The Liz: "You know you've always wanted me."

"But Lucy, I'm engaged and you're... dead."

"No, I'm undead."

Excerpt from Dracula: Dead and Loving It, the only Halloween movie I will ever watch. EVER!

ahem Well, my daddy gave me back my computer (scary fangirl squeal) Half of this story is from me writing in my notebook (thank you Koala Kitty) and the other half was written while I was seriously drugged up (two pills, ear drops, and a never-ending supply of Nyquil'll do that to you)

I've also been watching scary anime, which gave me an idea for another fic. Ranma of course (I've got to stick to me obsession).

Anyways, here it is! The next chapter of Green!

Kuno propped his feet on the chair in front of him. The heavy sword's weight was unfamiliar against his shoulder, yet oddly comforting. He smirked, his eyes resting on Akane's struggling figure. She never gave up did she? But then again, Kuno thought, that's part of her charm.

Despite what the young Miss Tendo suspected, Kuno had done nothing vulgar to her, although he had been sorely tempted. There was time for that later, he reasoned, after her resolve to hate him had crumbled. Knowing her, Ranma's arrival would only help Kuno to... persuade her.

"He's in here, I know it!"

"Saotome, you'd better be right about this."

Kuno smiled at Akane's hopeful expression upon hearing the muffled voices. Turning to the light board next to him, he turned down the stage lights. "I hope you appreciate the lighting change," he said to Akane who was blinking her eyes rapidly, adjusting her vision to the new level of brightness. "I don't think you'd want to miss this show."

The door banged open loudly, making a nervous Akane jump. "Kuno! Get out here!" Ranma yelled from the doorway.

"Ranma!" Akane yelled, smiling hopefully. Now that Ranma was here, everything was going to be alright. He had a skill for getting out of sticky situations.

Kuno looked over his shoulder at the intruders with an undisguised amount of boredom. "It's about time you showed up," he said, stretching his arms over his head. "I was getting restless."

"Damn straight I showed up! I want that mask back!" Ranma yelled.

Ranma wants the mask back? Akane thought, a strange thought entering her mind. When did he ever have it? Unless...

"Well if you want it back that badly," Kuno said, running his hand through his brown curly hair. "You'll have to pry it off my dead body."

Ranma smirked, cracking his knuckles. "Gladly."

"Come and get me," Kuno said. "Ranma."

"With pleasure!" Ranma yelled as he launched into the air. Within seconds he was above Kuno, his one leg angled towards Kuno's face. Kuno tilted his head to the right to avoid the kick then leapt into the air, jumping on the chairs back towards the stage. Ranma followed persistently, making quick punches at Kuno's head, throwing in a well aimed kick occasionly. Kuno dodged them all with speed to rival Ranma's own although he never lost the smirk that had implanted itself on his features.

Kuno jumped back gracefully onto the stage, landing only a few feet in front of Akane. Ranma landed in front of Kuno, his eye's locked onto Kuno's blood red gaze. "Entertaining Ranma," Kuno said, a smirk decorating his green face. "But can we get started?"

Oh my god. Kuno's as fast, no faster than Ranma! Akane thought frantically. What is he doing?

Ranma jumped onto the stage and faced Kuno, his features portraying annoyance. "Shut up," he said, charging Kuno again.

Kuno smirked and leapt over Ranma, landing behind him. Ranma spun around to face Kuno to meet an incoming fist. He tried to move his head to the side but that only succeeded in Kuno punching his jaw, hard, sending Ranma plowing into the ground.

"Surprised?" Kuno said, his eyes bright with hidden malice. "Never thought that thick-skulled Kuno could land a punch on the high and mighty Ranma?"

Ranma sat up rubbing his jaw. "Damn it, that hurt," he muttered.

Akane stared dumbfounded at the scene that had unfolded in front of her when she heard a foreboding creak above the stage. She looked up and saw something glint in the spotlight. "Ranma! Watch out!" she yelled.

Ranma turned around to face Akane when a giant blade crashed down in front of him, missing him by a hair. "Jeez!" He spun around to face Kuno when another blade crashed down in front of him. "Are you trying to kill me?!" Ranma yelled.

Kuno smirked. "Maaaybe."

"Ranma!" Akane shrieked. "Above you!"

