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The Fox and the Hound 2: Friends in Need

Chapter Sixteen: Back Home

It had been about two months since the events had taken place at the Regional Hunt. Since Amos' brother had been jailed for shooting at a mountain lion, his Blue-Tick Hound Belle had come to live with Copper's family. Which was now even bigger...Belle had given birth to three adorable puppies one month ago and Copper was the happiest father imaginable. There was two boys and one girl: Ace looked like his dad, and was the level-headed thinker; Smoky was black with tan markings, and was a bit of a rebel; Beulah looked like her mom, and she was a little princess.

"Tell the part about the mountain lion again, Dad!" Smoky pleaded, jumping up and down on his little paws.

"No, the part where the bad guys go to jail," Ace insisted, pushing Smoky out of his spot.

"I want to hear how you and Mommy got together," Beulah told Copper, getting a grossed out look from her brothers.

"Sissy stuff!" Smoky grimaced, sticking his tongue out in disgust.

Copper started laughing. "Why don't I just tell the whole story again, so you'll all be happy?"

"Fine with me," Ace admitted, placing himself in between his mother's front paws and Belle ran over to join him. Smoky ran and crawled on top of Chief's head...his favorite spot to sit.

"Uncle Chief, did you and Dad really beat up a mountain lion?" he asked, looking down from where he was.

"Heh, you bet, kiddo."

"I bet you could've beat up twenty of 'em, huh, Uncle Chief?" the little black and tan puppy asked, his tail just a-wagging.

Chief got a look on his face that signified "No way, I don't think I could survive the pain." But to humor the kid he said, "Well, maybe two."

Widow Tweed looked around her empty house. She had forgotten what it was like to be lonely, since she had Tod for company. But ever since she had to give him up, she'd been extremely lonesome. She had hoped one day maybe she would get to see Tod again, but she was beginning to think that was a silly thought.

She was about to put away some dishes in the sink when she heard some scratching on the door. Now who could that be? Curious, she went over to the front door and opened it.

"Hello?" she asked, but there was nobody to say "hello" to. She scratched her head in confusion but then looked down and gasped. "Tod?"

The red fox was sitting on her front porch, swinging his bushy tail back and forth in happiness before sitting up on his haunches in a begging position. Widow Tweed leaned down and gave him a tight hug.

"Oh, Tod, I thought I'd never see you again!" she cried as she held him. Tod gave her a squeeze back, then wiggled out of her choking grasp. He turned and gave a bark, and out came what Widow Tweed figured was his wife...and children!

"Oh, Tod, you're a family man now!" she exclaimed softly, not wanting to startle the creatures. "You've found a friendly looking girl, didn't you? And these children are adorable!"

She wanted so much to pick one of them up, just as she had done with Tod when she found him by her fencepost. But she knew she couldn't. They belonged in the wild, and she knew that taming them would only cause problems in the problems.

She gave Tod another hug while saying, "I wish you the best of luck, and remember that you always have a place here if you need it."

With that, the fox turned tail and exited the yard with his small family—the cubs now old enough to run on their own—and returned to their forest home.


STORY WRITTEN IN MEMORY OF: The "real" Buster, who all in all was the best hunting dog in the history of dogs and not such a bad guy. His death taught me to look before I leap.

Also, each of Copper's puppies (and Belle, too) are animated versions of dogs I knew. Ace and Smoky were the Copper and Chief in my childhood (Ace the reponsible one, Smoky the reckless one), and the girl dogs were based on the real Smoky's mother.