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"Ah… and so the traitor returns." A harsh voice whispered through the leaves of a tree.

Inuzuka Kiba never liked the guy much. The dog-like young man had become a Special Jounin, mastering his family's Jutsus like a breeze. Still, he was one of the weaker ones under the Rookie Genins from so many years ago. Sakura, Ino and probably Chouji were weaker than him. Kiba was now an ANBU, like Neji, Shino and Shikamaru. Without Akamaru, Kiba was a lot weaker. Akamaru had become a strong friend of his. Right now, the dog was perched on the same tree branch as his master, they were hidden by many leaves.

Kiba was looking down at Neji, Sasuke and Shino, who was carrying Shikamaru on his back. Kiba moved his gaze from them towards his other ANBU team members. Three ANBU to be exact, making the team consistent of three ANBU and an ANBU Captain. It still angered Kiba that he still hadn't made ANBU Captain. "So, do we greet them?"

The ANBU Captain regarded Kiba's request, but shook her head after a small second. "No, they know where the Genjutsus around Konoha lie; they'll get in on their own." The ANBU Captain then went back to observing the other ANBU Team as it approached Konoha. "That is, if they really are the Konoha ANBU Team. Hit them as soon as they fail to see even one Genjutsu."

Kiba nodded and moved his gaze to another teammate. "Hey, Lee. What do you think of that Sharingan bastard?" He asked as he patted Akamaru.

Lee was seated several tree branches from Kiba, but he could easily hear him. Lee simply gazed downwards at Sasuke. "I don't know. I never really knew him that well. I do know he had surpassed me in the past, I wonder if I have surpassed him now."

Kiba chuckled as he scratched his eyebrow behind his mask. "Well, I hope you'll find out soon. I won't mind seeing him get hit in the head."

Lee shrugged. "But he has the Sharingan… Gai-sensei explained to me once that a fully developed Sharingan can literally predict movements. To fight it you have to avoid looking in his eyes. It is difficult to fight like that." He pointed out at the same time as the remaining fourth teammate jumped towards another tree branch in utter silence.

Kiba shrugged. "It doesn't matter if you have useful attacks that can't be dodged anyway, right, Akamaru?" Akamaru barked in agreement. Kiba chuckled again and patted his dog with a big smile.

Lee smiled. "Yes, but moves like that requires pain from both victim and attacker… right, Kiba-san?"

Kiba nodded as he and Akamaru turned slightly more serious. "Unfortunately. But at least victory is mine that way."

"But you won't be able to continue, it's dangerous if there is more than one enemy." Lee pointed out just before the ANBU Leader of their squad motioned for them to move out.

Kiba shrugged as he and Akamaru jumped in to join Lee in the tree branch jumping. "Perhaps, but I am not alone, either! I've got you guys with me, right, Akamaru?" Kiba snickered as Akamaru, now mighty bigger, barked his agreement.

A Massacre's Carnage
Chapter 3: Changes

"Uchiha Sasuke."

Sasuke nodded and bowed to the Hokage before him. "Hokage-sama." He voiced in a very polite manner, before he took a normal stance before Tsunade. He eyed his surroundings without moving his face.

Tsunade narrowed her eyes at the boy before her. "… Konoha has a varied past… There are many powerful missing-nins who originate from our Village. You are one of them, Uchiha Sasuke. I sent a specific ANBU Squad that would be able to bring you before me."

Behind Sasuke, Neji, Shino and the now cured Shikamaru nodded.

Tsunade continued. "I am sure one of them has already explained the situation to you." Tsunade was absentmindedly playing with a necklace in her right hand as she sat behind her desk. "But I'll say it again. The Sand is cooperating with us to deal with the Akatsuki once and for all. They want to get rid of a powerful missing-nin from their Village as well."

"Gaara." Sasuke added.

Tsunade nodded. "Indeed. The Akatsuki has become a lot more powerful in the years you have been missing. Your brother…" Tsunade ignored Sasuke as he flinched. "has become powerful enough to deal with both me and Jiraiya at the same time… Their numbers are small, but their skills individually surpass ours by a great deal. We can not afford to make mistakes against them."

