Of Mice And Men

Seagulls were flying circles over the skylight, screeching with raucous abandon as they drifted on the cool morning breezes. Other birds were chattering from their perches on nearby electrical wires and tenements, a joyous song of spring's dawning. Weekend traffic sped by past the loft's window at a leisurely pace, as their occupants headed out for fun and frolic. The city of Cascade slowly awakened to a new day, the warm spring sun rising into the pale blue sky.

Blair Sandburg, sleeping peacefully wrapped up in a sheet, two blankets and three pillows, was not aware of any of that. He had decided, after proctoring four midterms in one week and only finishing the grading the previous Friday evening, that he would be sleeping in this Saturday. To that end, he had borrowed Jim's white noise earplugs and was able to ignore the muffled sounds of the waking city easily. He was only distantly aware of Felicity purring gently in the crook between his arms and one of the pillows, her ears twitching at the noises of the nearby birds. A stiff breeze from off the oceanfront made the curtains flap against the window frame, like a whisper of gossamer sunshine.

The aforementioned earplugs were, however, only capable of blocking out normal, mundane, everyday sounds such as those already mentioned. Anything else…


…got through.

The effect was instantaneous – Blair jerked awake, letting out a yell as he crashed butt-first to the floor, still tangled up in the sheet and one of the blankets, his pillow landing on top of his head. Felicity hissed like mad and darted under the sheets to hide from the loud noise, royally pissed off at having her morning snooze disturbed. Blair sat up in shock, legs still tangled in the bed coverings as he looked around in desperation. "What the hell?" he said groggily. He blinked as he only felt the reverberations of his words instead of hearing them, before he remembered the earplugs.



Blair sighed and grumbled, pulling out the earplugs and tossing them into the bedside table drawer. Everything sounded too loud, even Felicity's low-pitched growling from under the bed. Grimacing, Blair detangled himself from the sheets, tripping over his pillow as he tried to rise to his feet. Finally managing it on the third try, he yawned and stretched, feeling his spine crack in that satisfying manner…and then headed downstairs to grab the panther by the tail and get Jim to take a breather from his self-imposed extermination mission.

One of these days Jim would manage to catch the mouse in their apartment. Either that, or the mouse's short life would end. But until then, Blair – and hopefully Felicity – would do their best to see that their apartment didn't end up like that factory in the movie Mouse Hunt.