Chapter 25

Hilary woke to Kai's cell phone ringing. She felt Kai's bare chest against her back as he reached over to grab the phone. She rolled over resting her head on his chest as he answered the phone.

~* Phone Convo *~

Kai: What?

???: Sorry to disturb you sir.

Kai: Hurry up Vladamir.

???: The secretary you fired yesterday is trying to sue you and Miss Hilary. You for disrespect and unequal treatment, Miss Hilary for harassment at work and causing her to be fired.

Kai: How much is she after?

???: She's not after money. She wants custody of Angel.

Kai: Find any incriminating evidence you can against her. All her phone calls were recorded to the external hard-drive in my office like all the others, use those if you have to and get any information you can like past drug abuse, lifestyle at the moment, what she's like with kids, everything. And you had better do it fast because if I have to come in on my day off, everyone's pay is deducted for this month.

???: Yes sir

~* End of Phone Convo *~

Kai threw the phone onto the floor somewhere and put a hand through his hair.

"What was that about?" Hilary asked.

"The secretary I fired yesterday is sueing us to get custody of Angel."

"Ha. That's a joke. Remember when Angel went to see you at work with Tala. She treated Angel like she was a disease."

"Either way. I'm not going to be backed into a corner and they woke me up."

"You weren't the only one they woke up."

"Oh sorry."

"What's the time?"

"About 9.30. Don't forget you've got to call Ray and Max today."

"Shouldn't we get dressed incase Angel turns up?"

"Nah. Tala's looking after her till this afternoon."

Hilary sat up and stretched before grabbing her phone and the shirt Kai had been wearing the night before. She put the shirt on and walked out into the office, grabbing a hidden ashtray and cigarettes from her desk. She walked back in and sat down on the bed, lighting a cigarette. Kai sat up and she held out a cigarette for him. He took it and put an arm round Hilary as she dialled Ray's number and put him on loudspeaker.

~* Phone Convo *~

Ray: Hello?

Hilary: Hey Ray it's Hilary.

Ray: Wow. Long time no speak. Kai told you about our email then?

Hilary: Yeah that's why I'm calling. He told me you and Max are thinking of going back to your old teams.

Ray: We're not too sure yet.

Hilary: Well me and Kai have got some time off. Why don't you come stay with us?

Ray: Sure?

Hilary: Of course but you'll have to stay in the abbey.

Ray: Not a problem. We'll see if we can get plane tickets for tomorrow night then.

Hilary: Tell Max I said Hi.

Ray: Will do. Bye Hils.

"That was quick," Kai said as he played with her hair.

"It'll cost him more than it does us to stay on the line," Hilary stated as she played with the hairband on her wrist, "and why do u always play with my hair."

"Because you always have it tied up."

"You're like a little kid."

"Would you have said that last night?"


"Then i'm not like a kid most of the time am I?"

"Ok. I get it."

Kai smiled smugly and kissed her cheek gently. She smiled. They finished their fags and Kai pulled Hilary to lay down on the bed.

"What do you want to do with the rest of our morning?" Kai asked.

"Gym, Beyblade, Sex or Shopping."

"Speaking of which I have to do some training," Kai said, going to get up. He was pulled back onto the bed though.

"Where do you think you're going?" she asked.

"To go train?" Kai asked, wondering if he was in trouble.

"That's fine. I'll just have a shower alone," Hilary replied going to get up.

Kai grabbed her wrist and pulled her down pinning her underneath him.

"When do I let you shower alone?" Kai asked.

"When you have to leave early for work or Tala distracts you or so Angel doesn't think she's getting a little brother before the tournament," Hilary replied.

"Ok. I get the point. I don't always shower with you," Kai stated.

"What do you plan to do about that?"

Kai looked into her eyes. She was teasing him. He smirked and kissed her gently.

"Get you up to have showers with me," Kai replied as he kissed down the side of her neck.

"And if we had got married before Star and Tala?" Hilary asked.

"Nothing would have stopped me if I had realised how much of a dick I had been and corrected it straight away," Kai said seriously, "You do realise I won't let you shower alone now don't you?"

"Yeah. I was hoping you'd say that," Hilary replied with a smirk.

"But what are we going to do about Angel wanting a baby brother?" Kai asked.

"Well she will eventually."

"If you don't die facing Hawk."

"I can't die. I've got something worth living for."

"But what if you do?"

Hilary felt him relax and she freed her hands and reached up to caress his check.

"I promise I'll come back," she said softly before kissing him gently.

He fell to his side beside her and pulled her into his arms.

"I'll hold you to that," he whispered.

"I'm sure you will. What do we do about Angel then?" She asked.

"Give her what she wants," Kai replied.

"What do you mean 'give her what she wants'?" Hilary asked.

