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'Italicized' - thoughts


7:20 in the evening…

He said he'd call me around 7:30. Huh! Not if I can help it. No one orders me around! Especially you, Mi-chan, even if you're Kami-sama's gift to women.

She knew they were on a ceasefire but like all truce, there will come a time that one side would ultimately break the fragiletreaty and ruin everything. In this particular event, she was just happy and honored to be breaking that moment and throwing him off balance and off course. Nothing beats the look on your opponent's face when he realized that he just lost a bet.

Hmm… how to disappoint and piss the hell out of a certain silver-haired, blue-eyed, smirking Mikagami?

Fuuko picked up the phone and dialed a very familiar number and waited for the ring. A female voice answered.


"Well hello there my beautiful best friend! How was your day?" Fuuko answered back at her friend, Yanagi.

"I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to talk to you today. You know, Mi-chan can be such a mother hen sometimes. I mean seriously, fretting over my health every chance he gets. I say he has gone mental. I swear this boyfriend business is so overrated. He can be so suffocating when he's in nurse-mode. But no worries; I'm all better now, so how are you? Anything remotely interesting happened today that I missed? C'mon girl, spill…" she said without a moment's pause.

Silence on the other line, and then,

"Fuuko, is that you?" Yanagi was mildly surprised to hear her best friend's voice on the other line. The reason for it was she fully expected Fuuko to be resting as soon as she got home from school and because Mikagami 'instructed' them (actually just Recca and Domon) not to bother her by calling her house and wearing her out with their nonsense.

It didn't occur to her that it would be the other way around, not that Fuuko was bothering her or anything. On the contrary, she was just debating with her self as to whether she should call her or let her rest. Apparently Fuuko decided for her by calling Yanagi instead.

"You know, you should be resting right now. What would Mikagami-sempai say if he found out you're not?" she chastised.

Although the silver-haired sempai did not specifically tell her not to bother his girlfriend for today, Yanagi was having doubts about calling her and checking up on her. She did not want to receive the wrath of the ice king upon her person, thank you very much!

"Aww, c'mon Yanagi. Mi-chan is just being his silly self. No one takes him seriously unless we're in a battle. Don't worry. I'm sure he's just studying or sleeping right now so we can talk on the phone all night long." She laughed at the last sentence and looked at the clock on her bedside table. It read, 7:25pm.

Five more minutes and the gate to hell will soon open…Haha! All I have to do is chat with Yanagi here and wait for it.

"I don't know about that Fuuko…" a bit hesitant on Yanagi's part. She may be up on the pedestal when it comes to their sempai but she knew Fuuko was totally on another dimension. She could see the attraction between the two even if they tried to disguise it with insults and bickering.

"…but since you insisted, can I ask you a question?"

"Well, I guess so." Fuuko suddenly felt a little cautious. This sudden turn of events was not what she was expecting for. She sat on her bed and leaned on the headboard, finally finding a comfortable position.

"I'll go straight to the point since I'm your best friend and all. Are you two really dating?" Yanagi waited for an answer on the other line but when there was none she continued.

"Wow! Yanagi! You really went straight for the kill, huh? I gotta say I'm quite shocked!"

Well, not really, Fuuko thought afterwards.

"I mean don't get me wrong. We are happy for you, especially me. Kami knows how long I've wanted the two of you to get together but with your stubbornness and sempai's cold indifference I nearly gave up. I even went so far as lock you two up in a bathroom just to get you two to talk and make it look like an accident but he only shrugged it off as if nothing really happened afterwards. So I just want to know how it happened, after all I deserve to know what trick I hadn't thought of and actually worked. My ego would never allow it."

Oops! Did I just say that out loud? Drat! Fuuko is going to kill me! Yanagi realized she said too much and revealed a lot of mischief that's been going on behind their backs.

"So that was you! Oh man! I never thought you had it in you Yanagi. I'm a little upset but strangely I'm also proud of you. You can be as evil as Recca is if you really try. Gotta tell you though, it would never have worked with Mi-chan. The guy was simply too cold or too dense to react." Fuuko laughed and the tension Yanagi was feeling drained only to be replaced by amusement after.

Fuuko thought of the information Yanagi just spilled. The weird occurrences happening these past few months involving her and one ice cold Mikagami were all Yanagi's doings. She looked at Michi's made-up bed and found the little kitten looking at her. She stood up and walked towards it and gently picked up the kitten and cradled it to her body. She went back to her bed and leaned back at the headboard.

"Who would have thought Yanagi? Who would have thought!" was her only reply.



Mikagami Residence…

Busy tone can be heard reverberating in the walls of a large room. Well, not really echoing the four walls but just loud enough to annoy one angry Tokiya.

"Damn it woman! Why can't you listen for once in your life? " Tokiya talked to the phone while pacing back and forth inside his room. He instructed (a/n: more like commanded but who am I to question the ice king, ne?) Fuuko to keep the line open for his call but the blasted woman had other things in mind.

Maybe her mom was using the phone, that's always a possibility. Ok, lets try this one more time.

He dialed the number for the umpteenth time but to no avail. Fine! This is the last try!

