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Until Death and After

Chapter One: The Funeral

I stood in the rain and stared at the coffin above the ground. An umbrella was opened above my head. Draco Malfoy stood beside me holding up the umbrella. "You looked a little wet Potter," he chuckled.
"Thanks," I tried to smile at him.
We stood in silence for a while. The rain beat against the umbrella above us. "How's the family?" he asked, breaking the silence.
"Fine," I lied. She left with the kids a year before. "What about yours?"
He laughed. "What family?" he looked hurt for a moment, but then turned back to his normal grin.
We were quiet again. "Did you bring something to put on the grave?" he asked.
I shook my head. "I couldn't decide what. I just brought some flowers," I said.
"I brought one of my report cards," he chuckled and handed me the umbrella.
I held onto it while he bent over and set his report card beside the gravestone. "Creative," I said when he stood back up beside me, close beside me.
He looked over at me. "Do you know how he died?" he asked.
I awkwardly cleared my throat. "I'm not sure. I heard a lot of different things," I said. His gray eyes looked into me. "I heard suicide."
Draco nodded and looked away. "Me too," he said. He took the umbrella from me. "Why do you think he'd do something like that?"
I shook my head. "I... I don't know," I said. I held in tears.
Draco seemed to notice and put his arm around me. I felt myself tense up. What was it about him that made me nervous? "It's going to be okay," he said.
"Is it?" I asked. "We ended on a sour note, and now I feel terrible."
He squeezed my shoulder as my sorrow turned to tears. "Can I ask what happened?" he asked.
"I... don't remember," I fell to my knees. I ran my hands against the damp grass. "I can't remember what started it, but he got me in trouble so I could talk to him. I didn't know what to say to him. We argued about stuff that I still can't remember and... well... we graduated. So, I never saw him again."
Draco put his hand on my head. "You didn't go back to visit?"
I shrugged. "I doubted he wanted me to visit," I stood back up and wiped my face against my sleeve.
"Do you blame yourself?" his arm found a place behind my back again.
"I'll sound arrogant if I say yes," I said.
He chuckled. "So then you do?" he asked.
"I don't know. I just seem so small. I doubt he ever had a second thought about me, but... if I did contribute... I'd do anything to change the things I said," I said.
He smirked. "Wanna borrow my time turner?" he laughed.
"Yeah, right," I smiled at him.
I set down the roses and looked to Draco for some sort of guidance. "Are you going to be all right?" he asked.
I nodded. "Yeah I should be fine," I said.
"I've got to go back to work then. I'm on my lunch hour," he nudged me. "How come lunch hours are only 35 minutes these days?"
I smiled at him. "It doesn't seem fair," I said.
"I'll see you around Potter," he said and walked off with the umbrella.
I stared at the words carved into the tombstone. It read, Severus Snape. I shook my head and started to walk anywhere I could. I crossed at a stop sign. I looked up into the rain. "Hey! Watch out," I heard from the distance.
I turned my head in time to see a car hit me. "Hey, are you okay?" the man's voice grew distant.
"Harry!" Draco was somewhere around as well.
My vision was nothing, but darkness, and voices were replaced with a silence. I couldn't even hear the rain.
I lifted my head up and started to rub it. "Mr. Potter? I'm glad you joined us," I opened my eyes to see Severus Snape looking at me.
"What? What happened?" I looked around.
He sighed and looked around the classroom. "Ten points from Gryffindor, and I think some detention will help the situation," he said.
Draco Malfoy laughed from his side of the room. "Smooth Potter," he laughed.
I turned to see Ron Weasley beside me. "Are you all right Harry?" he asked.
"Ron?" I hadn't seen him for years. "I don't know."
I recognized the situation. It looked like I was in my potions class during my seventh year at Hogwarts. Am I dead?