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"Blah" – Talking
"Blah" – Talking in Unusual Way
'Blah' – Thinking
"Blah" – Mystery Person A Talking
'Blah' – Mystery Person A Thinking
"Blah" – Mystery Person B Talking
'Blah' – Mystery Person B Thinking


Agamus ad libitum, ad nauseum.

On the edge of the ridge, Jiraiya sat there waited for some sign that pointed towards the awakening of the boy. Jiraiya narrowed his eyes as he sensed a powerful presence appear behind him. However, as soon as he realized who it was, he smiled inwardly. "So how are you doing old man?" He asked the figure behind him.

The Hokage smiled at his old pupil and replied, "I've seen better days." But then as he fixed his sight back on the dark canyon, he became serious once more, "so how is he doing?"

"It seems he is almost at the middle of his transition," replied an equally serious Jiraiya.

"It looks like his plans of purging that cursed blood has failed, doesn't it?"

"I don't know about that yet, it was working up until lately when something triggered it. Do you remember the fight he had with the dog boy?" Jiraiya inquired.

"Yes, he was using the Lost Language. Even in the better days of his clan, few knew this forbidden tongue."

"Exactly, there is no way Naruto could have learnt it himself, so something or someone must have either secretly taught it or gave the knowledge of it to him."

"Yes, there have been many odd events surrounding him during the past month. Remember how he transformed his form during his fight and lost himself to total rage?" Jiraiya reminded his old sensei. "I later asked Kakashi, and I've found that when the boy had transformed under the power of the Kyuubi it was completely different. But I've never heard of any member of his clan that actually matures in appearance under a transformation or transition."

"…so many questions, yet so little time," the Hokage understood his pupil's worry. "But I think you did the right thing in bringing it out, since the transition, once started, cannot be stopped and we could only try and make the process a little easier for him to deal with."

"I have an idea that might help him along his path," Jiraiya suggested. "I'd like you to request the village council grant approval of the temporary release of Directive 666."

The Hokage knew this was going to come up eventually as Naruto grew older, but he also dreaded the day the young boy can no longer avoid confronting that edict no longer. "I know, Jiraiya, but it's not going to be easy. I don't want to tell them about our findings yet, so it's not going to be easy to convince them that Naruto is or ever will be ready."

"We owe it to him. No, not just him, we owe it to his entire clan."

"I will try my best; I just hope it's the right thing to do."

"It is all up to him now."

Two pairs of eyes that he knew all so well. A pair of suppressed rage that has been burning deep within him all so long. It burnt with anger and resentment at the unfairness of God for dealing such a bad hand. It spelled a raw hatred so strong that Naruto could feel his own legs go weak at its intensity. However, deep within them lied something more. Deep behind the reddish pupils were a scarlet black, a condemned soul trapped behind a tainted window.

The other pair was completely different. At least that's what Naruto thought at first glance, but now it was nowhere to be found in the darkness. In the blink of an eye, it seemed to have been swallowed by a darkness so haunting that he feared getting closer to the gate. But he didn't think it was an illusion, because those eyes were so much like his own whenever he looked into a mirror. Such sadness that overwhelms the soul and contaminates the heart. It is something he knows better than anyone. It had soaked up so much tears and pain that its haunting violet eyes shed blood to quell the unrestful soul.

"Oy, brat, what are you spacing off for?"

The thunderous voice that belonged to the pair of raging eyes brought his attention back to why he was here in the first place. As he leaned forward, trying to make out the rest of the head that the fiery eyes belonged to, he jumped back just fast enough to miss being swiped by a paw that was just as large as he was. He could feel his legs beginning to shake in the presence of the creature before him, and that was when he saw it. The tunnel's light now shined on the head of the demon fox that has been the source of all his misery for all his life.

"It's you."

"Who else would I be? I think you fell off that cliff a little too fast and your brain aint getting enough oxygen."

"Wasn't there someone else there?"

"Who the hell do you think you are, ignoring me like that? When I talk to you, you respond, got that?"

Naruto was about to nod, when he thought of the Kyuubi's last statement and remembered why he was here in the first place.

"I need your help."

The Kyuubi looked stunned from hearing these words for a few seconds and then broke down, howling in laughter.

"HAHAHA, y..yo….you need MY help? And why in the world would I give that to you! You really don't understand your situation do you?"

"I think it's you who doesn't understand"

Immediately, whatever mirth had been on the Kyuubi's face disappeared, and there was now a menace that he remembered seeing only a few times before. It was a bloodlust accompanied by an unmatchable power.

"Watch what you say, brat! These gates can only do so much to keep me at bay."

Naruto suddenly lost it. The weeks of training and lack of rest has finally caught up to his rational mind.

"You shut up, you bastard Kyuubi. You think it's really you I fear? You are the source of all their hatred. You are the reason I've cursed my own existence since birth. You are the reason why my soul is so scarred."

"Whatever, you are still afraid of death like all pathetic--"

"Wrong," Naruto interrupted, breaking out in laughters of despair. "You can't possibility think after this life it is death I fear. I've seen the worst sides of humans all around me. People who fear me, the hypocritical villagers whom I swore to protect so long ago. No, it has been too long since it is death I feared. I only fear not knowing what lies beyond this bleak life of mine. What if there was more? What if things can get better? What if I can break out of this cycle of transgression when I become the Hokage? There must be more in this mortal life of mine just waiting for me."

"And just for this you endure? What are the chances of that happening? Are you as stupid as you look?"

"Hehe," Naruto chuckled a bit to himself. "I must really look stupid, right? Holding out like an idiot for something that probably won't ever come. But it's the only thing left for me. I'm really getting tired, I really don't know how much longer I can take it. So please, I beg you to help me just a lil. Don't do it for my sake even, do it to let me experience my desolate future."

"Enough already you depressing brat, I'll lend you some power for now, just so I can see the expression on your face and in your heart when all hope is lost."

As soon as the Kyuubi said that, flood of orange chakra began to flow into Naruto, engulfing him with a power he hasn't felt since his battle in the Water Country. Remotely in the back of his mind, he wondered why it was a tad different than that which he felt during his battle with Kiba. But before he realized it, he was no longer in the pitch black tunnel, but rather free falling into oblivion once more. Realizing there was no time to lose, he put released all his energy into his last try all yelled out, as a darkness overcame his eyes in a shadow of orange.

"Kuchiyose no jutsu!"

"You know, old man. There was something really weird about the contract Naruto signed with the toads." Jiraiya suddenly remembered.

"Why? What happened?" The Sandaime asked with a sinking feeling in his heart.

"It was void," Jiraiya answered, understanding the shocked expression on his teacher's face.

"But the only way that can happen is if-" He stopped his train of thoughts when both he and his former pupil sensed the release of a chakra that seemed all too familiar.

Before they could settle their thoughts, suddenly out of the rift leaped a gigantic fox, deeply resembling the Kyuubi in size. And on its back was a unconscious Naruto.

"Oy, are you sure that was ok?"

"Sic, est melior si ne exsistaverat.

"Che, what a crowd of depressing idiots I'm surrounded with, have it your way."

"Agere faciesse."

"I didn't do it for you, you fool, or the pitiful brat. As long as I'm trapped here, this body is my vessel, meaning that it will be mine someday, and I can't afford it to come to any harm just yet."

"Si ita dices.."


'Agamus ad libitum, ad nauseum.' - 'We live as as we please, to the point of making one sick.'

'Sic, est melior si ne exsistaverat.' - 'Yes, it's better for him if I don't exist'

'Agere facieses.' – 'Thank you for your help.'

'Si ita dices' - 'If you say so.'