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Author's Note: This is an AU and plays many years later than where they now are... It might switch fast every now and then from scene to scene, but that's on purpose. I hope you understand, this is only the prologue, more will come.

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Flashback Story Telling


"Enraged Speech"


It's flowing, trying to make its way across the skin, but stumbles upon obstacles. High knuckles stopping its movement, but not for long as it swims over it and reaches the long nails. It continues across the nails and starts approaching the sharp end, ready to land on the ground… beside the thousands and thousands of corpses. Accompanied with it, is another substance, but oh so different. But these two are combined as they land on the dishevelled earth beneath, leaving the lonesome figures who had created them. And so, blood and tears get buried under the ground, unseen by everyone and everything, for all around the figures, everyone was dead.

It is blood that stains the memory for the sins it has come across. But it is not that, which the worst case is when murder is involved. It is reputation known by others, a reputation which you aren't supposed to live up to. But it didn't bother them at all; they had come accustomed to it and now lived to wipe out those false expectations… in the only way possible…

By proving them right…

A Massacre's Carnage
- Prologue

Is it not up to the people around someone, whether the world is viewed upon as a wonderful or a horrible place? Looking through the eyes, which view is based upon lies, one might conclude the world is a scary place, as grey skies stretch the lands, sunrays are blocked and the only bright thing is the lightning in the distance. Even with that as facts, glee is still present, though in a very disturbing form. As images swim through the head, images that have been painted upon by death itself. Death paints betrayal and loneliness and shows how to live properly with them.

Very true it is, that there didn't seem to be any life in them, as they trudged through the grey streaks of the land, in a careless pace. But real life was not needed to live… A Demon proved this to be very true. A personality wrecked by another's beliefs, is easily manipulated. Explanation is not needed as one look glazes over their gazes. Ah yes, there seems to be a spark still, but this one is fuelled by endless rage. But for them… that's a good thing… For all others, it's a nightmare…

One had pitch-black eyes, with red pupils and a black slit in the middle. There seemed to be muscle even in his face. But the expression plastered on his face described perfect control and calmness. Wearing a black cloak with dark red flowers at the end of the cloak and at the end of the black sleeves, the figure seemed to radiating gloom and anger at the same time. A straw heat covered his face.

The other one also had pitch-black eyes and had a slightly yellow pupil and a black spot in the middle. Like the other, this one had perfect control over himself but seemed to radiate a killer intent unlike any ever sensed. He also wore a black cloak and had dark brown flowers all over the cloak. A straw hat also covered his face.

These two were known as the two top killers of the most dangerous organization in the world, the Akatsuki. They were also known, as the two leaders of the Akatsuki. Both shared a similar past, a past unequalled by others. Understanding hovered between them forever. No one else could ever hope to be able to understand their speech or decisions, which were based upon their pasts. Because of that, they were the perfect leaders. What could ever stand in their way?



"What is it, you total moron?"

It is that feeling you get when you seem to have lost something very close to you, while you didn't even know it was indeed close to you. But the feeling does not enter the 'room' alone. It is the certain sadness that is obvious, but no one ever mentioned the anger towards the fact that realization simply was too late…

"You're annoying!"

Doesn't it seem strange that even the painful memories seem to be so very precious to you? Pain, after all, hits you with a bat, or a kunai with a tag on it, which says 'You're Alive!' So pain is needed to be alive or to feel alive? Moreover, it's the painful memories you'll always remember best…

"Read underneath the underneath…"

Back then not understood, walking the path further ahead understanding hits you, until you realize… it's not as easy as that. Even though it seemed to be so difficult at first. Sure, think before you act, care not for yourself alone, protect your precious people and all that… all that crap. It simply wasn't that easy.

"Heh… I have a real monster inside of me!"

If life was easy, we'd be dead long ago. Without pain, how can you recognize what nice is? Even though life would rarely offer you these 'nice' things. In any way faced, more obstacles were thrown at you than pleasant things. So, what is truth if no one has the ability to understand it?

"Then… it's the same for me…"

Unless there really was someone who could understand you. Frozen by this, and who wouldn't, you encounter someone worthy enough to know and understand this truth of yours. Moreover, if only it were that easy…

"I won't take back my words!"

As if saving precious comrades is all that matters. Comrades to you, but you are no comrade to them, since they never cared back... It's useless following a fruitless ambition. Somewhere where respect was impossible for you to receive… why stay?


"Don't leave me alone!!"

It's harsh, to be born with one best friend… whose name was loneliness… It's even harsher to realize you're destined to stay this way. With siblings, who deep down hated you and a father who tried to kill you, one could not be… 'happy'. What was happiness anyway? A word with lies attached all over it.

"What is… pain?"

What is pain, what is love? Only one is truly needed, while the other is begging for betrayal to be its soul mate. If there was one thing that could be comfortable to him… he would have to say it was pain. For he had never encountered love before.