"Don't avoid it. You know exactly what I mean," Kai replied.

"We can't start having kids because Angel wants a brother. Or are you trying to use that as an excuse to hide what you really want to say? 'Cause I can always read your mind to find out," Hilary asked.

"Thought we banned you doing that to me?" Kai asked.

"Thought I banned you from keeping secrets from me and that you had to talk to me about anything," Hilary responded.

"Good point."

"Well then?"

"IF you don't die at the tournament I'm hoping we'll actually get married not long after and stat having kids," Kai replied looking up at the ceiling.

Hilary could tell he was embarrassed by the statement. He still wasn't that comfortable with expressing things.

"What do you mean IF? I just promised you I wouldn't die because I've got something worth living for," Hilary asked.

"That's what Boris told you. What makes you think I'll believe it so easily?" Kai asked back.

Hilary pulled herself from his arms and walked over to the door of the bathroom.

"Because I meant it and what you want is what I think is worth living for," Hilary replied and walked into the bathroom leaving the door open a jar.

Kai ran a hand through his hair and got up following her into the bathroom. She was testing the water of the shower. She looked at him from the corner of her eye before looking back at the water.

"What Kai? I'm not really in the mood for sharing a shower," Hilary asked, "And don't think saying sorry will get you in my good books again."

Kai walked up behind her and spun her round. She didn't look up at him as silent tears fell down her cheeks.

"I didn't mean to get you angry at me."

"You crossed a line mentioning dad."

"I know but look at this from my point of view for a second."

"I have which is why I haven't rushed into this big battle with Hawk. You and I both know if I had rushed into it I wouldn't be standing here right now and that by taking my time I can come up with some sort a plan to still be alive when it's all over."

"You haven't even got the full form yet. Whereas Hawk has."

"Have some faith in me Kai."

"I do. I just know Hawk has some dirty trick up his arms. Even if you win he'll still try kill you another way."

Hilary looked up at him and he wiped away her tears. She looked at his eyes that were looking down, hiding the feeling he actually felt.

"You're scared aren't you?" Hilary asked.

"I couldn't imagine living if you weren't around," he replied.

She smiled and kissed his cheek gently.

"Why didn't you just tell me in the first place? I thought you was going crazy on me," she asked gently.

"Because it'll get back to Tala and he'll be on my case calling me a suicidal emo dad," Kai replied.

Hilary couldn't help but smile at the phrase. Tala refused for anyone to be dark, depressing and miserable since he had found out Star was pregnant and he had let up on it a little but not with Kai.

"Stop worrying. I promised I'd come back and I will. Otherwise I'll have Tala draggin me back from the dead to kill me himself."

Kai smiled and pulled her into a passionate but gentle kiss. One they pulled away she buried her head in his neck.

"So about this shower?" Kai asked in her ear.

Hilary slapped him playfully.

Hilary and Kai pulled up outside the mansion, Tala and Angel had come out to greet them.

"Did Christmas come round early?" Tala asked.

"Ha ha very funny," Hilary replied sarcastically.

"I've kept her mind occupied so we shouldn't have a problem," Kai stated.

"Bad daddy," Angel said.

"Tala what have you been teaching her?" Hilary asked angrily.

"Don't blame me. I haven't done anything," Tala replied putting his hands up.

"Tala's right. The school taught me after a kid said he'd seen his mum n dad playing in the bedroom," Angel stated.

"That damn school. I should burn that place to the ground," Kai growled picking up Angel and carrying her inside.

Hilary giggled and slid her hand into his as they walked in. Tala eyes her and noticed she had brought her laptop with her.

Star walked into the entrance hall as they walked inside.

"Hilary," she exclaimed suddenly hugging her friend.

"Hey Star," Hilary replied softly.

"Come with me to the kitchen. I haven't spoken to you for a while," Star said.

"That's because you're twins are very strong minded, like 2 people I know," Hilary replied.

"Sorry if I had known my children would have this affect on you I'd of never developed a mind," Tala said.

"When did you develop one of those?" Star and Hilary asked in unison. Angel laughed and Tala sulked away, with Kai following.

Hilary followed Star into the kitchen and sat on one of the counters whilst Star continued to cook dinner.

"So how has Angel been?" Hilary asked.

"She went into a daze earlier and feel asleep but she's been fine. It's mainly when she's tired that it happens. I've been busy looking after the Corey and Yasmin. So Tala's kept her busy for most of the time," Star replied, "Have the scientist's found anything yet?"

"Not yet but we've given them a week off so they can look at it with fresh eyes," Hilary replied.

Suddenly Hilary's phone started ringing.

