Left Somewhere Behind

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Chapter 6: Memories and Dreams

Um dia feliz

A happy day

Às vezes é muito raro

Sometimes is very rare

Falar é complicado

It is complicated to speak

Quero uma canção

I want a song to express myself

Facil, extremamente facil

Easy, extremely easy

Pra você, e eu, e todo mundo cantar junto

For you, for me and everybody sing together

Facil, extremamente facil

Easy, extremely easy

Pra você, e eu, e todo mundo cantar junto

For you, for me and everybody sing together

Facil, Jota Quest (Brazilian song, Easy by Jota Quest)

Learning magic was much harder than Wendy had thought. To cover everything she was expected to learn, she had to study all the time. She was the last one to leave the library at night and the first to arrive in the morning. She also stayed up late in the common room, going to bed only when she couldn't keep her eyes open anymore. It was awful, but it also had its good points.

Wendy had made many friends who helped her out allot. Thabata was her best friend now and they were inseparable. Wendy was also really happy because she had the opportunity to help her with all of her Muggle Studies' essays. At least she didn't feel completely helpless because she did understand DADA better than anyone in her class, although she couldn't explain why.

The girl she met on the train, Hermione, became really good friends with her as well. Because most of the time she stayed in the common room till late at night, knitting, which Wendy found to be really strange but never mentioned it to her. She was also very kind and answered all of Wendy's questions. Hermione even asked her father to send her the1st, 2nd and 3rd year notes to help her. In October Hermione invited Wendy to participate in a DADA group, so she could learn a bit more spells but Wendy refused. First because she wouldn't have time, at least not now and second because she couldn't even go to Hogsmeade for the first meeting.

In the blink of an eye four months had passed by and soon Wendy was getting ready for her exams. Never in her entire life she had studied more than in that week alone. She really wanted to do well on those. If she didn't, she wouldn't know what to do next. Wendy had really enjoyed attending Hogwarts. The friends she met there, the professors, magic... Everything was great!

Wendy could barely sleep on Sunday before her Transfiguration exam and in the morning Thabata refused for her to take all her material to breakfast because she had to relax at least a little. Although to her friends dismay she kept transfigurating her knife into a stone and then back again. After breakfast she went strait to McGonagall's office, arriving ten minutes before the test, which gave her time to revise each of the incantations and their definitions before the Professor opened the door.

Wendy sat down and waited patiently to receive the piece of parchment that contained some of the questions that would hold the key to her future. When she finally got it, her hand began to quiver so much that she couldn't even hold her quill straight. Professor McGonagall saw this and said in a soft voice "Don't worry, trust yourself! You've shown great abilities during these past few months and I have strong reasons to believe that you will be able to pass these exams!"

Those words had a powerful effect over Wendy. She was now almost positive that she could do it! After reading over the first question, the answer popped up into her mind almost instantly. Wendy had studied so much, she had done her best and she would surely pass. And if I don't, there was nothing more I could have done.

She answered every question in the written exam and in the practical thinking part she thought she had done well. Although the teddy bear she transfigurated from a lamp still was shining. When Wendy told Thabata about what had happened, her friend assured her that she had passed.

The next exams were far from easy but Wendy could answer most of the questions. Apart from a few mistakes such as changing a few dates, confusing some of the devil snare's proprieties and mixing her cauldron in the wrong direction (which was impossible to avoid with Snape staring at her throughout the entire exam) she thought she had got everything correct.

On Friday when she got back to her dorm after the last exam, she was anxious to tell her friends about how well she had done. But when she arrived she found all of the girls packing. "Where are all of you going?" she asked with sorrow apparent in her voice.

"We're going back home tomorrow for the Christmas' holidays. Aren't you?" Lina asked while stuffing a shirt in her bag.

"No..." Wendy answered, quite disappointed. How could I have forgotten? Thabata told me just this week. But I hadn't been think of anything else but the exams...

"Oh, really? If I would have known that you were staying, I'd have asked mum to let me stay but now it's too late..." Lina apologized.

"I'm really sorry, Wendy. I would stay with you but I have to go! We're visiting my grandma, and she's not doing so well, you know... I usually stay, as I've told you before, but now..." Thabata said.

"I'm sure you'll find someone to stay with!" encouraged Sue.

"Yeah, I will..." answered Wendy starting to get ready to sleep. "Really, don't worry!" she added at Thabata's sad glance.

The next morning most of the students were taking leave at breakfast. Just a few of them, from what Wendy could see, were staying. She knew that the next few days were going to be really strange. Because Wendy had been so used to having loads of things to do and also to see the corridors crowded. She was also very concerned about her grades, which she wouldn't be getting back until the first day of classes start. At Smeltings, vacation was the period she liked the most, but here she knew it would be extremely different.

After saying goodbye to her friends at the entrance to the castle she returned to the common room alone. She occasionally met some ghosts in the hallway, who she thanked a lot for teaching her the way to most of her classes in the first few weeks and some secret passages to avoid Peeves jokes. Nearly Head-less Nick joined her in part of the way and when he noticed her sad expression said "Most of the students love vacations, but as I can see, you're not exactly cheerful about this. Is there anything I can do to help you?"

"Thank you Sir Nicholas, but that's ok. It's just that all my friends are going home now, and I don't really have anything to do. You know, I was so busy this term that it's strange not to have anything to do."

"Oh, I see... I know exactly what you mean. But you're new here and although Professor Umbridge has found a way to banish most of the activities Gryffindors had, I'm sure you will find something nice to do."

