Uh,hi everone! (waves shyly) This is my first fanfic,and all my knowledge of the TMNT's is from the original cartoon series (Yes,child of the 80's! Whooo!.....sorry.climbs off desk)and the first three movies.Donny may seem a little out of character here,then again maybe not.(What would it take for the quietest person YOU know to completely lose it? Think about it)I'd appreciate any reviews,enjoy!!

Still Waters Can Be Savage

"Man! Remind to never send you two to choose a video again! It's a wonder these pizzas are still hot!"Mikey grumbled at Raph and Leo as they headed back to their home underground."What took you dudes so long?"Raph snorted."Leo couldn't find Bambi" . Leo shook his head in exasperation."Just because I like to watch something that actually has a storyline,Raph-", "Yeah,yeah,heard it before".

"So what did you guys end up with? Something funny?",Mikey said hopefully,cradling the precious cargo of pizza boxes,trying to peer over his taller siblings' shoulders. Raph grinned and held up his choice: 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre'? Gross Raph!!" Mikey groaned and turned to Leo,hoping for a better option.

Leo held up the case.Castaway? Total boredom! "Donny's not gonna wanna watch either of these,"Mikey pointed out.Hell,he didn't want to watch them.He made a mental note to send them to pick up dinner while he chose the flicks next time.

Leo chuckled."Donny won't even notice the tv's on,he's probably buried in some book", he said as they climbed down the rickety ladder that led to their home in the abandoned subway.

Mikey deposited the pizza boxes on the coffee table and nearly tripped over the tv-no,something in the tv;a bo,thrown or lunged with such force it had shattered the screen and also the back casing. Only one person in the family was master of that particular ninja weapon.....

"Donny?" Leo whispered in shock. "Jesus Christ! Remind me to never piss him off again!" Raph gasped,staring in disbelief at Donny's bo staff and the dead tv.

Mikey was equally stunned. "Whoa dude! isn't murdering innocent home electronics your specialty,Raph?" Raph couldn't even retaliate! They could clearly hear Donny in the dojo,literally beating the stuffing out of the punch bag,and cursing anything and everything under the sun that dared live or breathe this night.

His brothers were speechless. Was that really Donny? Quiet,calm,gentle,peace-loving Donny? The Donny who frowned on violence and swearing? Abruptly the pounding ceased and a clearly furious purple-masked turtle strode through the living area,still cursing a blue streak,ignoring his brothers and the drool-inducing scent of fresh pizza,stormed into his room,and slammed the door with enough force to shatter the hinges.

His brothers glanced at each other but not even Raph had the guts to approach Don's room at the moment. Guess we won't be watching any videos tonight!,Mikey thought,not unhappily, through the fog of disbelief.

Splinter wandered out of the kitchen area with a small fragrant cup of tea,and made his way to his chair,never turning a whisker at the racket, the destruction before him,or his son's jaws scraping the floor.
Leo found his tongue.

"Sensei,what happened here? Is Donny OK?"
Splinter took a small sip of his tea and looked calmly at his three flabbergasted sons.

"I believe Donatello just discovered his favourite television program has been cancelled".