Left Somewhere Behind

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Summary: So many questions left unanswered, so many feelings without meaning. When time mistakenly turns in reverse, Wendy finds out that true love can appear at the most unlikely time. But destiny has its own plan, making happily ever after almost impossible, when love was left somewhere behind.

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Chapter 1: Hazards

"What if everything you ever dreamed of,

Once became reality?

What if everything you were afraid of,

Had already become true?

What if everything you ever believed in,

Was already gone?

What if everything you have always been,

Had been said to be wrong?"

...I don't know!

"Wake up! You are going to be late! Your train leaves at 10!" Yelled a loud voice from downstairs.

But Wendy was already up, even though she didn't want to be. For that morning she would be taking the train to Smeltings, the one place she hated most in the world. Wendy had been going there for three years now and no matter how hard she tried she just couldn't focus on her classes. Which always resulted in detentions and disdain from her fellow classmates. Out of all the other students Dudley Dursley was the worst. He would tease Wendy every time she was around and if she gave a word in return, his "bodyguards" threatened to hit her. Wendy Yume was always left aside from the meetings and parties. No one would partner with her during there classes either. She had no friends and she was completely alone.

It had been like that ever since her mother had died. The date in which Wendy also found out that the man she had always known as her father, wasn't really. He kept her as he had promised to her mother but the last thing Wendy could expect to receive from him was attention. She didn't know anything about her real father and every time she would asked something her stepfather would say that her real father had abandoned her mother before she was born and that she had never really talked about him much.

"I'd better hurry up... There's nothing I can do..." Wendy said to herself as she put on her jeans and the first T-shirt off the pile. She combed her hair, tied it in a low ponytail and looked in the mirror "You look terrible..."

Wendy wasn't really ugly. Actually she had a very pretty face that was surrounded by long, slightly wavy locks of light brown hair and her body was almost that of a woman but she insisted in hiding her true appearance.

Knowing that she had to hurry, Wendy locked her trunk and went downstairs for breakfast. Soon they were in the car and pulling away from their house. When they finally arrived at the station, her stepfather dropped her off near the platform and Wendy walked slowly towards it, passing by other students with their parents. She stared at them longingly as they were meeting with friends and laughing. Suddenly a tear ran down her face. I wish it was me there... I wish my mom was still alive...

"Hey Yume, crying cause' daddy is gone? Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot you have no daddy to cry for!" This came from a very fat young man standing around a group of boys that were equally as large as himself.

"Leave me alone, Dursley!" Wendy said angrily.

"No need to! You are always alone!" He yelled.

That was too much for her to handle. All of her schoolmates were giggling at her and pointing. Wendy wanted nothing more than to run away, to disappear! So without thinking she left her trunk and ran, course less, in the opposite direction. She was trying to get as far away as she could from all of those people who would laugh at her. Suddenly someone smashed into her, throwing her to the wall. But to her surprise she never really hit it. Wendy felt a freezing cold shiver run up her spine, as if she was going through a water screen and then she came in contact with the ground. Suddenly Wendy realized that she had somehow managed to fall through the wall between platforms 9 and 10.

"What happened? Where am I?" Wendy said shockingly as she looked up. A sign above her head read 'Platform 9 3/4'. But that wasn't possible, there wasn't such a thing. Have I fainted? She pinched herself . No! I'm sure I'm awake! But who are all these people?" Wendy said as she looked around her. There were people of all sorts, wearing strange clothing and hats.

Having no idea where she was Wendy began walking slowly through the crowd. Soon she noticed a man on her right who was wearing something gray that looked like a cloak and a pointy hat. A woman, just ahead, had long violet hair and the man beside her had a glass eye that seemed to be rolling madly in his head. But most of the people were teenagers, just as normal as herself. They were all shaking hands, hugging and getting onto the scarlet steam engine. Surely that must be taking them to some sort of school.

What if I just hopped in? I'm sure no one would notice. I don't know where it will lead but any place would be better than Smeltings. And these kids look very nice! Maybe if I'm already there, father could enroll me. I'd do any test they request to be there...

"Are you going in?" An older man suddenly asked her, bringing her back from her thoughts. She nodded automatically.

"Well then, you'd better hurry up, the train will be leaving soon!" Wendy nodded with a smile.

She jumped on the last wagon which was almost empty and sat by the window in the last cabin. It didn't take long before the train started moving. It was funny to watch outside. Strange people were waving, some were even crying and a huge black dog was running by the train. Suddenly the animal stopped. It seemed to be staring at her, but how could it be, dogs don't stare! Wendy then heard a desperate voice in her head.

"Is that really you? Wendy Yume?" It asked.

"Yes, it's me." She thought back. But there was no answer. I wonder if I'm daydreaming again... Obviously, people don't talk through their minds! And, anyway, it couldn't have been the dog!

Soon the train was far from the station and she laid her head over her arm by the window, just watching the mountains passing by. Her mind was sorting through all of the possibilities that laid at the end of that track and soon after, she was asleep.

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