He did the same thing and waited.

Busy tone.

"Darn it!" he threw the phone on his bed. Why am I so worked up over this anyway? This is just a waste of my precious time. It's not like this is a matter of life and death…only her future…and his pride. Plus, if she had the gall to ignore his requests why should he be any different? He glared at the telephone device.


Back to the Kirisawa Residence…

"So aren't you going to tell me anything?" Yanagi's persistent side kicked in. Fuuko was keeping her mouth shut for the first time and she sensed something she's not telling her. She felt she just missed something phenomenal so she kept prying.

Fuuko considered her question. If she told Yanagi of the "bet"she will make her her ally. They say two heads are better than one but she was having doubts about Yanagi's loyalty. She knew Yanagi was a loyal friend but that was actually the problem, she was part of the 'gang' and so was Mikagami so when it came down to choosing, who would Yanagi choose, best friend or the sempai?

No point pondering too much, she made up her mind.

"If you want to know something you have to promise me that you will guard it with your life. No one has to know about it, even Recca. It will be just between the two of us. Can you handle that?" Fuuko paused.

This must really be big for Fuuko to be so serious. And if she really is dead serious about it, I should be supporting her.

"On my healing power's honor, I promise not to breathe a word about it without your permission. You know I value our friendship that much," was Yanagi's reply. Fuuko decided it was time to tell her everything, from the moment Amagiwa popped into their lives, the bet (especially that one), and her plans for ruining Mikagami's moment. They talked some more and Yanagi even gave some tips that will surely make Mikagami scream his lungs out and blow his top off. Those were good tips, Fuuko considered.

"But I've got to say I'm a little disappointed though. I thought you too would finally be a couple but turns out it was just for a bet. A pity." Yanagi sighed.

"Sorry hon, we can't have it all. Plus, Mi-chan is Mi-chan. There is no way in hell he'll fall for me, even if I'm the last woman on this planet. That guy will probably turn gay on me if that was to happen." She laughed out loud (especially on Mi-chan turning gay).

They talked some more. Time flew so fast that when Fuuko glanced at the clock, it was already 9:00pm. Yanagi asked her if she was going to Recca's tomorrow and she answered her with a maybe, it all depended on how good her tutor will be and how cooperative her brain will get. If he was good then they might go to Recca's and if not, well, she'd rather not think about the idea of spending her weekend battling numbers for her dear life.

They said their goodbyes and Fuuko put the phone back to its cradle. She carried the sleeping Michi to its makeshift bed and gently put it down. She went back to bed and was preparing to sleep when the phone rang. She answered it thinking Yanagi must have forgotten to tell her something.


"Who were you talking to?" annoyance clearly dripping with every word the speaker uttered. The other person on the line must have been dialing the number a lot of times for him to sound so annoyed. Fuuko laughed inwardly.

"Well good evening to you too freezer, what can I do for you seeing as you bothered to call me this evening. It must really be important, huh!"

"Are you trying to annoy me? I said I'd call you at 7:30 but imagine my surprise when I heard the busy tone. I tried calling a few more times but the line was still busy. Mind explaining that to me?" Tokiya tried to contain his anger. He had to think of the bet several times to calm his raging anger. Fuuko was really trying his patience but with some degree of accomplishment he did not take the bait. But Kami was he irritated by that stunt of hers.

"Why should I explain? You're not the boss of me! Plus I can talk to whomever I want. I do not need to explain why my phone was busy. But if you say Please! I might reconsider." Fuuko was having a field day pissing Tokiya off. She could just imagine the ice block struggling to control his temper because he can't just not-be-nice to her. Good thing the bet had a time limit though. That was his only consolation in the matter.

"Please…please tell me who you were talking to."

She can't believe what she just heard. He actually said Please! It sounded monotonous but the fact that he said it was…well, weird. She thought he'd say something really insulting and the bet will be over with her proclaimed as the winner but she was mildly disappointed by the turn of events. Well no worries though. She's got lots of time to annoy him to kingdom come so she was not worried, not at all. She graduated with master's degree in vexation of Mikagami Tokiya, with flying colors.

"Since you asked so nicely I guess I can tell you. I was talking to Yanagi. I asked about her day. Happy now? And don't go making a big fuzz about her calling me, I called her up so don't threaten her. Oh wait! You can't threaten her, she's your favorite girl in the world." Fuuko grinned. In her mind, she was doing the victory dance with that last comment.

"Next to you of course. You are after all my sweet and loving girlfriend." He answered with sarcasm.

"Bite me." She stopped the victory dance.

"Gladly." Was his answer.

What? She felt weird. She looked at the phone and made a face before asking him.

"Is there something important you wanted to talk about or you just felt a sudden urge to hear my beautiful voice? Oh wait, don't tell me you missed me already. My, my Mi-chan. Didn't know I could have a great impact in your life in such a short time." She sighed.

"Yeah. I miss you so much I could kiss you." He smiled. Not the pure and genuine smile one could associate with Yanagi but one that can be classified as vindictive.

"Eww, Mi-chan! Stop dreaming about me. It's creeping me out."