Ranma instictivly looked up to see a third blade desending towards his skull when he was pulled away by the scruff of his shirt. He landed roughly on his bottom and looked back to see Mousse holding one of his metal claws. "Thanks Mousse," Ranma said, standing up. He turned to face Kuno, who looked a little perturbed.

"What now Kuno? Didcha set up any traps out here?" he called out.

Kuno smirked evily. "Well now that you mention it," he said.

Ranma heard something shift above him and he quickly jumped back, narrowly avoiding the downpour of...

"Water?" Ranma heard Shampoo say from behind him. "What stupid boy do with water?"

"Watch out!" Ranma yelled as he dove to the left. Shampoo followed his lead instantly but Mousse wasn't so lucky.

"Quack," the duck said bitterly. He heard something move above him and he looked up to see a metal bucket crashing down on his head. CLONG Mousse's head wobbled for a minute before he fell onto the floor, the bucket covering his head.

"One down!" Kuno laughed. "Two to go!"

"Shampoo! Go get Akane and get out!" Ranma ordered. Shampoo nodded and sprinted off towards the stage.

"And where are you going miss?" Kuno said as he snapped his fingers. Water poured down in torrents, but Shampoo narrowly avoided them all.

She landed gracefully on the stage and turned to gloat. "What now stupid boy?" she said.

Kuno smirked and snapped his fingers again.

Suddenly, a trap door appeared beneath Shampoo. "Eep!" With that, she plummeted into the abyss where a large splash was heard, followed by a distraught mew.

No way, Ranma thought. There is no way he got rid of them that easily.

On stage, Akane's thoughts were mirroring Ranma's. How on earth did Kuno get rid of Shampoo that quickly? If I had known it would be that easy...

With a flourish, Kuno turned towards Ranma. "It's just you and me buddy. Oh and your lover."

Akane could feel the heat rising to her face. "I'm NOT his lover!"

Kuno shrugged. "I'll tell you what Ranma," he said. "I'll let you go away peacefully if you leave Akane here with me."

"No way!" Ranma yelled. "You and I have a score to settle!"

"Oh I see how you are," Kuno said. "Fight the dragon, then save the girl. Fine by me," he said, drawing his sword slowly and deliberately. "En guard."

Ranma charged towards Kuno, his fist drawn back. At the last moment, he flipped over Kuno and was about to strike him from the back when he realized that Kuno had moved too. "Behind you," Kuno said from above Ranma.

Not wasting time to look behind him, Ranma moved to the left and tried to kick back up into Kuno's stomach, but the swordsman had maneuvered himself so that Ranma kicked the flat of his sword. Pushing forward, Kuno forced Ranma to flip back, away from Kuno. Kuno swung his sword down on Ranma's head while Ranma punched up into Kuno's gut, both making contact.

Ranma jumped back at the same time Kuno did, both in a fighting stance. Kuno was breathing heavily; a trickle of blood flowed from Ranma's forehead. I've got to win this. But how? Ranma thought, taking in his surroundings. Something above him caught his eye and he smirked. Perfect.

Akane watched Ranma closely. What is he thinking? She followed his eyes to the rafters. No, if he does that...

Jumping high into the air, Ranma kicked over a water bucket, making sure that the contents drenched his body. Now a she, Ranma landed gracefully on the stage and stood up straight. "Kuno-sempi!" she cried as she ran towards Kuno, arms open wide.

Kuno looked at Ranma blankly before smiling widely. "Pig-Tailed Girl!" he shouted joyfully, arms ready to receive the petite red-head.

It's working, Ranma thought. "Kuno-sempi!" she yelled again.

"Ranma!" Akane yelled. "Watch out!"

Kuno smirked and stepped to the side, avoiding Ranma's embrace. Instead Ranma ran head first into... Akane.

ZAP "YE-OW!" ZAP "Get offa me pervert!" ZAPZAPZAP

A smouldering Ranma crashed to the ground with a thud as Kuno stood over her laughing. "Sorry Ranma, you can't pull that one over on me now," Kuno said.

"Bu..but how?" Ranma asked weakly, twitching from the left-over voltage.

"I've just become more... insitful," Kuno said. He walked over to Ranma and pulled out a water kettle. "Here, fight with what dignity you have left," Kuno said mockingly while he poured the scalding hot contents over Ranma's twitching body.

"HOT!" Ranma yelped as he jumped up. "That's hot damnnit!"