"I must have always resented you…"

Being neglected, ignored, discarded and hated. It all created the man he was now. They all made him to be as he was now. He didn't have to blame himself for all the kills; he didn't have to stare at his blood-stained hands as he killed with a smile… After all… What goes around, comes around…

"How come… only I am such a monster?"

Still, he always kept his sanity, or at least the little that was left of it. He knew no one would truly understand him and no one could really 'talk' to him. He never had a real conversation… not since Yashamaru…

"Heh… I have a real monster inside of me!"

'Could it be true' was the thought dancing around in his head, before he got enraged a bit at an attempt from someone to understand him. But after the duel with Uzumaki Naruto, he decided he was speaking the truth. No one could beat him, yet this one did. He just had to have a monster in him… otherwise he couldn't have won…

"A demon that loves only himself… Love only yourself, fight only for your sake."

But in the end, it was his own name, his own reputation and his own Village that made him make his ultimate decisions and turn him into one of the most awful Shinobis ever witnessed. A small period of longing for acceptance proved wrong and thus, he became a Shinobi who murdered for fun…


The loud sound of metal clashing against metal echoed throughout the dark forest. This was a matter of two strong prodigies facing each other and showing their best skills, before truly facing off. Two different Bloodline Limits, yet they were also so similar.

On the sidelines, Aburame Shino, now ANBU, was guarding Shikamaru's body, who was also ANBU now. Shino thought Shikamaru knew how to fight Sharingan users. Although Shikamaru had succeeded in trapping Uchiha Sasuke in his Shadow Bind, Shikamaru looked into Sasuke's Sharingan and succumbed to defeat. The Mangekyo Sharingan truly was a devastating technique. He had to wonder how the ANBU Captain Hyuga Neji managed to fight Sasuke with his Byakugan activated, since it saw all, including Sasuke's Sharingan.

The fighting stopped and both Neji and Sasuke were panting as they stared at each other.

"Impressive… You seem to have developed your Byakugan so well… that you're seeing everything of me, except my eyes…" Sasuke said, heavily breathing while maintaining his fighting stance.

Neji, also panting, nodded. "Indeed… I wasn't able to remove the Blind Spot of the Byakugan, but I did manage to move it elsewhere during battle..."

"I see… you're the perfect opponent for a Sharingan user, then…"

"That is why I was assigned to this mission." Neji paused. "Chasing down the Missing-nin… Uchiha Sasuke…"

Sasuke snorted as he looked beyond Neji, to Shikamaru and Shino. 'Damn… Neji is a complicated opponent and Shino can join this fight any time he sees an opening in me… I only managed to defeat Shikamaru…'

Indeed, the genius, after setting up a perfect strategy to trap Sasuke in his Shadow Bind Technique, was defeated because of the Tsukiyomi.

Shino rose to his feet. 'Shikamaru has the brains to do anything… yet his tolerance for mental pain is minimum… It is up to me and Hyuga Neji to deal with the missing-nin now…'

Sasuke narrowed his eyes. 'Two against one… This will be hard…'

"It was you who attacked us first, Uchiha Sasuke." Neji suddenly said. "We were ordered to chase you down."

A frown appeared above Sasuke's narrowed eyes. "What are you talking about?! It was him who put that Shadow Bind Technique on me first!" He yelled as he pointed towards the unconscious Shikamaru.

"True, but only to keep you from moving away." Shino said, stepping next to Neji. "We weren't ordered to assassinate you."

"Then why are you here?" Sasuke blurted out, not understanding the situation at all.

Neji closed his eyes. "You are no true threat anymore, Uchiha Sasuke… I've been trained by Hyuga Hiashi and the Legendary Jiraiya, specifically for defeating and killing you, an Uchiha. You can not beat me. However, there's a bigger threat roaming around the countries…"

Sasuke looked puzzled as he deactivated his Sharingan, on which Neji deactivated his Byakugan. "Who's the threat, then? My brother?! Is Itachi the real problem?! If he is, than I am the bigger threat!!" He yelled.

Shino spoke up. "No. It is not Uchiha Itachi… It's the ones who are leading him and his partner Hoshigaki Kisame and all of the other members of the Akatsuki."

"The Akatsuki Leader…" Sasuke wondered out loud as he stared at the ground.

"No, Leaders… There are two." Neji added.

Sasuke raised his gaze to Neji's and Shino's faces again. "Who are they?"

Neji and Shino looked at each other, before they faced Sasuke again. "These Leaders… they are far more powerful than you or your brother, Uchiha Sasuke… We are assembling the strongest Shinobi of all countries… we were to 'fetch' you." Neji answered.

"You haven't answered my question…" Sasuke pointed out.

"Ah… the two biggest threats to all Villages…" Neji began.

Shino finished it for Neji. "They are… Uzumaki Naruto… and Gaara…"



Well, hope you like it. Like in my other stories, you might notice my favourite characters are Naruto and Gaara… Neji is also a neat character. Well, I hope you like!