'Brother… So you've grown as well in the last few years…' Sasuke thought before he turned more serious. "What do you want me to do?" Sasuke asked as he looked Tsunade straight in the eyes.

Tsunade closed her eyes and sighed. She folded her arms as she reopened her eyes and looked at Sasuke. "I want you to deal with your brother once and for all."

Sasuke flinched at the request. "Don't you think I tried to do that already?!" He screamed in response, balling both his fists in anger as he glared at the female Sannin before him.

Tsunade immediately glared back, her anger surpassing Sasuke's by far. "Listen, you traitor! I can have you killed right on the spot! Times have been very harsh for Konoha and I will not play nice against you, if that's what you think! I will not tolerate anyone screaming at me! You should be thankful you're still alive!" Tsunade paused to calm herself. "The ANBU team that brought you back here will be accompanying you on your mission. Nara Shikamaru is the ANBU Captain. This ANBU Team is specifically trained to fight Sharingan users. You, being an Uchiha, will assist them and making it easier to defeat your brother."

"I will defeat my brother on my own. I don't need the ANBU to help me!" Sasuke snarled as he folded his arms and looked away from Tsunade.

"I hope you can, Uchiha… I'm actually counting on it that you can, because Itachi will not be alone." Tsunade said with a smirk on her face. "I'm expecting several, if not all, of the Akatsuki with him."

Sasuke had calmed himself down and was trying not to get angry again. "Where do you suggest we go to find him?"

Tsunade this time, smiled a genuine smile. "You don't have to go anywhere… Yesterday, Thunder Country was completely demolished by them. They've proven to be unstoppable until now… Our Country is possibly next. Maybe Wind Country first, but we'll receive a message immediately if that happens. We are to help them if they're attacked and vice versa."

Sasuke noticed someone moving behind him. "Did you manage to gather more information about them, Hokage-sama?" Shikamaru asked as he stepped next to Sasuke.

Tsunade shook her head. "No. We only have information about Uchiha Itachi, Hoshigaki Kisame, Uzumaki Naruto and Gaara. The others are unknown to us."

Shikamaru narrowed his eyes at the ground. 'This fight will be very big… Naruto and Gaara, they were already so powerful when they were Genins… Tsunade-sama, Jiraiya-sama, Kakashi, Gai and more elite Jounins will handle them… but will they be enough? I can devise a plan, but it goes only so far… The Akatsuki means S-Rank Missing-nins… We are definitely in a hopeless situation…'

"We are to kill them, am I correct?" Neji asked as he folded his arms in another way.

Tsunade nodded. "There is no other way. It's either kill or be killed."

"Uzumaki Naruto, too?" Neji asked as he unfolded his arms and glanced sideways at Shino.

Tsunade sighed and a sad expression took form on her face. "Uzumaki Naruto has proven to be the most dangerous of them all… I'm questioning if he's really still Naruto…"

Hyuga Neji glared at the Hokage. "Uzumaki Naruto once saved me from the darkness…" Sasuke snapped up at that and slightly turned his head to watch Neji as he continued. "He gave me a second chance… I shall give him his... in the same way he gave me mine."

Sasuke turned away from Neji to look in Tsunade's face again. 'Uzumaki Naruto… he has become even more powerful than my brother…'

"There are almost no Shinobi Countries left…" Kisame said as he was walking next to Itachi. "What are they up to?"

Kisame and Itachi were walking behind Naruto and Gaara, and the remaining Akatsuki Members were walking behind them. Everyone was dressed in a black cloak and straw hats. It was strange seeing a group like that walk through the lands, but no one would notice, and if they did, they would be killed instantly.

"They have suffered more than anyone of us can imagine… And for that suffering, everyone will have to answer." Itachi answered. "After this, they will probably kill us too…"

Kisame nervously chuckled. "You're kidding, right?"

"I am not."

Kisame swallowed a big lump. "Man… They're only with two and we're with six…" Kisame whispered. Two Akatsuki Members had been killed in the Cloud Massacre. "But I doubt we'd survive against them…"

"It will not matter." Itachi concluded. "And it's no use whispering… They can hear us fine anyway…"

Kisame's eyes widened as he stared several meters ahead, where the two Akatsuki Leaders were walking. "Man… The world has become a real scary place…"

"It always has been…" Itachi replied. "From the start, we were all destined to come to this conclusion… For conflicts are necessities."

