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Zidane's Treasure, Garnet's Love

by Krile

(part three)


Moonlight shone in the dark bedchambers, awakening Alexandria's princess from her peaceful slumber. Opening her eyes, she focused her gaze across the room, thinking about what happened that day. Since Garnet was unable to sleep well in the past couple of weeks, she wondered why she had been able to sleep so well that night.

Garnet sat up and stretched, rubbing the fatigue from her eyes. It felt so good to her to be able to sleep well, a feeling that she hadn't felt in a long time. It was nice to be able to drift away into dreams of fantasy... dreams of... Zidane...


Garnet suddenly remembered what happened earlier, how she had buried her face in his shoulder. She hastily turned around, looking right at...him.

Zidane was laying on her bed, fast asleep, still holding Garnet with one of his hands, still trying to comfort her in his slumber. As Garnet watched him, his chest rising and falling through his steady breathing, she felt heat rise to her cheeks.

Blushing furiously, Garnet moved off the bed, trying desperately to steady her pounding heart. She had a hard time believing that she actually fell asleep like that.

How pathetic am I?

Sure, Garnet was feeling down, and in need of comfort. But to ask so dramatically towards Zidane to keep her company...it made Garnet feel somewhat embarrassed and uncomfortable. It wasn't like her to do such a thing, since she always tried to keep her dignity intact...until now.

Garnet moved towards her open window and looked out, gazing at all the stars that twinkled and shined alongside Gaia's two moons. Everything was so confusing to her...why couldn't she just face her emotions towards the man she loved, Zidane? Garnet didn't know what to do, so she thought of the only thing she could do when she was confused, upset, or lonely. Sighing heavily, she began to sing her song, or, as Zidane said, their song.

Her sweet voice carried out the tune that Garnet knew for as long as she could remember. A soft melody of the song drifted out the window and throughout the room, so quietly as to not disturb anyone around her.


"So you're going to enter the Card Tournament, huh?"

Freya Crescent nodded firmly to the young man at the counter, holding up a deck of cards of her own.

The young man smiled. "Alright then, go ahead. Just watch out for the Card Tournament Champion, you hear?"

Freya nodded again, her eyes focused on the doorway to the tournament. As she took a few steps towards the entrance, her eyes gazed over to the side of the building, where a man she didn't want to see was leaning against it.

"I can't believe you're actually going to humiliate yourself by entering the Card Tournament," the man sneered.

Freya scowled. "I can humiliate myself playing cards if I want to, Amarant Coral. As long as I have a good time, I don't care."

Amarant rolled his eyes at Freya's comment. "Yeah, right. How can you have 'fun' if you don't 'win'?"

Now it was Freya's turn to roll her eyes. "It's perfectly possible for a person to have fun without winning. That's just something you'll never understand."


Freya shook her head. "I'll never be able to understand you..." As she entered the building, she took one last look at Amarant's direction. "...Never..."


As the last few remaining notes of Garnet's song ended, she sighed contentedly. She felt a little better. She always did after singing that song.


Startled, the young queen jumped at the sound of her nickname. She turned around quickly to see her Zidane sitting up in bed, smiling at her.

MY Zidane?

Zidane grinned at the sight of Garnet's face, her cheeks slightly tinted red from her blushing. "I love it when you sing that song," he said quietly.

"Z - Zidane!" Garnet gasped. "You startled me!"

Zidane frowned. "I'm sorry...I didn't mean to..."

With a grin of her own, Garnet walked over to Zidane. "That is quite alright." She smiled, giving a little curtsy.

Zidane rolled his eyes. "Geez, royalty...haven't I taught you anything?"

"Do you want me to shut you up, scumbag?" the queen sneered playfully, narrowing her eyes.

That cracked Zidane up. "Perfect!" He grinned.

Garnet gave a little chuckle herself before changing her expression to a serious one. "Zidane..."

Hearing the nervousness in her voice, Zidane stopped his laughter. As he sat back up on the bed, he studied her face, noticing the little droplets of sweat that appeared on her forehead. Something was on her mind, he knew that much. "Dagger..." he breathed silently. "What's wrong?"

Garnet didn't know what was wrong. Dumbfounded a bit, she looked back at Zidane, at his face; full of concern, for the queen, for his Dagger. His hair was in his face a little; his beautiful blonde hair. Zidane's dark green eyes, with a hint of blue, sparkled in the moonlight. Garnet noticed that there was something... more to his facial expression. Normally cocky in his own way, Zidane's face revealed something more, something she had noticed he had carried whenever he'd look at her; was it... was it love?

Does Zidane... love me?