"Hilary speaking…Marilyn I thought I told you to take the week off work…Go home Marilyn and rest…you did? is that possible?...Madison wouldn't consent to that…who?...are you serious?....Not for 3 hours can't you wait…thanks Marilyn."

"What was that about?" Star asked.

"Do you think you could come with me back to the abbey in 3 hours?" Hilary asked.

"Sure we can use that time to talk. Is it about Angel?" Star asked.

"Yeah but don't say a word yet," Hilary replied.

"Ok. Tala told me you had a email from your dad sent yesterday," Star said trying to coax Hilary to talk about it.

"Yeah. I haven't looked at it yet. I was planning to tonight," Hilary responded.

"Well we could look at it at the abbey and tell the boys we went for a really long walk," Star suggested.

"Could do. You okay leaving Corey and Yasmin here?"

"Yeah it'll be fine. Kai and Tala can look after them. They tend to take over from me when I don't need them to,"

"Is that why Kai has bruises round his arms?"

"Yeah I would of got him somewhere else but that would spoil your fun."

"That normally wouldn't stop you."

"No but a moody Kai who's not getting sex is hard to handle."

"It's not my fault. He's addicted to sex like a drug addict to heroin."

Star couldn't help but laugh. She had obviously had a bad start to the day.

"What did Kai do this time?" Star asked.

Hilary stopped talking and looked at Star.

"I can tell when you two have a bad start to a day 'cause you try to make up for it by being over cheerful."

"He's convinced I'm going to die at the tournament and brought dad into it," Hilary replied seriously.

"Have you sorted it all out?"

"Yeah. Argument only started because we were talking about what to do about Angel when it comes to us spending time together and thinking we're making a little brother for her."

"Either way. I've gotta start planning my wedding soon. Kai wants it set after the tournament before we go to the tournament so I can keep my promise of staying alive."

"He's not the only one who's scared y'know," Star said.

"I know."

"Tala's worried sick. He's probably ranting and raving to Kai," Star informed.

Hilary looked at her confused.

"I thought you were worried," Hilary said.

"I am bout after the tournament. If Hawk lives he'll hunt you down and kill you or just shoot you after the match. But I know you won't give up. You're stubborn," Star stated.

Hilary smiled and shook her head. The door swung open and Kai walked in.

"Stop talking about me," he said as he leant against the worktop next to Hilary.

Hilary smiled and flicked the switch on the kettle. Kai hadn't left her alone most of the day after what happened that morning. He was trying to make it up to her. He'd already taken her shopping for at least 2 hours, or rather he'd sent her shopping. She'd been surprised when she got back to abbey to find Kai had set up a stereo and had flower petals spread across the floor.

"Me and Star are going for a walk later," Hilary informed him.

"Take a gun or something to protect yourself," Kai ordered.

"Hilary is not carrying a gun," Star fumed.

"That's why I have knives hidden in my boots," Hilary whispered to Kai.

Kai smiled. Star was very protective over Hilary. She wouldn't let Hilary get too drunk, wouldn't let her carry guns and wouldn't let her do anything dangerous. Star had always been like a mother to Hilary.

"So what made you two decide to go for a walk all of a sudden?" Kai asked.

"Girly chat," Hilary replied.

"Well if Star's stealing you away later. I'm having you to myself now," Kai stated picking up Hilary off the top and walking out the room with her. Kai carried her upstairs to the bedroom and put her on the bed as Angel ran in to join them.

"Can we watch a film together? Angel cooked me a different dinner earlier because it's nearly bedtime," Angel asked.

"Sure," Hilary replied.

Angel was fast asleep on Hilary's lap in the lounge. They'd all eaten dinner and they were all talking. Kai and Tala had checked on the twins several times whilst Hilary and Star talked about work. Star had started doing an accountant course since she had some time to. Hilary was more than happy to let her take over the finance's at the abbey. It was the only job she hated doing.

Hilary looked at the clock and signalled to Star to start getting ready.

"Me and Star are going for a walk," Hilary said, carefully moving Angel onto Kai's lap and getting up.

"Can we stop by the abbey? I haven't been there in a while," Star asked.

"Sure I can check my emails then," Hilary replied.

"Don't take too long," Kai said. Hilary turned round and bent down to kiss him gently before standing up straight again and leaving hand in hand with Star.

"Something's up with the girls," Tala said.

"You noticed?" Kai asked.

"Hilary's hiding something," Tala replied.

"If one of those scientist's ended up staying and called her. I'm gonna kill them," Kai said.

"You're really quite funny about Hilary's time off aren't you?" Tala asked curiously.

"She'd never take a day off," Kai replied.

"Just like her husband to be," Tala stated.

"Either way we'll find out soon enough," Kai said.

Hilary and Star walked in through the main entrance and found Marilyn waiting just inside. Marilyn was petite for a 20year old. She had white hair with a black fringe and highlights and she took to wearing glasses all the time.

