Any way this is a story about John Doe (duh!)And how he is feeling at the moment. It is probably only going to be a one-shot as I am currently preoccupied with my Sirius Black (I love him!) story, a summer assignment, lack of sleep, volunteer hours, my Chevelle CD, and the Tamora Pierce series. But, hey you never now right? So enjoy-OH sorry- I don't own John Doe or the related objects...FOX do I suppose.


John Doe sat at the end of a long rotting pier. The setting sun dancing on the calm ocean water. John tossed a smooth stone in to the flat surface and it rippled slightly. He looked at the aging pillar beside him. Names were carved in to it: 'Nancy wuz here' and 'Duffy is Super Cool' jumped out at him. Smirking he reached for a twig to carve his name. But, halfway through he realized...he didn't have a name...he was nobody.

"Why," he called to the setting sun,"why don't I have a meaning?" 'For that is of course what a name was, right?' he thought.

A name was there to tell people you tell people you had a role to play.

He shook his head; he didn't have a family, a past, or a future it seemed.

'Perhaps I should go home and sleep these emotions off." He laughed under his breath. Then he felt a tap on his shoulder and turned around to find a little girl in a gray dress (though it was really pink) and a smile. "hi" she said with a little wave.

John also smiled and began to say hello but was cut short when a young man snatched up the child and quipped – "Don't talk to strangers, Kac." and walked off.

The small warmth of happiness that the young child had brought melted as ice cubes plopped in to his stomach. So he was right...he was only a stranger, a nobody, an alien in an unfriendly land. He got up to leave, for he did not want to force his presence on the world, when the chiseled pillar caught his eye. The names, the people who took an identity for granted.

John Doe took his finger nails and began ripping the chunks of wood that had been engraved upon apart.

If he didn't have a name why should they?

John then took out his pen knife and carved-


-into the sodden wood.

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