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Summary: Kenshin is born with a gift so his guardian angel is almost like a human. No one else can see her though. When trouble is cast upon Kenshin, will Kaoru be able to help him? Or will he already have banished her before she could. And if she is, then what will she do to save the one that has already found a place in her heart?

Chapter 1: Born with a gift

The rain trickled down the windows of the hospital. A baby had just been born on the day of June 20th. A tired but blissful mother sat in a hospital bed, exhausted. A father, standing by her side was holding the fragile child in his arms, tears almost falling down his face such as the rain did the windows. He clutched his wife's hand as he gazed into the eyes of his new son. Eyes as pure as crystal, shining violet in wonder.

Just then, an invisible flash of light appeared in the upper corner of the room. There, floating elegantly, was a cherub. A baby angel. But she wasn't just any angel. She was now the guardian angel of that new born boy. She slowly floated down from her post, and stopped while hovering right over the little boy. She smiled at him as he played with his fathers fingers; his mother laughing quietly while they teased each other in the innocent game.

Suddenly, the little boys gaze drifted to her. She at first didn't think anything of it, brushing it off as if he was just looking at his surroundings. But his gaze didn't shift an inch further once it reached her. He was staring straight into pure sapphire eyes with amethyst.

He...he can see me... She thought to herself, disbelief flashing in her eyes. She had a feeling that he was special because he didn't even cry one bit when he was delivered. And that is something rare. But...she had no idea he was born with a see angels. He then reached out to her, and began to squirm, as if begging for her to come and hold his hand. She slowly drifted forward and lifted her hand, parallel to his. She continued to slowly float towards him until the tips of their fingers met.

He....he can touch me too! She couldn't believe that! It was hard enough to believe that he could see her. Let alone be able to touch her! The young boy then started to giggle, causing her to jerk back a little bit, then smile. She then swayed back to her position in the corner of the ceiling. She watched as the parents began to discuss the name in which her little child would bare. Kaoru Kamiya, a baby angel sent from heaven to be the guardian of this little boy would have an experience that none other angel would. At least not for a very long, long time.

....17 years later....


"Ugh! Kenshin! Turn that annoying piece of junk OFF!!" Kaoru groggily awoke from her peaceful slumber as an obnoxious beeping of the alarm continued to ring throughout the room.

The lump that was buried in the sheets of a bed stated something, but was muffled against the pillow it had its head buried in. Kaoru then began to loose her patience. She then flipped the lump over with her slender hand so that its face was revealed.

"Kenshin, you know I can't understand you when you speak into the pillow like that!" She said with a huff. He opened his eyes slowly, fatigue flowing through his body as drowsiness glazed his violet eyes. He then sloppily and lightly whacked her hand away and repeated what he stated earlier.

"I said five more minutes. Sheesh." Kenshin Himura said in a cracked morning voice. He then lazily slipped the covers back over his thick orange red hair, and snuggled deeper into the cushion that so many people would give more than enough just to slump down upon when exhausted.

Kaoru groaned in irritation. She was his guardian angel, yes. She was suppose to look over him, yes. But she was not told to wake up his lazy butt every morning. Kaoru then got an idea. A somewhat mean idea.

"Ooohh Keeennshhinn...." Kaoru said in a sweet voice. Under the covers, Kenshin started to stir a bit. "'s time to wake uuup. Awake from your dreams..." Kaoru's voice was slick and silky. The covers were slowly lowered as Kenshin's face came into view. Kenshin was looking at her sleepily, eyebrows raised slightly. Kaoru then smiled slyly as she slowly moved forward to his face.

"That's it. Wake up from your slumber." Kaoru repeated in the same silky tone she used before. She leaned in closer and he did the same. There lips her inches apart when Kaoru spoke up.

"Do you know why you have to wake up?" Kaoru asked in a husky whisper. Kenshin shook his head slowly, his eyes still remaining on hers. He then continued to go closer when Kaoru then brought her arms up and shoved him right off the bed. She started laughing when he landed on his back, feet sprawled over him as if he was about to do a backwards summersault.

"Haha because you have to go to school silly, that's why!" Kaoru said with a smile, still laughing brightly. Kenshin's legs then fell back down to the carpeted floor and he sat up, glaring at Kaoru.

