Not-So-Secret Secrets

Lowering his face right next to Joey's ear, he whispered, "Hey, Puppy," the vibrations of his voice making interesting tingles against the blond's throat.

Joey gulped and turned to Seto. "Hey, Ryuu," he said, voice cracking.

Chuckling slightly at Joey's flustered expression, Seto leaned in and started nibbling on Joey's neck. "How long do we have?" he mumbled between kisses.

"It's…about…ten minutes before class starts," Joey gasped out, trembling under the sensations cause by Seto's laving of his neck. "Ah…lower, Set."

Seto frowned around his mouthful of very delectable skin. "But this is your favorite spot for me to nibble on, Joey," he pointed out, pulling back slightly.

Joey nodded sadly. "Yeah, but if I go back inside with a hickey on my neck, the others'll ask questions. You do dat lower, an' it'll be covered up by my school uniform collar, at least."

Sighing in mock-aggrieved put-upon-ness, Seto moved his oral ministrations a few inches lower on Joey's clavicle, pushing the short and jacket out of the way. He nipped lightly around the collarbone, laving the golden skin as he pressed kisses in a trail down Joey's neck before suddenly moving up and joining his lips to Joey's in a fiery kiss.

"Oh, Kami, Set," Joey moaned when his lips were finally freed. "You are so good at dat."

Smirking, Seto said, "I try, Pup." He then went back to nibbling on Joey's throat, thrilling at the stifled moans that fell from the blond's lips.

"You are such a bad influence on me, Seto," Joey gasped out.

"Hmm?" Seto mumbled.

"When you do dat, you make me want ta skip class," Joey revealed, eyes hooded.

Letting out an exhalation of regret, Seto said, "I want to, Joey, but unfortunately, we can't. We have a test today, remember?"

"Yeah, I know," Joey groaned, reluctantly pulling back from his lover. "You made me study for it fer hours last night, or have you forgotten already?"

A glint of mischief entered the CEO's eyes as he said, "How could I forget? You managed to distract me at around eleven o'clock and we ended up naked on the library couch." Running one hand down Joey's stomach, gone rigid from shock, he whispered, "Mm, you made the sweetest moans when I took you, Puppy. I can't wait until I can do it again tonight."

Snapping out of his reverie, Joey croaked out, "Ah…neither can I, Set. But if we don't go to class and take dat test, we'll get detention and have to do a makeup, which'll mean we'll have to postpone our…date."

Seto nodded in reluctant agreement and, pulling back from his lover's embrace, he straightened out his clothing and pointedly looked away as Joey did the same so as not to get aroused even further. When they were about to exit the small grove of trees, Seto reached out and grabbed Joey's hand. "See you in Geometry class, Pup?"

"See ya there, Ryuu," Joey returned, leaning up to give his lover a quick, hard kiss before running off to his homeroom.

Seto watched the other boy run across the campus until he was out of sight. As the CEO made his way to his own first class, two tri-colored heads peeked out from behind a large oak tree on the other side of the clearing.

"And they think they've kept it a secret," Yugi chuckled, his kiss-swollen lips making his voice come out in a husky tone.

"I know, aibou. But they'll tell us sooner or late," Yami pointed out. "In the meantime…"

Yugi moaned as Yami pressed their lips together. Yes, Joey and Seto's relationship could wait until later. He had his own relationship to…enjoy.