Naruto and Gaara looked at each other as they overheard Kisame's and Itachi's discussion. "Two big Countries are left, Naruto… Which one should we head for first?" Gaara asked as he stared ahead without any expression on his face.

Naruto was much the same as he shrugged in response. "Perhaps we should let them free…"

Gaara chuckled as he understood Naruto's words. "Perhaps… It'll be fun to hunt them down later…"

Naruto wore an evil grin and slowly nodded. "Hmmm, we could send them to one of the Countries, while we attack the other. After that… we'll set them free… for a little while. It should be interesting to see what they would do. Would they follow our order or try and escape from our grasp? Either way, our Villages will suffer as we visit…"

Gaara nodded. "And after that?"

Naruto smiled. "After that, there will be nothing that signals to our past anymore. We can start anew."

Gaara nodded with a sinister smile on his face. "I'd like that…"

Tsunade stepped into the hospital and greeted a few nurses as she headed for her destination in the hospital. Shizune was following her. The medical Shinobis had become very important as many missions from Konoha failed and many Shinobis came back half-dead. Even Gai and Kakashi often needed medical treatment. It was there where Kakashi came face to face with one of his old students. Coincidentally, the Fifth Hokage was looking for the same girl right now.


The pink-haired woman turned away from one of her patients and smiled as she spotted Tsunade and Shizune. "Good morning, Tsunade-sama, Shizune-sama."

Both older women nodded their greeting. "Sakura, I'll get straight to business. One of your ex-teammates has returned to the Village."

Sakura's eyes widened. 'It can only be Sasuke-kun… Naruto has become an even worse villain than Orochimaru so he wouldn't return here… And Sasuke-kun, not much has been heard from him ever since he left to join Orochimaru.' Sakura narrowed her eyes as she stared at Tsunade's feet. 'And Orochimaru was killed several years ago… So… it has to be Sasuke-kun!'

Tsunade shared a glance with Shizune before she spoke up again. "Uchiha Sasuke has joined us in our battle against the Akatsuki. I am needed to join the forces that will take on the Akatsuki Leaders, while Shizune here is needed to join the one that's going to take on the other Akatsuki Members. You, Sakura, are needed to join the ANBU Team that will take on both Uchiha Itachi and Hoshigaki Kisame."

Sakura's eyes widened. "Uchiha… Itachi?" Sakura's gaze dropped to the ground. 'Can I…?'

Tsunade grimly nodded. "This will become the greatest battle you have ever been in… Uchiha Itachi has surpassed the level of Sannin… You are the medic-nin in the ANBU Team, consistent of Nara Shikamaru, the ANBU Captain, and Hyuga Neji, Aburame Shino and Uchiha Sasuke… You don't report to Shikamaru ever, but when there are signs of an attack, find your team as fast as you can, for they probably need you by then…"

Sakura's eyes were still widened. She had become the third best medic-nin in Konoha, first being Tsunade and second Shizune. But this mission would be very hard… Was she ready to do it? To stand side by side with Sasuke and take care of his wounds as he tried to extract revenge on his brother? Would she be strong enough to push away those emotions that had always been flooding her?

But the Akatsuki was coming… This meant that Uzumaki Naruto and Gaara were approaching as well… Could Konoha survive an attack like that? The Akatsuki has proven to be an unstoppable force, turning every Village they have encountered so far, to debris… Even the bigger Countries, Earth and Thunder, were reduced to rubble… And it is here and then… where all of Team would be reunited again… Who would have thought Naruto would be the one attacking?

"Sakura. You will do this. You will have to. It's your duty as a medic-nin to accept this mission." Tsunade said as she turned away from Sakura.

Sakura despaired as she watched Tsunade's back as she walked away.

"Good luck, Sakura-san." Shizune said, before she too, turned and walked away.

Naruto didn't feel anything as he walked into familiar grounds. Next to him, Gaara also recognised the forest they had fought in the first time. Behind them, Uchiha Itachi and Hoshigaki Kisame were still following. But the other Akatsuki Members weren't there anymore.

