A Felicitous Arrival

Blair stopped at the top of the stairs, seeing a small wicker basket in front of #307. And it was…moving?

Blair picked up the basket, curiosity driving him to pull back the blanket covering it as soon as the woven container was in his hands. Blair gasped when he saw what was inside. Two big green eyes stared up at him from a whiskered, button-nosed, feline face. "Mrreor?" came the soft mew from the cat that was curled up in a soft ball of orange and white striped fur.

"Aww, how cute. Hi, kitty," Blair said, scratching behind the feline's ears.

The cat purred in appreciation.

Blair looked around. "I wonder who left you here?" He shrugged. "Well, I'm pretty sure Jim is going to make me give you away, but you can stay the night." He moved the basket into the crook of his arm and pulled out his keys, unlocking the door and setting the basket on the floor. He pulled off the blanket and tipped the basket over slightly. "Here, kitty, go explore."

The cat simply stepped out of the basket before it started to rub around Blair's ankles, determined to endear itself to the curly-haired man.

Blair's heart melted as the cat purred and stretched between his feet, and he decided then and there that the cat stayed. He would just have to convince Jim to let him keep it. Blair sat down on the couch, and the cat obediently followed him, hopping up gracefully to settle beside his thigh. Blair absently reached down and began stroking its back. "Well, if you're going to stay with me, you need a name." He studied it for a minute then came to a startling revelation. "I don't even know if you're male or female yet. How can I name you?"

Blair laughed at himself for not thinking of it earlier and picked the cat up, looking between its legs. "Ah, you're a girl, huh?"

The cat meowed plaintively, wanting down from its awkward position. Blair obliged and sat the cat in his lap. "So, what should I…" he trailed off as he heard the sound of Jim's key in the door.

Jim was surprised to walk in the door and find his roommate holding a cat. He walked over and looked down at the animal, brow furrowed. "Chief, where did you get this cat?"

"I found it in a basket on our doorstep," Blair said.

Jim looked at the way his Guide was cuddling the cat and sighed. He just knew Blair was going to try and convince him to keep the cat. "I take it that you want to keep it?"

Blair smiled slightly and gave Jim his best 'puppy-dog eyes.' He picked up the cat, protectively hugging it to his chest. "Yes, I really do, Jim."

Jim shook his head in surrender. "Fine, Sandburg. You can keep the cat, but you are the one who's going to care for it." With that, he went into the kitchen to grab a beer.

Blair and the cat just looked at each other. "Well, looks like you're staying, cat. Now, what to call you?"

"Is it a boy or a girl?" Jim asked, handing a bottle of beer to his partner.

"A girl."

Taking note of how the cat was cuddled in his partner's lap, purring like a motorboat, Jim said, "How about Felicity? She sure looks happy."

Blair blinked, looked down at the cat in his lap, and then nodded slowly. "Yeah, that works." He picked up the newly-named feline and kissed her on her nose. "Welcome to your new home, Felicity."