Home Is Where The Heart Is

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Dedication: This story goes out to my Beta! You're so supportive and so wonderful. You keep me on my toes and you keep this story going. I also gotta give my sister Cadence some props, you were the one who kept pushing me to keep writing! Thanks to my father for making me the blunt, direct, sometimes-arrogant person that I am today. You've made me so French lol. Big ups do my Mommy for giving me those down home manors. I can't do anything without saying thank you lol.

Notes: If you've already read chapters 1-4 I think you should read them again. They've been edited (by the best beta in the world) and some things have been changed. Chapter 5 should be up soon and I don't want you readers to be confused, reading the old chapters again should help y'all understand what's to come next. Oh and to everybody who has been asking about when Alex is heading back home, she goes back in Chapter 5, that's all I'm telling' though! Anyways, enjoy reading and thanks for all the great reviews.

Summary: Alex Cabot, now Lara Dobras and a single mother, lives thousands of miles away from everything she ever loved and worked for thanks to an ordeal with a powerful drug lord. When she gets some news will it change her life for the better or for the worse?