They had come with the idea to let the other four Akatsuki Members attack about fifteen minutes later, to surprise the Leaf and easily overpower it.

Naruto and Gaara both smirked as they sensed Shinobis close by. 'ANBU…'

A Team of four people entered the clearing the four Akatsuki members were walking through, standing face to face with the four dangerous intruders.

The ANBU Captain started speaking up. "Judging from your cloaks… You are from the Akatsuki." She said. 'Damn, four S-rank Missing-nins… We can't handle that… ' The Captain slightly turned her head away. "Lee, Kiba… Report to the Village that they are here…"

Lee and Kiba with Akamaru, being the fastest of the team, immediately turned away and moved to sprint. But before they could even move more than a single meter, one of the Akatsuki Members stood before them.

"My apologies… But I can not let you leave this place… Not alive, anyway…" He spoke up, his voice indicating that he was smirking.

Lee and Kiba both tensed up and braced themselves for a fight. Akamaru growled and warned Kiba at the same time. 'Shit… These guys pack a lot of Chakra inside of them…' Kiba thought as he heard Akamaru.

The ANBU Captain took off her mask. "So be it." And smiled. "I am Mitarashi Anko… One of you took my revenge away from me… Which one of you killed Orochimaru?!" She screamed as she released her killer intent.

All four Akatsuki Members grabbed their straw hats and threw them to the grounds. Naruto grinned evilly as his red eyes observed Anko. "I did."

Anko motioned for the others to remove their masks as well. "I see…Uzumaki Naruto… You will deal with me, then."

Naruto's grin disappeared. "I have no intention of playing with you, ANBU Captain… We are here for the sole purpose of bringing down Konoha. Everything in our way will be washed away."

"Naruto-kun… You have changed so much…" Lee said as he threw his mask away. Kiba did the same and the last ANBU, Ten-Ten, as well.

Naruto casually moved his gaze from Anko to the three ANBU. "I remember you three… But it does not matter. You will all die very soon…"

Anko took the time to observe the other three Akatsuki Members. 'Uchiha Itachi… Hoshigaki Kisame… and Gaara… This is bad… Even taking one of these missing-nins on with our team would mean our loss…'

"Why are you doing this?" Kiba asked as he stared straight into the devilish eyes of Naruto. "What has happened that made you turn out like this?! We did missions together so many years ago!"

Naruto chuckled. "The ultimate darkness is shadowed by a blinding light…"

Kiba didn't understand what Naruto just said. Akamaru was standing next to him, ready for combat. "If this is what you want… don't expect me to hold back…"

Ten-Ten kept quiet and never let her guard down as she eyed every single opponent around her. 'S-Rank Criminals… All of them are stronger than me… I have to send a signal to the Village…' Ten-Ten was wondering what took the small Konoha bird so long to fly over the clearing they were in. 'There it is!' She thought as she was about to threw a Kunai in the air.

She never was able to do so as Gaara sent a wave over her, silencing her. "She was about to do something we would not have liked." Gaara said.

A second later, Ten-Ten jumped through the sand. Gaara didn't respond to the glare Ten-Ten sent towards him.

"This situation is hopeless for you idiots… Even I alone can beat the four of you!" Kisame hollered as he gripped his sword. "It's time to move on, right?"

Naruto and Gaara both nodded, while Itachi didn't move at all. "Do not underestimate the ANBU Captain…" Naruto uttered before he jumped backwards, avoiding being swallowed by a huge snake, summoned by Anko. Naruto landed on the ground and smirked. 'Heh, it seems Manda has found himself another subordinate… It seems Manda obeys her better than Orochimaru…'

"Anko! Those are the Kyuubi and the Shukaku!! How dare you make me attack like that?!"

Naruto chuckled. 'Or maybe not… I dealt with Manda easily before, he is of no concern to me…'

Ten-Ten was sent flying as Sand gripped both her feet and she was sent into a tree. Gaara didn't even notice the hundreds of Kunais and Shurikens as they bounced off his automatic Shield of Sand. "How stupid…"

Kiba was dodging Kisame's sword with all his speed and power. 'Damnit! I have to get in synch with Akamaru quick or I'm toast!'

