This here is just a little note for those who read the story, both to thank you all, but also to make note of two of the jokes you may not have fully gotten, and thus explain why we used them.

First, from the video in chapter one, we stated that Hiten and Kouryuu "lived happily and have many little thundercats." If you failed to get the extreme hilarity of this joke, you are either for some reason not able to see American television (if this is true, we exclude you from the 'bad people for not catching it' group), or are too young to be reading a rated R story (you naughty youngsters). 'Thundercats' is an old American cartoon, and definitely does not belong anywhere near InuYasha, but by sheer chance it turned out that way and was too amusing not to use. (Neechan #1 breaks in proclaiming, "Hell Yeah It was too funny not to use!" and scampers off again.)

The second is the Ryu-chan bunny. We shall now expand your anime knowledge for those who didn't get this reference. There was a very specific reason we gave InuYasha a bunny named Ryu-chan. (Neechan #1 stumbles in again. "It was so we could have a PIKA InuYasha!) The voice of the Japanese InuYasha also voices Sakuma Ryuichi in the show 'Gravitation.' Ryuichi always carries with him a stuffed creature that most closely resembles a bunny. Also, several times during the show Ryuichi is referred to as Ryu-chan. If you ever watched 'Gravitation,' that should be amusing. If you haven't, we recommend it, a very funny show. (PIKA PIKA!!!)

Last thing is, for everyone who liked this watch out for our next story. Nothing like this, but inspired by our ever favorite Bankotsu and Jakotsu.

Dead Psychotic Mercenaries: The Opera

A disaster-piece brought to you by Flaming Duck!

Yes, only our screwed up minds could come up with this. It follows the path of the Shichinintai, but in opera form. So if you ever wanted to hear you fav inu characters singing this is where you will find it. It will be providing great songs such as:

Wash your Neck : A retrospective look at cleanliness – sung in 50's dowop form with the other 8 Shichinintai as backup. Complete with beehive hairdoos

Dreaming of a Hanyou – love song from Jakotsu to InuYasha

All I Want is a Bride – from Mukotsu to women everywhere

My Other Half – sung by Suikotsu

She is Dead: An Ode to Kagome - sung by Sesshoumaru

Requiem for Suikotsu – sung by cast

Back Stabbing Bastard – tribute to Renkotsu from Bankotsu

You Can't Beat Me! - A duet by InuYasha and Bankotsu

While those are no where near all the songs, it will be a very interesting project. This will be in the works once Neechan #1 finishes the next chapter of 'Seductive Snake's Shop of Secrets.' Watch out for it! Ja Ne

Neechan #1 sits at her computer confused as to how the hell she just wrote those 6 pages of Friday of 'Seductive Snake's Shop of Secrets,' and doesn't know how to write the rest.

"It could be a few more days dudes, sorry. I'm in a weird slump at the moment. And it'll definitely be a while for the Opera. There are many distractions and Neechan #2 didn't help with that last disclaimer….." She proceeds to stare longingly at her bedroom door hearing the dull scratches coming from the other side of the oak. Sigh.

Neechan #2 looks at what Neechan #1 wrote, then at reader. "Reviews help clear distractions from us! We love them, and need more for our Snake story. Help Neechan #1! Read and review!"