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Disclaimer: I'm so happy!! My first In a Heartbeat fic! I don't own the series or anything in it. But I LOVE Christopher Ralph!!! Even thought he gets a little beat up in this fic…..Have to read to see what happens!


Jamie Waite pulled into the drive way one evening and hopped off his motorcycle. He was tired after his shift and would be glad to get his homework done and go to bed. That would be easier said then done, for when he opened the door his father started berating him with questions.

" Where've you been?! What were you doing? Do you know what time it is!?!?!?" Mr.Waite screamed at his son. " I was hanging out with the EMT's, sorry dad." Jaime apologized. " The EMT's huh? That worthless group of kids you have to work with because of your parole? Honestly, I don't see why you can't behave. Your brother never got in trouble. He's always good and kind and obedient."

Jamie rolled his eyes at the mention of his older brother. "Yeah, and Mike also has no life," He muttered. "WHAT WAS THAT?" Mr. Waite yelled at his son. "Nothing" Jamie said quickly.

An odd silence followed. "Um….I got my semester grades today," The teen said, handing his father the report card. He fidgeted a little as his father studied the paper.

" 3 B's, 2 A's, and a C?" His father said. "Yeah." Jamie said, feeling a little proud of himself. His father didn't seem to feel the same way for her took his son by the collar and pushed him into the wall. "How many times have I told you? NOONE in this family gets C's! Your brother got straight A's his entire life. Why can't you be more like him?!?"

Jamie struggled to reply with his father cutting off his air supply.

"Are you asking why I can't be a goodie two-shoes?" he gasped, try to get out of his fathers grasp. "Why I don't brown-nose all my teachers? Is that what your asking?" This only infuriated the man further. Scott Waite(Is that his first name?) took his son and once again threw him into the wall. Jamie winced in pain as his head hit the stuck-o and cement.

"I never want you to talk about your brother like that again!! YOU HEAR ME?!?!" Jamie could only nod in pain. Mr.Waite dropped the teen on the floor and then began kicking him. "I can't HEAR you!" "YES SIR!" Jamie yelled, near tears. "Good. Now let that be a lesson to you," he said walking away. Jamie lay there panting in agony, waiting for his head to clear. Every breath was torment as the 3 cracked ribs poked his side. Managing to get on his hands and knees, he slowly crawled towards his bedroom door. Pain won out in the end, however, and he fell into unconsciousness, right out side the doorway.

(A/N: What happens next? Will Jamie be ok? Find out next time!!)