Lee, in the meantime, wasn't doing that bad against Itachi, actually attacking Itachi, missing him of course, without getting hit himself. "I have learned how to fight Sharingan users, Uchiha Itachi-san." Lee stated proudly as he slipped into his fighting stance, with his left arm behind him and his right arm stretching out, daring Itachi to attack.

Itachi didn't lift an eyebrow at that as he stood there with his arms folded. "Is that so? Well, then… Let me show you how a true, fully developed Uchiha fights, then…"

Lee's eyes widened a great deal as Itachi turned completely black, except for his Sharingan eyes, his blue nails and his white teeth. A moment later, black Chakra was surrounding Itachi. "You move like Maito Gai, only faster…Interesting… Let me see how I fare against a TaiJutsu Master better than Maito Gai…"

Lee nodded and immediately removed all of his weights, sensing a huge increase of speed and power in Itachi. "Very well. I am protecting Konoha from you and I will not let you pass!"

Itachi disappeared from Lee's view, but Lee disappeared as well.

Tsunade and Shizune were leaving the hospital, when Shino suddenly appeared before them. "Hokage-sama…" Shino announced as he bowed before the Fifth.

Tsunade watched the bowing Aburame before her with Shizune. "What is it, Shino?"

Shino looked at the Hokage and Shizune, before replying. "I always put a bug on or close to… friends… of mine. I am receiving signals from one of those bugs, the one who's residing on Inuzuka Kiba. The Chakra the bug feels worries me. I request to help him out."

Tsunade nodded, understanding Shino. "So you're saying the ANBU Team is under attack?"

Shino nodded. "Yes. They might me in trouble…"

Tsunade sighed. "Perhaps they can handle this themselves." She said as she put her right hand through her hair. Shizune didn't respond and simply observed Shino and Tsunade.

Shino shook his head. "I know Kiba… My bugs can sense distress in a person. Kiba isn't one to despair… But he is now…"

Tsunade narrowed her eyes. "Very well. Report to your Captain and assemble the rest of your team, I'll send a medic-nin after you." Tsunade said. Shino nodded and disappeared. Shizune and Tsunade looked at each other.

"Do you think this is serious, Tsunade-sama?" Shizune asked as Tsunade turned around again.

"We can not take any chances. I'll have to send Sakura in now." Tsunade said as she went back into the hospital.

Anko's eyes widened as she watched Naruto claw his way through Manda's throat with ease. 'U-un…Unbelievable…' Manda disappeared as fast as he had been summoned.

Naruto merely chuckled as he landed right in front of Anko. "Senei Yashu!!" She screamed, but Naruto was long gone. Anko screamed in pain as Naruto slashed her from behind with his claws. Anko then gritted her teeth in pain as Naruto kicked her on the spot where he had just slashed her. Anko was sent into a tree. "Is this all an ANBU Captain has to offer?"

Anko could feel blood flowing out of her back. 'The wound on my back is deep… This guy… He's far more dangerous than anything I have ever faced…'

Anko moved several chunks of wood off of her and watched Naruto slowly approach her. "So, you can still fight?"

Anko screamed in rage as she lunged forward, her direction completely focused on Naruto's throat. Anko was blown backwards again as Naruto approached her faster and delivered a blow to her stomach. "Your speed is pathetic." Naruto said as he began to approach her slowly again.

"Soutourou!!" Kiba desperately screamed, blowing Kisame several feet backwards.

Kisame looked amused, put his sword away, letting it lean against his left leg and began performing hand seals. 'Heh, interesting Jutsu he used… Let's see how he deals with this…'

Two huge wolves stood in front of him, menacingly growling at the Missing-Mist Shinobi. Both focused on their target, jumped and started spinning. "Garouga!!"

'Ah, a follow-up technique… as expected…' Kisame grinned and announced his own technique. "Suiton, Uzumaki no Jutsu!!"

Spinning force met spinning force, both equal in power. The huge spinning Wave of water dissolved and both huge wolves had stopped spinning in the air. One of the wolves was unprepared as Kisame appeared in front of it and slashed at it twice with his sword. The wolf turned back to its original form.