Garnet's eyes widened; she realized... that was exactly what she wanted to know. She wouldn't be able to concentrate until she knew; she wouldn't be able to sleep until she knew, knew his feelings for her. Taking a deep breath to collect herself, she looked at the floor, too afraid to look Zidane in the face. "Zidane?"


"...Zidane, do - do... you... do you..." Garnet's heart pounded in her chest, she was so nervous. The words she wanted to say just wouldn't come out.

Zidane took a deep breath, figuring the time was right. "Dagger, before you say anything, there's something I want to tell you."

Garnet's eyes widened slightly. "What is it?"

Zidane gulped. He knew though, no matter how nervous he was, he should tell Garnet his feelings. "Well... I've been thinking. A lot lately, in fact. About my emotions... about you. And Dagger, I think I... I think..."

Garnet placed her hand on Zidane's. "You think what?" she asked earnestly.

Zidane took a deep breath. "I think... I love you, Dagger..."

Garnet's heart jumped about a mile when she heard those three words come out of Zidane's mouth. "Are you sure?"

Zidane nodded. "Yeah. You may not believe this, but you're the only girl I've ever felt this strongly about. I'm serious." Zidane lowered his head, embarrassed.

So it was true. Zidane really loved her. Garnet was smiling; grinning to herself. She felt as though a big weight had been lifted off of her shoulders. However... there was still a big weight that was bothering her; annoying her greatly.

Do I... love Zidane?

Although Garnet had never had a relationship with any man in her life, her heart told her that it was true, that she was in love with Zidane. She knew she liked him more than her other companions, and even though she didn't really know the difference between liking and loving someone, her heart would pulse faster whenever Zidane was around. Her heart told her that Zidane was hers, and it would always be that way. But was she ready to admit it to him?

Sighing heavily, Garnet walked to the window and looked out at all the stars, and the two moons. She knew that, no matter how bright those stars may shine, her love for Zidane was brighter than all the stars outside of Gaia put together. Slowly, a wide smile spread on Garnet's lips, as she looked out at the starry sky.

Zidane, slightly nervous after admitting his feelings for her, walked over quietly to Garnet's side. "I'm sorry, Dagger. I'm sorry for telling you -"

Garnet whirled around, her long dark-brown hair brushing across her face. She still wore that bright smile. Garnet knew that... it was the time. The right time. "Zidane... it has been on my mind as well. And I think I... I think love you, too..."

Zidane's eyes brightened as he looked as his beauty, and Garnet smiled back at him. With his eyes fixated on Garnet, Zidane kneeled on the floor and lowered his head.

Garnet was surprised. "Zidane... what are you doing?"

Zidane looked up; eyes sparkling, his hand on his chest, his heart. Taking Garnet's hand in his own, he kissed it softly, lovingly. "Dagger, I'm touched..."

Garnet just stared into Zidane's green eyes, tears forming in her chocolate ones. "Zidane..." she whispered.

Zidane touched his finger to Garnet's lips, ushering her to remain silent. "Shhh, it's okay, Dagger. But I really have to get going..."

As Zidane stood from his kneeling position, he took Garnet's free hand in his other hand. While Garnet continued to stare into Zidane's eyes, he wrapped his arms around her petite frame, hugging her tightly. They felt safe in each other's arms. Garnet watched as Zidane lowered his head a little, hesitantly, and claimed her lips in his own, in a passionate kiss. The kiss continued as Garnet's tongue entered Zidane's mouth slowly. He did the same, and soon they were deepening the kiss dramatically, their tongues wrapped around each other; tasting each other. Zidane sighed as he practically felt Garnet's body melt into his. The moment continued.

When the two lovers finally broke apart, Zidane noticed that Garnet had tears in her eyes. "Don't worry, I'll be back. I promise."

"I just... I just don't want to leave you again, Zidane," Garnet sniffed.

Zidane smiled softly, drying her tears with his finger. "Don't' worry your pretty little head. I'll come back as soon as I can."

Garnet nodded slowly, a little smile appearing on her face. As Zidane prepared to leave through the window, she grinned when he turned around, his cocky smile making her heart melt. "I love you, Dagger... my treasure," Zidane whispered.

Garnet closed her eyes slowly, as the last of Zidane's body disappeared through the window. "I love you, too... my love."



Author's Note: Finally! It took nearly five months to write this, but I did it. Phew! Believe it or not, this is actually my first attempt at a romance story. I've never written one before, and never thought I ever would. But Zidane and Garnet made me want to write one. It didn't come out exactly the way I wanted it to, but I still am proud of the results, no matter how sappy. Please review! I really want to know how I did at my attempt at a romance story. Thanks a bunch!