"Too bad!" Kuno yelled as he charged Ranma, sword ready and waiting. Ranma jumped high into the air to avoid the attack. Kuno reached up and grabbed Ranma's ankle, bringing him down painfully to the ground. Before Ranma even had time to counterattack, Kuno's green face was inches from his.

Ranma did his best to jump up from the ground and only succeded in banging his head against the stage wall. Suddenly he felt cold steel against his throat, not a very fun feeling.

Akane watched the situation frantically, wincing when Ranma rammed his head into the wall. I've got to do something, she thought. If I can get that mask off of Kuno, then Ranma can defiantly win.

"Times up Femboy!" Kuno said menaicingly, the blade of his sword pressed dangerously against Ranma's throat.

"Kuno! Stop!" Akane yelled desperately. Kuno stopped dead, never taking his eyes off of Ranma.

"What's the matter my dear? Afraid I might kill your one true love?" he said, sarcasm dripping from his words.

Akane looked down bashfully, a light blush reaching her cheeks. "No, it's not that at all," she said. "Darling."

Kuno raised an eyebrow at this. "Darling eh? Tell me Akane; is this a ploy to distract me?"

Akane shook her head. "Not all. It's just that..." She looked up and stared boldly into Kuno's evil red eyes. "Kiss me Kuno. I can't wait any longer."

"WHAT?!" Ranma couldn't believe his ears. She wants Kuno to do WHAT? "Akane, what the hell are you thinking?"

"Please Kuno," Akane whispered, ignoring Ranma's outburst. "I just want one kiss."

Kuno chuckled. "There will be time for that later my dear. Right now I have business to take care of."

"But I can't wait! I need you now, more than I've ever wanted anybody in my entire life!" Akane pleaded. Tears were forming in her starry eyes as she gazed longingly at Kuno.

Ranma was about to throw up. He looked up at Kuno whose sword was still positioned above his throat in an uncomfortable position. The green face upper-class man seemed to be fighting some sort of internal struggle. To kiss the girl or not to kiss the girl, that was the question.

Frankly, Ranma was torn himself. If Kuno did go to Akane and sweep her off her feet, he defiantly wouldn't be in a life or death situation anymore. But then again...

"Please Kuno," Akane whispered, tears starting to roll down her pink cheeks. "Just one kiss."

That did it for Kuno. He abruptly dropped his sword and punched Ranma hard in the stomach, causing the pig-tailed martial artist to double over. "Very well. Just one kiss," Kuno said as he strode over to Akane. He gazed into Akane's eyes as he leaned in, his snake-like tongue creeping out of his mouth.

"NO!" Akane yelled, turning her face away abruptly. "From the real Kuno. The one I used to love."

Ranma looked up sharply at this last comment. What does she mean by that?

"There was no one on earth that even held a candle to Kuno-sempi," Akane said seductively, her wet eyes raised to meet Kuno's.

"Akane! Stop being an idiot!" Ranma yelled as he stood up.

Kuno stood paralyzed in front of Akane, unsure of what to do. His face went from dark to light within a span of five seconds. "Akane..." he said, his voice strained. He leaned over and clutched his head, screaming in frustration.

Ranma watched in fascination as Kuno clutched the back of his green head, his hands struggling to overcome some unseen force. He slowly tore off the mask, his curly brown hair flying in the force of the wind.

Finally Kuno stood upright, his face a normal skin tone. He froze in front of Akane, the mask clutched tightly in his hand, his body tense. It didn't last long.

"Akane Tendo!" Kuno shouted suddenly, his arms flying open so that he could embrace the trapped maiden. "Come to me!"

Akane's starry eyes suddenly narrowed. "Damn per-" Her insults were cut short by Kuno's daring lips.

Nabiki giggled as she replayed the tape in her room. Ranma's a pretty good dancer, she thought as Ryouga and Ranma broke into the chorus. But now that she had the goods, she had to decide what to do with it.

How much would Ranma pay to keep this stuff from Akane? From the public? Nabiki frowned and sat back in chair. More importantly, how much money does he have? And there's still the matter of my photo profits.

"Nabiki?" Kasumi's voice came from outside her bedroom door. "Can I come in?"

"Door's open," Nabiki called, her eyes still fixed on the television screen. The door opened and Kasumi walked in, a basket of laundry positioned on her hip.