"Akamaru!!"Kiba screamed as he watched his bleeding pet on the ground. He immediately turned to his opponent. "You're going to pay for that!! Taiyuu Sankontessou!!"

Kisame's eyes widened as yellow Chakra flew all around him. He watched is slice through trees and grounds as it approached him in high speed. 'I have to avoid that!' But the attack coming from Kiba covered a great area. 'Have to go underground!'

Smoke was the only thing Kiba smelled as his attack finished.

Lee screamed in pain as Itachi was easily parrying his attacks with his arms and got through his guard. "Foolish ANBU… I have become a body of Black Fire… No physical attack will ever work on me… You see… A user with a fully developed Sharingan covered with the Final Doujutsu of the Uchiha Clan is unstoppable." Itachi said. 'Except for Youkais…' He mentally added as he thought of Naruto and Gaara.

Lee grunted in pain as he fell on his knees and took a look at both his hands. He had managed to actually hit Itachi, but regretted it, as his fists immediately got burned as he touched him. 'This guy… Taijutsu doesn't work on him… He can copy Ninjutsu and the Sharingan can see through Genjutsu… What works on him?'

Itachi shook his head. "Your existence needs to be stopped." Itachi disappeared from view and Lee managed to follow his movements and dodged Itachi's attacks as long as he could.

Meanwhile, not too far away from Lee and Itachi, Ten-Ten saw it was pointless to attack Gaara… Even her ultimate attack didn't succeed in getting past all of Gaara's defenses.

"If you were facing anyone other than me… or Naruto… you would probably have lived longer…" Gaara stated as Sand surrounded Ten-Ten. Gaara sighed before he whispered the technique. "Sabaku SouSou."

Kiba had returned to his normal self and his eyes widened as he witnessed the death of Ten-Ten. As he moved to attack Gaara, Kisame appeared in front of him, unharmed, but covered in dirt. "Our fight isn't finished yet!"

Kiba quickly somersaulted away from the sword attack from Kisame. "Sankontessou!!" He screamed as he landed.

Kisame smirked. "Let's see what that attack of yours does against my Samehade!" Kisame slashed at the yellow Chakra attack coming from Kiba's palms. Kiba's eyes widened as his attack got absorbed.

Kisame shook his head. "It's time for you to say goodbye!"

Kiba tried to run, but noticed Sand around his feet, holding him in place. He shot one last glance at the approaching Gaara, before Kisame's sword descended towards his skull…

Kisame turned away from the bleeding mess he had created and nodded his thanks to Gaara. "So, how are the others faring?"

Gaara seemed to shrug, but Kisame wasn't sure. "They are obviously playing again…"

Kisame frowned as he saw Naruto slash Anko across the face, while at the same time ramming her through several trees. "Are you sure?"

Another scream filled the air as Lee got hit by Itachi again. Gaara nodded. "Yes, if they weren't, their opponents would be dead long ago…"

Gaara and Kisame both saw a red blur pass by them and then a very short scream. Gaara didn't respond when Naruto appeared before him, totally covered in blood, but Kisame took one step backwards. 'D-damn…'

"How far is Itachi?" Naruto asked as he turned around to look at the place where Itachi and Lee were fighting.

Gaara shrugged. "He's about done…" Gaara suddenly sniffed the air, at the same time as Naruto, when both sensed several Chakra signatures approaching.

Naruto grinned. "Itachi." Naruto softly said, knowing Itachi heard him. "Your little brother is nearing us…"

Itachi's answer came in the form of Lee's scream, as Itachi surrounded him with Black Fire. Lee screamed in pain as every muscle in his body burned down. Itachi ignored the now bloody and black Lee as he fell to the ground, barely clinging to life, his landing would probably kill him.

Naruto, Gaara and Kisame faced the direction their new opponents were coming from. Itachi appeared beside Kisame. "What do we tell the others?" Kisame asked as he braced himself while Shikamaru and his team approached.

Gaara shrugged. "They will enter our scenery AFTER we've entered Konoha itself… This fight right now is only a game…"

And then, Shikamaru appeared before them, with Neji, Shino and Sasuke next to him.

"Uchiha Itachi…"

Naruto and Gaara both smirked.

"Long time no see…"


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