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Raphael was bleeding badly, blood sloppily slapping the ground in splashes. He grabbed Soul Edge, chipping it in the void as he went, and the shard lodged itself in his hand. He felt the dark craving plaguing him again, like ink shrouding water in darkness. He fought the urges, mustering up the last vestiges of all his courage, all his willpower from a dying man. Casting himself into the swirling, blizzard of a void, he felt warm. He wondered-

Chapter 1

Cassandra bent down slowly, to pick another mushroom. Her arm ached. She checked her basket, yes, it was nearly full. She decided to pick a flower to add a flourish to her day of work. She stooped down again, gently easing an Amaranth flower out and holding it carefully. She was still very much a young adolescent at heart, only twenty-one years of age. One of the things she was scared of the most was that she would be unmarried for her life. She was actually trying to live up to her sister's name. The Holy Warrior. The One who Purged us of Soul Edge. There were many more titles for Sophitia in their village. She had gotten married, too, to a skilful blacksmith called Rothion. He had the ability to smith anything.
Cassandra settled herself peacefully against a tree, blending into nature and holding the flower. "Let's see...she said. She pulled out a petal, muttering, "I will fall in love." She pulled out a second one, mumbling, "I won't fall in love." "I will fall in love."
After a while, she had just plucked the last one, but hadn't said the words, when she noticed the Frenchman. Blood streaked down his face and his eyes were shut. He was lying sprawled on his front on the ground. A rapier lay abandoned at his side. Cassandra jerked momentarily, at a loss for what to do. She snapped out of her transfixed state. The Greek ran quickly to the Frenchman's side, before grasping his wrist and feeling for a pulse. She felt a very faint one, and knew if nothing was done, the man's life would ebb away. She didn't know why she felt affinity when she touched his wrist. But it wasn't the most pressing task.
Cassandra thought it fortunate that their house was rather close to the fields, thus she ran quickly back to the house and called Sophitia. She panted out, "Sis, there's a man in the fields. I think he's dying!"
Sophitia's eyes widened as she heard the news, but acted quickly to collect some medicine. Cassandra went to call Rothion to assist them. The trio went back swiftly to the fields. Rothion turned the Frenchman over gently, laying him on his back. Rothion scanned the body for wounds, and gasped. "Sophitia, this man has slashes and lacerations all over his torso!"
Sophitia whispered, "Must have been in an ugly fight." The trio immediately set to work. Cassandra was better at medicines, thus she started directing her sister and brother-in-law around. They crushed medicinal plants and applied the powder to the man's wounds. After that, Rothion applied pressure to stop the bleeding, before Cassandra wound strips of cloth around the wounds. Sophitia fetched some water and dabbed some gently on Raphael's lips.
"We'll have to take him into the house," Rothion announced.
The Alexandra sisters nodded grimly, before Rothion lifted the man while Cassandra took the foreign weapon and brought him into the house. He placed Raphael on a bed while Sophitia took the Frenchman's pulse again. It was slightly better, now that he was not bleeding.
"Looks like he's in a coma," commented Rothion.
"When will he wake up?" Sophitia wondered aloud.
"I don't know, could be a day, a week, or years," Cassandra answered.

"I guess I should get the kids back into the house now," said Sophitia, with a glance at a husband, who nodded affirmatively.
Sophitia went outside, where her children, Pyrrha and Patroklos were playing tag.
"Children!" Sophitia cried wearily as her children laughed and ran further.
Just then, Cassandra remembered the last petal. "I will fall in love!?" she asked herself incredulously.
"What did you say?" Rothion asked, not really listening.
"Er...nothing," said Cassandra sheepishly, a red flush tinting her cheeks.

Cervantes, a man without soul, a man without heart. And yet, he was probably the happiest person on the globe. He lifted Soul Edge, which was crackling with vibrant blue electricity and the eye was pulsating to Cervantes' touch. "I...have it. After all these years!" the dread pirate laughed mirthlessly. He couldn't forget that day. He was continuing his search in Greece, hoping to devour a few souls along the way, when he had spotted it, in a rain-streaked forest. At first, he couldn't believe his eyes and his luck. "Must be getting senile," Cervantes thought, but walked to Soul Edge all the same. And what do you know? Soul Edge's hilt was enticing, and as Cervantes gripped it, it shaped into a beautiful killing tool, specially for Cervantes. At long last, it was reunited. But some of its strength had dissipated. Soul Edge told Cervantes in its toneless voice that he needed to bring it to five pinnacles of power in Greece, to harness its true power and to uncover the last shards, hidden beyond sight. Cervantes was only too happy to oblige. He remembered how his last attempt had been foiled by Sophitia. He knew she lived in Greece. Why not get his revenge too?
Cervantes slashed the ground ruthlessly, leaving two deep scratch marks. "Works fine as ever," he laughed, before firing a shot from his Nirvana gunsword. The smell of discharge wafted into his dead nostrils. "I just love the smell of toasted people in the morning,"

With that statement, Cervantes hung his swords over his shoulders, and marched off to rest for the night.