"What are you watching?" she asked, setting the basket on the desk.

"A local concert," Nabiki said.

"Oh my, is that Ryouga?" Kasumi asked, looking at the video.


"Oh." Kasumi turned towards Nabiki. "I'm here for the laundry," she said cheerfully.

"Oh yeah, it's over there," Nabiki said, indicating to the laundry basket. Kasumi nodded and took the clothes and put them into her collective basket.

"Are you going to be up late tonight?" Kasumi asked as she picked up her basket.

"Probably," Nabiki said.

"I'll bring up a snack later then," Kasumi said cheerfully. Suddenly a crack was heard and the bottom of the laundry basket fell onto the floor along with all the laundry. At the same instant, Nabiki's glass of water exploded, sending little bits of glass flying.

The two sisters froze, a little startled, then turned towards each other.

"You don't suppose?" Kasumi began.

"A bad omen?" Nabiki said.

They looked at each other for a little bit longer, the shrugged. "I'll go get the vacuum," Kasumi said.

"I'll try to pick up the laundry," Nabiki said.

Maybe something happened to Akane, Nabiki thought nervously as she stopped the tape. Nah, it's only Kuno after all.

Electricity was surging through Akane's body, all because that stupid idiot Kuno wouldn't let go of her! With renewed energy, she wrenched her leg free of the chains, bringing it up swifitly. "DIE!" she screamed, kicking Kuno into the lower atmosphere.

However he was intercepted by Ranma's foot, sending the young kendoist crashing into the wall. A livid Ranma dropped to the ground, looking royally pissed. "What the hell were you doing?!" he yelled at Akane.

Akane took a shallow breath, the electric shook still vibrating in her bones. "I was trying to save you idiot!" she yelled back. "Do you think I –wanted- to kiss him?"

"Coulda fooled me!"

"I had to get the mask off him! What else was I supposed to do?"

"Akane Tendo!" a smoldering Kuno yelled, apparently having recovered from his crash. "My love is for..."

"Shut it!" both Ranma and Akane yelled, kicking him into the air. Suddenly, something caught Akane's eye. "Ranma! The mask!"

Ranma spun around to see the mask, flipping through the air gracefully. "Shit," he yelled, leaping into the air after it.

"Bwahahaha! It's mine now Ranma!" Happosai's voice said as he sailed down from the rafters, dressed as a flying squirrel.

"Oh no you don't old man!" Ranma yelled.

"The mask will be mine!" Mousse yelled, leaping up from nowhere to reach for the flying mask.

"Ranma! Get it!" Akane yelled from stage.

"Almost there!" Ranma yelled, his fingers stretching for the piece of wood. Happosai was only a centimeter from reaching it, Mousse about to bump into Ranma he was so close.

Suddenly, Mousse knocked it out of the air to the ground where it skidded to a halt. "It's mine!" all three men yelled at once, making a dive for the mask.

Oh god, they're all going to crash! Akane thought, bracing for the sound of the impact.

BAM! Ranma, Mousse, and Happosai all lay in a mangled heap, only a foot from the Mask. Scrambling to escape from the dog pile, Ranma reached for the mask, his finger's touching the smooth wood.

Suddenly, the mask was swiped up quickly by small wrinkled hands. "Haha! It' mine now!" Happosai cackled. Leaping onto the stage, he held the mask in the air triumphantly. "With this mask, I will be the Head Executive of the Victoria Secret! And then the world!"

Ryouga snorted angrily. He'd lost his pack -again-, got lost on his way to deliever justice to Ranma –again-, and he had turned into a pig. Again. He wearily stumbled past huge stone gates, the all seemed the same after a while to him.

"Haha! It's mine now!" Ryouga's ears twitched in the air. That was Happosai, he thought. What's he up to now? He charged towards the sound of the deranged voice, through double doors and into an auditorium. There he saw Happosai standing proudly on stage, holding the Mask in the air like a trophy. Behind him was Akane, struggling to break free of the chains that held her.

What did he do to Akane? Ryouga thought briefly before he charged towards the stage, the sound of an enraged pig stretching out behind him like a prayer. He jumped onto a chair then launched himself towards Happosai, small teeth barred dangerously.

Happosai's eyes grew wide as he felt the mask slipping from his fingers, yanked away from his grasp. "What the..." he turned back towards Akane to see a little black and green tornado forming right in front of him.

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