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Date started: July 12


'Oh! Man, this sucks!', thought the brooding girl staring at the silver-haired bishounen she'd been eyeing for the past hour. She was currently using a book to cover her face as she stared at him. Fuuko kept on pondering how to approach Mi-chan with her problem. She needed his help badly. She really did consider every guy member of the Hokage but no one seems to be 'knowledgeable' enough to help her solve her problem. Well, her problem was not that difficult actually. It really was simple. All she wanted to know is how to kiss a guy, as in REALLY kiss a guy.

It started two days ago when Yanagi invited her to watch some romantic movie. Recca was not available at that time and Fuuko, being a good friend, agreed to accompany Yanagi to the movie. Initially the movie sucked but as the plot came to be known Fuuko started enjoying it. Of course a romantic movie can't be called romantic if there was no 'kissing scene'. That part really got Fuuko's attention. It was really weird because the kissing part was so foreign to her. All through out the night, the scene kept repeating itself in Fuuko's mind. It raised questions like 'how does it feel like to be kissed' or 'how do you do those kinds of things?'

Fuuko wanted to shut this feeling and the only thing she can think of, as a means of solving this was to try it herself and quench her curiosity. She would have asked for Recca's help but she doubted if Yanagi would allow it. Underneath that sweet, smiling face lies a very possessive girl. Domon would take advantage of the situation and Koganei is too young for that kind of thing. So that leaves her with Mi-chan for help. Contrary to what Recca and the rest of the Hokage members believe (except maybe for Yanagi), Fuuko is still a girl. Yes, she has ovaries too. Although at times one might think she really is a man trapped inside a woman's body. A very well proportioned body at that. Most men would not admit out loud but they admired Fuuko not only because of her wild side but also her body as well. They are lucky to be alive if ever they dare say a comment about her appearance. That's one of the reasons why she had a limited source to help her with her problem.

Back to the problem at hand… how will she approach Mi-chan. Fuuko was never known for dilly-dallying and she'd be damned if she starts now. So why was she thinking about this too much. She should just go and ask Mi-chan straight ahead. For some reasons, that she cannot fathom, she is rather, what's the word… SHY. Hmmm…'This is no use. In order for me to quench this unnatural twinge of curiosity I must make a move.' Wow! Did I just really say that? Mi-chan is really contagious. Anyway, Fuuko stood up from where she was sitting (which is actually just two tables away from Mikagami) and started walking towards him. 'Okey, just chill Fuuko, it's not like you're asking him to marry you or anything, right?' she carefully walked in front of Mikagami and stopped.

Mikagami, who was at that time reading something, did not bother to look at her. She just stared at him and finally sat down but still did not utter a word. Mikagami became conscious and finally looked at her. He was somewhat taken by surprise by the intensity of Fuuko's probing look. 'What the hell is going on?' He became somewhat suspicious but would not allow himself to start the conversation.

Fuuko became aware of the weight of the stare she was giving Mikagami. She grinned to cover up her mishap.

"What's up, Mi-chan?" 'Crap! So much for intellectual, decent openings, good going Fuuko!' Mikagami just raised an eyebrow.

"Ahem, I-ah... well, I was wondering if you could spare a moment to chat with a friend." 'Nice and easy, that's it.' Fuuko thought. Being Mikagami Tokiya, he did not buy it one bit.

"Ok, what are you playing at, Monkey? I have no time for your silly games." Mikagami went back to reading but kept an alert ear so as not to get lost. He didn't know why but his interest double up whenever this she-monkey was around. He would not admit it openly but it was really amusing to see her react whenever Recca or Domon was teasing her. He liked it when her eyes flare up with sudden eagerness and mischief. He was always asking himself what was it with this 'odd' girl anyway? She truly was an odd girl for he himself cannot understand this complex creature. He should know, after all he's the walking encyclopedia, Mikagami Tokiya. But with her, he found himself at a loss. So to cover up, he would treat her like he would treat any other member of the Hokage. He could not bring himself to treat her the same way he treats the girls of his so-called fans club. Plus there's the respect he gained for her after the UBS. She was truly a warrior at heart and that made him proud for some reason he could not find explanation.

'Why was she surprisingly quiet right now?' Mikagami not being used to the silent Fuuko, sensed unease emanating from the girl in front of him. 'That's new. I've never known her to be this quiet, maybe there's really something bothering her.' He tried to sneak a peak to her face from the book he was reading. And was surprised to find that the she-monkey was blushing!!!

Fuuko, on the other hand, was thinking of how to broach the subject to ice-boy over there. 'Gah! I never thought it would be this difficult! Why, oh, why did the Higher Being gave me such a curious mind? Why couldn't I be like any other human being? I just have to be so damn nosy about things..grrr.' Unconsciously, Fuuko started fidgeting and that did not go unnoticed.

"Do you plan on fidgeting the rest of the afternoon, or you have something on your mind?" asked Tokiya with that cold attitude of his. 'So much for being the patient one, Tokiya. Well, I can't blame myself, Fuuko was acting really weird.'

'Ok, Fuuko. Now is not the time for cowardliness, time to say something unless you want Mi-chan to think that you are making a big fuzz about this favor.'

"Mi-chan, I have something to ask of you." 'Ok, too formal but what's done is done, or in this case, what's said is said (a/n: makes sense to you, people?).'

'Again, this is new. Monkey here, being serious and all… not very like her… now my interest is in full swing.' Tokiya watched Fuuko with full attention by now and Fuuko stopped herself from fidgeting yet again. By now the library was deserted except for them and the librarian, who was suddenly no where to be found. Fuuko was conditioning herself to ask the favor plain, fast and simple. When she was about to open her mouth a sudden commotion shattered the silence. There was yelling outside the window and both of them tried to look for the source of the noise. Outside, Domon, with smudges all over his face and uniform, was chasing Recca, laughing his lungs out. 'Damn that Recca, always ruining my moment,' thought the now very pissed Fuuko. 'What am I to do now, the moment is ruined? Waaahhh!' By now she was fuming and Mikagami could not help but notice it yet again. "What's with you Monkey?"

"Oh, forget about it Mi-chan, maybe I'll just come by your house for that favor. You see, I got to go and pummel somebody for ruining my moment!" and with that she left the library and the bewildered Mikagami.

'Ok, that was really weird!' Mikagami picked up his books and also left the library.

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