"You're right. People are so nice around here and everything is so different from where I used to go... I hadn't thought about that yet. I'll look for something." Although she said that, she was sure it was going to be hard to join anything now that it was the beginning of the year. She decided to keep this feeling to herself but her face didn't look so convincing Because Nick added before leaving:

"Any way, I'll see what I can do for you."

The common room was empty at that time. Although it was freezing outside, most of the students were enjoying their first free day in the castle grounds. Looking out of the window Wendy could see several snowballs flying and a few snowmen being built. But she'd rather stay inside. She didn't like snow very much. Actually, she hated it.


Wendy was playing outside, making the first snowman of that winter. There had been a great snowstorm the day before and the snow finally stayed on the ground without melting. Beside the small ball she was starting to make there was a carrot and two small buttons she had snuck from the kitchen specifically for the snowman's face. She had been so determined to finish it because three nights before she had dreamed that if she could finish that snowman her mother would come back home to see it. When she told her this, Wendy's mom promised she would come. So she had chosen carefully everything to decorate it with.

Wendy began making its head when Deco called her "Wendy! Come inside and get dressed. We're going to the hospital"

"Can you wait a little? I'm almost finishing with this snowman!"

"No. Hurry up, or I'll go without you!" he answered strictly.

I can finish that when I come back, she thought. She picked up the carrot and the buttons and rushed to her bedroom. Any way they were visiting her mother and she loved to see her. Wendy put the objects inside the first drawer and chose one of her best dresses. Although she was only six, she could get dressed all by herself. It was something that both Wendy and mother were very proud of. She combed her hair, fiery and short. Then Wendy put on the green hat, which matched her dress and her shoes. After that she pulled on her gloves, light green just as her panty hose.

When they arrived at the hospital's reception, after identifying himself, Deco turned back to Wendy and said: "You stay here today."

"No! I want to see mom!"

"You will see her later." He said while turning his back and entering the elevator.

Wendy, who was now alone, sat in one of the empty chairs in front of the reception desk. She drew her knees up, hiding her face behind them. She was about to cry when a young man with a friendly appearance came and sat beside her. "Are you Miss. Yume?"

"Yes, I am." She answered in a low shy voice.

"I'm doctor Martin. Pleased to meet you." But he received no answer. "Why is a beautiful princess such as yourself sitting here so sad?"

"Dad didn't let me inside to see my mom." Her voice was now quite tearful.

"He may have his reasons. The other times you came here, did he let you inside?" He was rather calm, and sounded very friendly.

Wendy simply nodded.

"So why do you think he didn't today?"

"Cause he's mean..."

"Oh, this I'm sure he is not. He might look a little severe but he's not mean. It's just that he cares a lot about you and your mother." They remained quiet for a while and he continued. "You know, he worries so much about you that he doesn't want you to suffer, that's why he didn't let you inside. Because right now he has to gather all the strength he has. Because he is taking care of some paper work. Because you see Wendy, your mother will be taking a really long trip." The doctor said sadly.

"Why? I don't want her to go! I want her by my side!" the little girl said between tears.

"You love her very much, don't you?"


"So don't act like that. She really must go, it's for her own good. She was suffering here and in this place that she is going to, she won't feel any pain. But, if she sees you sad and crying like that, she will want to stay. And if she stays, she is going to suffer a lot more. Is that what you want?"

"No... I just want her to stay here for everything to be the way it was before!"

Doc Martin hugged her and said in a soft voice, while caressing her head "But that is impossible. Now you will have to be really strong."

When Wendy was back to her bedroom, looking out of the window, she saw the incomplete snowman. It had worked on it for nothing! Soon it started melting, although it was still very cold outside. Since then, Wendy had never liked snow again.

Wendy dried a tear that was running down her face and went upstairs to the girls' dorm. She stayed there all day long, tiding her things up. She didn't go downstairs to lunch and she wasn't going to go to dinner either if a first year hadn't met her and insisted that they go together. In the Great Hall, instead of the four big tables for each house, there was only one and still it wasn't full. The castle looked so sad without the giggles and voices of all the students. Soon after Wendy ate a rather large meal, she went to bed.

It didn't take long before she was fast asleep. Although Wendy couldn't remember later, she was sure she was dreaming. Probably about something silly but suddenly the image of a young man, actually a teenager of about fifteen years old appeared in her mind. He was thin, tall, had long black hair that was as dark as night and piercing grey eyes. In Wendy's opinion, he was very handsome. For a moment he stood still, staring at her, as if he couldn't believe what was going on. Then he smiled. He looked even better with that gorgeous smile. "Wendy! Finally I've found you!"

"I'm sorry, but who are you?" she asked, not understanding what was going on.

"Don't you recognize me?" The boy had said and Wendy shook her head. "So you haven't been there yet... Please, it doesn't matter whatever happens, whatever it takes, come back to me!"

"I don't understand, come back where?" But the boy was already disappearing. "Wait! Where do I have to go?" She asked desperately.

"It's not where, it's when! Please come back" his voice was already distant and his image had almost completely gone.

"Wait, WAIT!"

Wendy woke up that moment. She had fallen from her bed and a cold sweat was poring down her face. Who is that boy? Was it just a dream, but his voice sounds so familiar... Remembers the one... the one I heard on the train on the first week! And his face, now it looked younger, but it's just like the one on the fireplace! Am I going mad? What's going on? What did he mean by when?

But she couldn't come up with an answer to those questions.


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