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The Perfect Fit

Something He Hasn't Seen Before

A raven-haired boy of seventeen looked up at a towering, slightly shabby looking house, and smiled.  He was finally at the Burrow after one grueling month of putting up with the Dursleys.  (Great lumps of people that are passed off as Harry's relatives.) 

"Harry!  Oh Harry, thank goodness you've gotten here safely," Molly Weasley said, rushing out of the front door.  "Honestly, I have no idea what Dumbledore was thinking, letting you come here on your own…"

Harry sucked in a great breath as Mrs. Weasley squeezed him into a tight hug, his arms pinned to his sides.  The rest of the Weasley crew and Hermione were making their way out of the house to greet him, and he blushed when he noticed a very pretty crimson haired girl that he couldn't quite place smiling at him. Ron's over-enthusiastic mother finally released him and rushed back into the house, mumbling something about "famished" and "six sausages at least." 

Hermione was the next person to fling herself upon Harry, squealing happily.

"Oh, I've missed you so much Harry!  Why haven't you been writing?  We've all been so worried…"

The rest of her words were lost as she buried her head into Harry's neck.  He decided now would probably not be the best time to say that he had been writing, but to little Ginny, not her.  Thinking of Ginny, he wondered vaguely why she wasn't out on the lawn to greet him.  Not that he minded…Returning his mind to the present, Harry patted the bushy haired girl awkwardly on the back, glancing at Ron, hoping for some relief.  What he got instead, though, was a look that would make one of Hagrid's fire loving salamanders run for cover. Harry quickly detached himself from his excited friend and turned to greet Ron, who looked much more welcoming now he didn't have Hermione attached to his neck.

"Welcome to the back, mate," his red-headed friend said, clapping him on the back.  "Been up to much this summer?  Meet any cute muggle girls?"

At this the pretty auburn haired girl Harry had noticed earlier smacked him on the back of the head.  Harry thought this was a rather odd thing for her to do, for this was the first time he had ever seen this girl, so surely she wasn't the close to Ron…

"Don't listen to him, Harry.  Ickle Ronnikins here has got nothing but girls on the brain," she said giggling, giving a pointed look to Hermione.

It was then that Harry realized with a sickening jolt to the stomach that the girl he had been ogling for the last five minutes was in fact little Ginevra Weasley. 

"This was not a good thing," Harry thought, "…although summer did seem to agree with her."

Her long, dark red hair was now streaked with hints of light from the sun, and freckles dotted her shoulders and nose in what Harry thought a very appealing manner.  She had on what appeared to be a plain muggle tank top, of the softest yellow he had ever seen, and for some reason the spell Ron had taught him on the train their first year popped into his head.

Sunshine daisies, butter mellow…

He then realized that the last bit of the rhyme didn't really work, for Ginny did not resemble a rat, nor was she at all fat and stupid.

It was not until the little voice in the back of Harry's head spoke up and reminded him of Ginny's six older brothers that he looked away, quickly searching for something to say to cover up his previous staring.

"Er…well, I guess I'll take my trunk up to your room then, Ron…"

"Don't worry about it, Harry.  I'll take it up there.  Mum'll want to fuss over you for a bit before dinner anyway."

With that the lanky teenager grabbed Harry's trunk and began hauling in the house.  Hermione followed him shortly after, mumbling something about a book she left upstairs. 

Harry raised his eyebrows at Ginny, wondering what in the world was going on between those two.  They'd been dancing around each other for two years now, and Merlin only knows when they will finally admit it to each other. 

The bespectacled boy found himself staring at Ginny once more, not believing how much different she looked since June.  He could hardly believe this was the girl he had been writing to all summer, the only one who could really understand at least part of what he was going through.  Harry's emerald eye's caught Ginny's hazel ones, sparkling with joy.  He wondered if she looked that happy just because he was finally at the Burrow.  He hoped so.

"So," Ginny began, breaking the silence between the two.  "Have a good summer so far?"

"Do I really have to answer that?"  Harry asked, a hint of sarcasm in his voice. 

"I suppose not," Ginny giggled.

"You're letters made it better, though," Harry added, blushing just a little.

Ginny absolutely beamed at him.

"I'm glad you found someone you could talk to."

The young witch then crossed the space between them and wrapped her arms around Harry's neck in a gentle embrace; her head nestled just underneath his chin. 

"I've missed you, Harry."

Harry stiffened in surprise for a moment, then felt himself relax in Ginny's embrace.  He wrapped his arms around her slim waist, pulling her closer.  He shut his eyes, resting his head atop Ginny's and the whole world ceased to exist to him as he felt the silk of her hair on his cheek.  A smell that was distinctly Ginny tickled his nose, a mix of strawberry's and Nilla wafers.

Ginny knew she shouldn't be hugging Harry like this right in the middle of her front yard.  After all, Fred and George apparated in all the time, and she could only imagine the living hell they would put her and Harry through.  As soon she was in Harry's arms, though, all her worrisome thoughts left her head, her brothers, he recent heartbreak over Dean, everything.  She relished in Harry's fresh, clean scent, and the way her body fitted perfectly with his.

"Harry, dear," Mrs. Weasley called, poking her head out the door.

The young couple immediately jumped apart, a look of guilt on their faces, and turned to Mrs. Weasley.

"Oh, Ginny.  I didn't realize you were still out here," her expression, however, conveyed an entirely different message.  She was regarding them with a knowing smile on her lips.  "It's time to wash for dinner."

"Alright," they both said, as Mrs. Weasley headed back to the kitchen.

At the same time two loud pops echoed across the lawn, and Fred and George appeared just in front of Harry.

Harry quietly thanked whatever gods there were that the twins had not apparated in thirty seconds earlier. 

Ginny nodded at her brothers in greeting then made a rather hasty retreat into the house, Harry's eyes following her all the way.

"Watcha looking at, mate?"  Fred asked, noticing Harry's gaze in the general direction of the house.

"Yeah, nothing you haven't seen before, right?"  George added.

Harry was inclined to disagree….

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