Cursed Blood

Synopsis: Vampires are not mere legends. Hidden from the history of the world, there existed a single vampire clan: the Uzamaki clan. Forever destined to carry the powers and burdens of their cursed blood, the wheels of fate has began to turn once more, this time upon their last surviving member. As Naruto is awaken to the truth of his heritage, he will soon be torn between the worlds of light and darkness. AnkoNaruSaku. OOCness. (UPDATED)

This is my first fanfic. I've been reading FF, RK, and Naruto ones for a long time, but never thought I had the time to actually write one myself. But then I finally realized with all the time I put in those reviews, I could have wrote some sort of story.

The pairings like I said, I have not decided upon yet. Its obviously based on Naruto and I think I'm gonna put in 2 females characters: Sakura, Hina, Ino, or TenTen. Most likely two from the first three, vote for it if you'd like, it would help me decide. A love triangle can provide enough humorous relief for the story to be easier to read, since it may get a little dark. Please R&R, all comments would be helpful. Enjoy.

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto.

Prologue - Origins

There have been many theories regarding the origins of vampires, that race of man-like demons who roam the world, guaranteed to a life of youth and power and damned to a life of darkness an isolation.

There is no such thing as a wrong speculation as each holds some truth on its own. There are those that say they are a clan of humans or angels would sided with Lucifer in the battle against God and his angels, and thus were reduced to their current form as a punishment from God. There are others that say they are the fruits of the forbidden love between humans and demons, whose children are forever filled with the dark desires of the vile demon blood, yet forever clinging to their ever fading strands of humanity.

Very few still believe that in the early days of the world, when the human race has just began its tread upward, the world was plagued with evil, there was one noble clan, in an act of defiance against the neutrality of God, sacrificed itself for eternity by making a pact with the devil himself.

For decades, they strived to learn and harness their unholy power, while battling the demons, monsters, and divinities that cursed this world. Finally, after the dust from the final last battle had cleared, with over half of the clan having been wiped out, and the world was finally safe. It during this hour of celebration that they found out about how truly vile their pact with the devil had been and just how much they have damned their generations for millenniums to come.

With the demons of the world gone, scared humans turned back to greedy humans, as the other clans soon turned their hatred toward this noble clan, eager to take their ample wealth and power. Trying to protect their ancient family line, the clan tried to fight off hordes and hordes of armies, even other clans who also made similar dark pacts in the war against the demons, but soon all the clan's branch members had sacrificed their lives for the safety of the main branch. Seeing how truly wicked and damned this land was, the chief of the clan, the one who originally made the pact with the devil, using a forbidden jutsu, exchanged his eternal life and damned his soul forever in hell by turning himself into a demon and using his last few moments of consciousness as a human to forever seal the clan's dark powers and sending the clan a land far, far away.

So for centuries, the remaining royal members of the clan, still possessing certain key traits of a vampire such as immortality and a hunger for blood, wandered the uninhabitable land they were sent to, seeking to their sanctuary. That was when they finally reached the elemental countries during their war against a small clan of demons that plagued their land. Joining forces with the countries, they soon achieved victory. In light of their power and virtue, one of the newly established villages offered them an invitation to be apart of the Hidden Leaf Village, even after learning about their curse. So the clan finally settled down after their long exodus.

With only a few top officials of the council knowing the truth about the clan, and thanks to the additional sealing techniques that this village had, they were able to seal and suppress their remaining desire and hidden abilities, and used powerful illusions to make themselves seem like they were aging. As time passed, and their blood mixed with those of other clans, their blood began to slowly reverse back to their original form. Even the descendants were not told about the truth of their heritage as they, too, were caught up in the illusion.

This clan soon became the most powerful clan in all of Konoha, holding all the virtues and merits that ran in their noble blood, intertwined with the dark blood of the devil that can never be removed. Only the Hyuga and Uchiha rivaled them in power and influence. Finally, one day, one of its members even managed to achieve the title of Hokage, the most prestige title in the entire village.

That is when tragedy struck again, as the wheel of fate began to turn once more. After years and generations of relative peace, the land was not ready for the coming of another demon, one whose power rivaled that of all others they had fought before. As the Kyubi, the nine-tailed fox demon, appeared out of nowhere, even the entire clan and village could not stop it. As the death toll climbed and the very existence of the village was in danger, the Yondaime used his trump card: a forbidden sealing technique that his clan created in the early days soon after the union between their clan and the rest of the village. Forced to seal the demon in a body of a clan member, he had to make the ultimate sacrifice. He sealed it in the body of the last surviving member of the entire clan, his newborn child.

As time passed, and the child grew up as a normal boy, never knowing about his true heritage, it seemed as if the clan's legacy would finally fade into the realm of myths and legends, taking with it all the secrets it held. Fate, however, had a different plan. Through a simple change, the future of this particular boy and world would be forever altered from its original course. We begin our story in the Forest of Death in the Hidden Leaf Village during their annual Chuunin Exam...