, sweet you know?" said Sango.

"I like it!" said Shippo. InuYasha drank half his bottle silently. What Miroku said earlier was troubling him.

'Dmn, why did he have to ask about Shippo? I want my childhood thoughts gone for good!' InuYasha thought.

"Okay, everyone hand me your bottles and we can call it a night!" said Kagome. Everyone gave their bottles to Kagome and layed down to sleep.

InuYasha was the first to wake up. 'Wow, my head hurts.' He stood up, then fell back down. 'My sence of balance is way off too.' He walked to the creek from last night and looked in the water. What he saw almost made him have a heart attack. It was him, except he was about three and half feet tall. "What the... AAAAHHHHHHHHHH!"