"Funny, I could say the same thing but enough with the pleasantries. This call has a purpose. I called to ask you if you still need help with that Math assignment of yours. Being the good 'boyfriend' that I am, I can lend a hand."

"Fine. Since you offered to help, might as well accept. We don't want your speech to go to waste now, do we?" she smirked at that. I bet he practiced that a hundred times before actually going through with the speech. Typical Mi-chan…

"Good. I'll be there around 9 in the morning. If we want to go to Recca's later, we should start early. See you then." And with that the line went dead (a/n: or busy or whatever, basta!).

Well goodbye to you too, ice block! She placed the phone on her bedside table and tried to sleep. She thought of what happened that day. Mi-chan was really trying his hardest not to be so mean to her. If she was not so jaded she might have fallen in love with him. But who was she kidding? The guy was a jerk, most of the time. In order for her to win, she had to know what buttons to push. Make him so uncomfortable that he'd have no choice but to give up.

And I think I know how to make that happen. With that thought in mind she welcomed the sweet, sweet sleep she was craving for.

9am, Saturday…

Fuuko was preparing her books and notes for the study session ahead. She wanted to finish as soon as possible but at the same time, she wanted to organize her thoughts for the day (translation: she wanted to come up with as many annoying tactics as possible).

She was about to sleep last night when it hit her. In the past, Mikagami had never been comfortable with her, more specifically on the physical aspect. She would often see him flinch or do a somewhat disgusted face expression (she doesn't know if it was just her imagination) whenever she hugged him (jokingly) or tackle him or drag him towards somewhere. It occurred to her that he was not a touchy-feely kind of guy. That realization was not ignored. In fact she planned to use that little bit of information to her advantage.

Let's get physical, physical! I wanna get physical! Fuuko was mentally doing a music video with that song.

The doorbell rang and true to his word, Mikagami was there and on time, as usual. Her mom instructed him to go to her room and with the promise of snacks after a few minutes. He knocked on her door and Fuuko had to smile because of his gentlemanly ways before scooting her face back to a cool unsmiling one. She led him to the center of the room where a low table was located. Neat stack of books and notes were on it. She motioned for him to sit down and he did just that.

He asked him where she was having difficulties in Math and she pointed out a topic in her book.

"I thought of how to start our tutorial and came up with this." He handed her his notes made simple for her to understand. She read it for several minutes, face crunched up. Then compared it to her notes. She then read her textbook and soon was caught up with her reading and writing down notes. For Mikagami's part, he brought a book to pass the time. He really didn't need to bring his assgnment because there was no assignment to bring. He finished it last night so he could fully focus on the task at hand. After all, he was never one for doing things half done. Fuuko would ask questions here and there and he would explain things. So far, everything was going smoothly.

Fuuko was only realizing just now what a brilliant idea it was to ask Mi-chan to come over and help her with her assignment. Oh wait! It was the other way 'round! Eheh, no matter, it still was a good thing that Mi-chan helped. Things are clearer now.

After an hour and a half, a knock was heard and the door opened to reveal Mrs. Kirisawa carrying a tray full of goodies. The arrival of her mom gave Fuuko the much-needed break and so she made room in the table for her mom to put the tray on. After that her mom said she was going to the market to buy some tofu but will be back a little later to check up on them and then left.

Fuuko stretched a little and looked at the goodies. She chose to get a slice of cake and served it to Mi-chan. He accepted with a faint 'arigatou'. She proceeded to eat some cookies while looking at her notes. Meanwhile, Mikagami was secretly looking at her. This was really the first time I've seen her in student-mode. She really is serious about this. He had doubts about the tutoring session but clearly now those doubts were unfounded. When Fuuko sets her mind on something she sees to it that she delivers. Right now, she was sporting a look that says I'm dead serious about figuring this Math problem out so nobody disturbs me! And while munching a cookie at that.

Who would've thought a bookish Fuuko can be so…charming.

Whoa! Wait a second here Tokiya… you did not just think she's cha-charming!


Did I? Of course not!

Then why are you talking to yourself? And why are you stu-stuttering?

Great, now I'm a lunatic and has speech problem.

He shook his head to clear his thoughts All this sugar must have gone to his brain and made him think of unwanted thoughts. Fuuko saw him shook his head.

"Oi, got a headache or something?"

"No. Just some random unnecessary thoughts, is all."

"Ok then."

Fuuko contemplate on this moment. Now that it seems her Math battle was slowly coming to an end with her as the victor, she could probably start operation: Make Mi-chan feel so uncomfortable he would activate his mean façade and attack her, a.k.a. operation: Let's get physical. Plus they needed a diversion, well, she did.

"Since you're a good tutor and all that, I've this question I've been meaning to ask you." She leaned forward and put her right elbow on the table with her hand holding her chin, as if thinking deeply.


"You see, I have this teensy-weensy tiny little favor to ask you and I know you're the only one who can help me."

Exasperation slowly brewing inside Mikagami as looked at the girl in front of him.

"If you've got something on your mind Kirisawa, just say it!"

She smirked at that, perfect!

"Can you teach me how to kiss?"


to be continued…


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