She's suppose to be my guardian angel and protect me from harm...and yet she abuses me...geez... Kenshin thought to himself. He stood from his sitting position on the floor and stretched lazily, causing a few bones to crack. Kaoru winced at the sound and Kenshin got an idea. He was gonna get revenge.

He then cast his neck from side to side, causing a nice cracking sound to erupt. Kaoru shuddered while closing her eyes. He then twisted his back around causing another popping of bones to form and Kaoru shivered again, this time clamping her eyes shut. He then rolled his shoulders back and cracked his knuckles and elbows, even his ankles. When he looked up to see Kaoru, she was scrunched in a little ball, eyes snapped shut tightly.

"Ha! That's what you get for pushing me off the bed!" Kenshin said with a sly smirk. Kaoru then weaved out of her fatal position, and glared at him.

"Well you were never going to get up if I didn't! What was I suppose to do? Get a fog horn and blow it up in your ears?" Kaoru asked in a huff. She may have sounded annoyed and irritated with Kenshin, but she was far from it. She would never choose another person to watch over. Kenshin just let a look of wonder pass across his face as he ran a hand through his thick bangs.

" could have done that but you didn't..." Kenshin said with a sigh, pretending to be disappointed. Kaoru just shook her head. She really had an action packed life. That was for sure. Kenshin then started to laugh. Kaoru looked up at him in confusion.

"But you should have seen your face! Hahaha! It was to die for! It looked like you had just ate a super sour lemon." Kenshin said pointing to her and laughing. Kaoru then glared at him. Fine! If he wanted to play that game then she wouldn't mind.

"Oh but look who's talking! I got about 5 inches away from your face and you were diving in for a kiss!! Shows what an eager guy you are!" Kaoru said with her hands laced together and a 'dreamy' look in her eyes. Kenshin then stopped laughing, and began to flush a shade of pink and sheepishly looked away.

"W-well I mean...I was half asleep, and you were close and I mean you are a beautiful angel and all..." Kenshin stuttered out, oblivious to his compliment. Kaoru then stopped laughing and looked at him.

" really mean that?" Kaoru asked tenderly, putting a hand over her heart. Kenshin then glanced at her and suddenly realized what he had just said and flushed deeper, putting a hand behind his head.

"W-well...y-yeah I are an angel..." Kenshin said with a couple stutters. Kaoru's face faltered.

"Right...angels are beautiful naturally." She said in a dulling tone. She was wishing he meant it by what she was inside. Not just her looks. She shook her head of her thoughts and let a happy face show.

"Anyway, lets get you going for school shall we?" Kaoru asked with enthusiasm. Kenshin smiled and nodded his head. She always made his life more interesting. When ever he though he had a normal day, he would come home and he'd see his angel just hovering around his room. She always made him feel special, knowing he was the only one besides other spirits who could see her and touch her and have normal conversations with. She was like his best friend only...his guardian too.

He closed his eyes as he remembered a by gone memory that he would hopefully never forget.


Kenshin was walking home in the rain after a hard day at school. He was crying silently to himself as the rain washed away the blood on his face and hands. He just finished the usual day after getting beaten up by the school bullies. He was only a fourth grader at the time. That day he was beaten on even worse then the usual.

That day, when school was ended, Kenshin was approached by bullies just the same as always.

"Hey Himura! I heard that you talk to yourself all the time. Shows that we already beat you senseless." The bully came towards him, laughing evilly. Kenshin then grew angry.

"I don't talk to myself! I talk to my guardian angel!" Kenshin said in defense. The bullies kept walking towards him while Kenshin took a step back.

"Haha! Your guardian angel huh? Is that some pathetic loser who keeps you company because you aren't worth being around? Hahaha!" The bully sneered at Kenshin.

Kaoru was floating just above the scene, and hearing some people insult her brought her mood down a little, but then she saw Kenshin step forward.

'Kenshin what are you doing?!' Kaoru thought to herself in worry. It was the seventh time she watched Kenshin get bullied by these punks, and now he was changing from defense to offense?! But she watched Kenshin despite the fact that he risked getting hurt worse.

