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Inu Chibis Chapter 13: Sneaky Cooking and a Cute Poem (what more could you want!?)

'6:47' thought Inu. 'I should have breakfast done by 7:30!' He quickly snuck down the stairs and into the kitchen. "I should find one of those books with the recipes in it…" Inu said aloud.

"You mean a recipe book?" Koga snickered as he stepped out of the shadows.

"Koga!? What are you doing down here!?" Inu said taken aback.

"Making Kagome breakfast of course!" he said smugly. "And I've already picked out a recipe!" He said with a haughty laugh.

"Well, I'll just find a better recipe! I know what she likes more than you do!"

"Well, good luck! I hid ALL the cookbooks!" InuYasha paled considerably when Koga said that. However, Inu always being an intelligent dog demon (HA!) he replied,

"Well, I had breakfast here yesterday so I can just wing it!" he said with little confidence.

"Good luck, Mutt!" Koga sneered and took his recipe card over to the counter.

"I don't need luck!" Inu sneered back. 'I need a miracle!' he thought.


Kagome woke up and stretched. 'Ah, what a beautiful day!' she thought. She rolled over and shook Sango awake. "Sango, wake up! Today is gonna be a great day!"

Sango rubbed her eyes and gave Kagome a dry look.

"Why do you say that?" Sango said grouchily. (Sango, like me, is not a morning person…)

"Oh, just a feeling…" Kagome said cheerfully. She was thinking about Miroku and her conversation the night before. "Oh, I'm so excited!" Kagome squeaked.

"Kagome, I love you and everything, but do me a favor…put a sock in it."

"Oh, come on Sango! Let's go downstairs and get some breakfast! It smells like my mom is making eggs and bacon!" This put Sango in a better mood and she quickly rolled out of bed and watched Souta run to the bathroom. Kagome laughed at her brother.

"All right, let's go." As Kagome started walking down the stairs she suddenly had a sly smile on her face.

"Say, Sango? Do you think you could get the boys up?"

"Uh, sure…" She was very unsure of why Kagome had that dumb smile on her face, but she went into Souta's room anyway. "Souta, Miroku, InuYasha, Koga?" she said loudly as she walked into the room. Now, seeing how Koga and Inu are in the kitchen, and Souta is relieving himself, it left only Miroku in the room. "Guys? Are you in here?" Sango asked again. She looked around and found a note on the floor. 'What's this?' she thought. She picked it up and opened it. (Oh oh, she is quite the snoop, isn't she?)

Dear Sango, as it is hard for me to express my true feelings for you I have decided to write you a poem instead: Presents are great, when wrapped with a bow, but the best gift would be you, my precious Sango.

Sango's heart skipped a little when she read the poem. 'That's so sweet…' she thought. Suddenly, Miroku came out from behind the door.

"Um, hi Sango…" he said awkwardly.

"Miroku…" she stammered.

"Do you like it?" he asked shyly.

"The poem? Oh, Miroku, I love it!" she said with a smile. She ran forward and gave him a hug. Miroku blushed.

'Kagome was right, poetry is the way to go!' he thought. 'Now I just have to resist the urge to grab her butt…' When Sango pulled away from Miroku she was smiling from ear to ear.

"Why don't we go get some breakfast?" she asked Miroku smiled and grabbed her hand. Sango blushed profusely at this.

"Let's go!" he yelled and pulled her from the room.

When Sango and Miroku entered the kitchen, they say Kagome sitting at the kitchen table with a small smile on her face. She smiled a little brighter when she saw Miroku and Sango holding hands though.

"Hey, guys…" she said weakly. Sango looked around.

"Kagome, where's your mother?"

"She left…but it's okay…Koga and InuYasha made us breakfast…" Kagome said with a sigh. Sango looked shocked.

"They…made breakfast?" she said with disbelief. "So are we still having eggs and bacon?" she asked smelling the air. "It smells like they did all right…"

"Yeah…" stammered Kagome.

"What?" asked Miroku suspiciously.

"Actually they made pancakes and French toast…I don't wanna know why it smells like eggs and bacon…" Kagome slammed her head down on the table almost positive that InuYasha and Koga were going to burn down the house.

"So when are we going to…um, eat?" asked Miroku already dreading how it would taste.

"Any minute now, I'm sure…"


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