This is a sequel to "Simple" so if you haven't read that first, please go do so. I never planned on writing this but I was pissed all day and ended up writing meaningless rants but somehow I did end up writing this.

Warning shounen ai... sort of

Disclaimer – I do not own Yu-gi-oh...yet

Hello again.

Do you remember the last time I wrote to you?

I reminded you about our first kiss.

Do you still remember it?

I hope you do.

That kiss was so simple and so sweet.

I loved it most out of all of out kisses.

You are a very good kisser.

I think it was the only time you were very gentle with me.

You were always in control but you were still gentle.

You never forced me into anything.

You pushed but never forced.

Did I ever tell you that?

Everything I did, I wanted to do.

It's kinda ironic.

You were always so calm and reserved before we first kissed...

but after that first one, you wouldn't take your mouth off of mine for a second if it were up to you.

I miss that.

I remember what ended it all though.

Do you still remember it?

They caused it.

You remember who they were, don't you?

I don't know who lead them all but I have a feeling I don't wanna know either.

If I knew, I would probably end up killing them.

But, you'd be right behind me.

You wouldn't let me kill them alone.

Damn those reporters.

Why was it such a big deal?

So what if Seto Kaiba is gay?

I know you think it's a big deal.

I remember the day they stormed the mansion.

I had spent the night with you and they first thing I heard when I woke was their voices.

Reports, TV camera, photographers all lined the street in front of the mansion.

You were pissed.

I had to order a maid to look up the weapon room.

I seriously thought you were going to kill people.

I can't believe you even have a weapon room.

We both got dressed and hurried down the stairs.

Mokuba was watching all of them through the windows.

You called the cops to get rid of them...

but for some reason they couldn't.

I think it was some legal loophole.

Well, you stormed out the door and when I ran to follow...

you pushed me back in.

I know why you did that...

but it didn't change anything.

You were out there for a long time.

I heard you talk forever.

I just sat near the door with Mokuba and waited.

I then got the idea to listen through the door.

I could hear you pretty well but I didn't understand what you were saying.

You said I was merely a friend of Mokuba's.

You said we were never a couple.

You said I meant nothing to you.

I didn't understand that.

I couldn't understand that.

I still don't understand that.

When you came back inside...

you told me to go get my things and get out.

I was completely crushed.

I wanted to make you snap out of it.

I wanted to make you admit that you at least liked me.

I wanted to kiss you and pretend we were the only ones in the world.

I didn't do anything like that.

Instead, I walked upstairs...

got all of my clothes and stuff together...

and walked out the back door.

I crossed the gardens and no one noticed me.

WE have never spoken about anything that happened.

Never again were you nice to me.

I miss you.

Did I already tell you that?

Well, I can say one thing about our brake up.

It was simple.

It was just plain and simple.

No fight.

No "please take me back".

Nothing but "get your things and get out".

Even more simple.


A lot of people asked me who were the people that forced them apart. So now I've answered that question for you. If I ever have another day like today, you might just get another simple little story like this.