"You can insult me all you want. But I won't let you insult my guardian angel too! Leave her out of this!" Kenshin said with his fist clenched. The bullies then let a sly grin slip onto their pudgy faces.

"Ohh so it's a girl eh? What's she? Your girlfriend? Hah! Can't get a real one eh?" The bullies just began to laugh at him.

"They're rotten." Kaoru muttered. Kenshin had his head bowed so that his orange red bangs were covering his eyes. His fists were shaking a little bit in anger that started to build up.

"I know." Kenshin seethed through his furry, commenting Kaoru's remark. He started to step forward when a soft hand held his shoulder.

"Kenshin...please...don't mess with them. Remember that I'm growing with you. That means that what ever age you are, I am as well. The reason I'm saying this is because I don't think that I'll be strong enough to watch you get hurt! Please don't do this!" Kaoru said as her eyes brimmed with tears, and her glowing white wings elegantly flapped. Kenshin turned to her with angry eyes.

"I'm sorry...but I won't let them insult you!" Kenshin said as he shrugged out of her grasp and walked towards the waiting bullies.

"You should have said goodbye to you little girlfriend. Cuz you're messing with the wrong guys." The bully said with a snarl, cracking his knuckles.

Kaoru watched in horror as they beat Kenshin until he started to bleed, causing crimson liquid to cover the wet ground. Rain had started to fall before so Kenshin was now soaked, and beaten up. Kenshin got up, biting his pain down.

All the while, Kaoru floated there, watching everything. Once Kenshin got up and they started beating on him again, she couldn't bare it! She broke down into tears, and covered her eyes, shuddering. When she heard the last bashing sound, she opened her eyes to see Kenshin on the ground, shaking from the pain.

She gasped and fluttered down, putting a hand on his shoulder. They bullies then laughed, bashing there fists into the palm of their hand, ready to give him some more. But Kaoru wouldn't have it. Kaoru then grew angry. No; furious! They dared to beat him up just for fun, and would continue to when he was already down and out?

Kaoru then rose to her feet, and started to hover off the ground. Although they couldn't see her, Kaoru still was going to make them 'feel' her anger. She then started to chant a small charm under her breath. When she was done, Kenshin had an invisible shield around him. As the bullies approached, unaware, Kaoru watched with a smirk.

"What are you gonna do now Himura? Your guardian angel ditch you or something? Haha." The bully continued to taunt him until Kenshin lifted his head. He also had a smirk on his face, for he knew what Kaoru had done.

"You come any closer to me, and you'll regret it." Kenshin said through his pain. The bully then started to laugh at him as he still lurked forward.

"What kind of a threat is-" Before he could finish his sentence, they bully reached the barrier, and was suddenly repelled away from Kenshin at least twenty feet away. He then sat up from his mangled position and looked at Kenshin as if he had just seen a ghost. He scrambled up from his sitting position and started to charge at Kenshin again.

This time he was repelled at least thirty feet away! The bully didn't need to be warned a third time. He jolted up and scurried off like a frightened mouse.

That's what happened that day. He was weeping because he had let his angel down. He wanted to protect her on his own, but he wasn't capable. He would prove one day that he would be able to! He would show her how much he really cared...

End of flashback

"Kenshin? Are you listening to me?" Kaoru then jotted him out of his train of thoughts. He then nodded his head to let her know he was paying attention.

"Y-yeah. You were saying to get ready for school." Kenshin said as he ran a hand through his ruffled hair.

"That's right! Now. Let's get going or you'll be-" Kaoru was cut off when there was a large knocking at the door.

"Kenshin dear, who are you talking to?" Kenshin's mother asked through the closed door. Kenshin tried to think of something quickly!

"Uhh...I's the TV!" Kenshin said, trying to sound natural. Kaoru then looked at him as if he was the stupidest thing in the world. Even his own mother, who rarely came into his room, would know he didn't have a TV in his room!

"Oh...well, it's almost time for school! Hurry and come down for breakfast honey." His mother replied. Kenshin sighed in relief. Thank the lords for his mothers denseness! Kaoru shook her head. Family. Can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em. That's the way of life, and she was thrown in the middle of it.

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