Nightmare Syndrome

Story thus far: It's been 100 year since the Demon Tournament. Yuusuke Urameshi has become the Third Lord of the Makai. Keiko Yukimura after finding that she would not live to see the end of Yuusuke's days, made a deal with a demon to give her a life equal to that of Yuusuke's. They rule the Third realm together. Since Koenma's recent intolerance for his former team mates, Yuusuke's Realm has since sunk into a lock down of sorts. Many 'negotiation' parties have been seen entering and rumor whispers that the young lord has spoken with Enma himself. Whether he remains Koenma's ally or enemy is unclear.

Youko Kurama became an equal with Yomi after the natural deaths of his parents and brother. According to human records he sold his company to a cousin and faded into obscurity afterward, vanishing into the Makai to quickly reclaim his former glory as King of Thieves. Easily done. Youko seems to have no interest what so ever in trying to usurp Yomi's throne and slipped back into legend and whisper. Reports of high thievery in the Reikai, however, has placed him inexcusably high on Spirit World's most wanted. He hasn't been heard from since the last bounty hunt was sicced on his trail. Rumor and mystery abound the youko's disappearance.

Hiei Jaganshi became almost invisible in the tides of Makai politics. After his agreement to work with/for Mukuro the fire demon seemed to vanish as well. An enigma to the end no one is certain how far his powers strengthened under her training. However, the mysterious circumstances that lead to Mukuro's untimely demise knocked the illustrious Jaganshi to the top of the Makai's most wanted. He is currently the prime suspect.

Kuzuma Kuwabara died a demon hunter employed by Koenma. His Spirit Powers lengthened his life span somewhat, but it was an unlucky match with a high class youkai that ended his life short. The guilty demon was never publically identified or caught and much mystery still hangs around his death. Koenma refuses to reveal the files on his last target.

Botan, the deity of Death is still 'alive' and well after nearly one hundred years. Employed by Koenma she was the first to hear of both Kuwabara's demise and Mukuro's murder. She has contacted neither Yuusuke nor any of her old acquaintances since the Reikai Tantei was disbanded. Under what gossip murmurs were 'dramatic' circumstances she remained at her post even when the bounty on Youko and Hiei's head was proclaimed. Many say she had been involved in something forbidden and as punishment banned from exiting Spirit World HQ. She remains somewhat a mystery.

The final and most unexpected member of our story is Shizuru Kuwabara. The incident between Kurama, Karasu and a device called the Kitsune Flute some time after the Dark Tournament led her into confrontation with a rare and deadly creature known as a shadowkai, dark angel. Hailing from the underbelly of the Makai he possessed the power to awaken previously inaccessible amounts of Spirit Energy. This sudden surge of power has given her a demon's life span and more. She was last heard of traveling with several high class Shinobi sects, seeking training. No one knows where she currently resides.

This story begins in the middle of nothing. No big climactic battles, no big bad guys leaping out with bomb to destroy the world, nothing of the sort. It picks up smack dab in the center of demon paradise...or hell...depends on your point of view.

New Chaos. The City of Black Stone.

. . .

-Will someone wake me up already? Because, you know what, this nightmare's getting stale enough to break teeth.-



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