"I can't be long. What did you find?" Hilary asked as Marilyn led them to the lab.

"The anomaly is a mix of DNA. The structure of it shows that it's a lab created anomaly."

"How is that possible?"

"By cloning someone or trying to clone someone."

"What exactly are you trying to say?"

"The anomaly is also in your blood. Because you were born with it for the purpose of becoming one with your bitbeast it's fine. It should have a different affect on Angel, because her anomaly was lab created."

"How different?" Star asked.

"It'll make her black out. She won't remember what happens but she'll turn into an assassin. And she'll also be able to see ghosts."

"Did you find any information about this in the database?"

"No. I think Terry and Madison destroyed any evidence of it."

"Why do you think that?"

"I looked at the other samples on Angel's DNA. It been produced."

"What do you mean 'produced'?"

"In other words she was created not conceived. And the DNA is a mix of your DNA and Kai's."

"But Madison wouldn't consent to this."

"Unless she'd miscarried and had Boris and Terry create a child."

"Huh?" Star asked.

"Some woman when they miscarry over-react. Terry told me about Madison going into a psych ward after losing her and her husband's first child. Once she came out her and her husband tried again and she fell pregnant or so the story goes."

"Madison wasn't able to conceive properly. That's why she miscarried. Her womb was too weak to handle carrying a child and attacked the foetus as it develops."

"How was you able to identify this and the others weren't?" Hilary asked.

"I worked on the project that dealt with mixing your DNA with Kai's," Marilyn replied.

"And you didn't tell me?"

"My only friend swore me to secrecy that you wouldn't find out her daughter was an experiment."

"Technically she's Hilary's daughter."

"Angel knew all along."

"What?" Marilyn and Star asked in unison.

"Angel knew. That's why she asked to call me and Kai mum and dad and why she wanted to change her last name to Hiwatari. No kid would do that given the choice," Hilary replied, "Why are you telling me now if you were sworn to secrecy?"

"I only swore till the day I would receive an automatic email that would sent saying I could tell you."

"Right. Well what ever you were part of Angel is not an experiment. And whatever that anomaly is doing it's causing her to go into dazes left right and centre and she attacked a bunch of kids who were picking on her."

"That isn't suppose to happen."

"Well then what's causing it?" Hilary asked angrily, objects around her starting to float.

"Maybe the fact she's been keeping a secret for so long against her will has something to do with it."

"What if it was a breakdown in the DNA that was being caused on purpose because she doesn't want to keep it a secret?"

"That could be possible. Maybe if she connects to Hilary on a mother-daughter level these dazes will stop and the blackout won't happen unless Hilary or herself are in trouble."

"How the hell am I going to tell Kai that we have a engineered child?" Hilary asked.

"Hilary why don't you check the email from your dad?" Star asked.

"I'll do it at home. We better go. Thank you Marilyn."

"Anytime. If you need a babysitter so you and Kai can spend time alone let me know. Last time I saw her I promised her a day of science."

Hilary nodded and left with Star following close behind. Star put a hand on her back, comforting her.

"It isn't all bad Hilary."

"You try explaining to Kai me and him already have a child. Which would of made me 10 I think when she was born."


Suddenly Hilary stopped. Star looked at her worryingly until Hilary's head snapped in the direction of the mansion.

"We need to run," Hilary said.

Hilary started to run, Star stayed close behind her. She was always a naturally fast runner, whilst Hilary had worked hard to match up.

They arrived at the mansion as Tala out with maids following carrying Corey and Yasmin. The mansion was ablaze. Suddenly Kai came out coughing. Hilary ran over to him.

"Where's Angel?"

"I can't find her. She's in a daze somewhere in the mansion," Kai replied.

Before Kai could react Hilary had run inside. Tala was busy tending to his children. Star joined Kai.

"You wouldn't of been able to stop her after what she found out," Star said.

"What do you mean?" Kai asked.

"One scientist doesn't know when you take orders."

"They found out what the anomaly was?"

"Let Hilary explain."

"That's if she makes it back out."

"She will."

Kai watched as Star joined Tala. He kept his eyes on the house. Everyone joined him seeing Angel at the edge of the roof.

"Oh my god," Star exclaimed. Tala put an arm round her to comfort her. Suddenly Hilary ran up behind Angel. The roof caved underneath the two as Hilary picked up Angel.

"Hilary," Kai exclaimed.

They couldn't see the two anymore. Kai was about to rush in when they saw something fly out of the flames after an explosion. Kai's jaw dropped as the figure landed. Hilary had wings with ruby mixed in, her hair was pure white and her eyes glowed ruby as the markings had formed swirling patterns. Hilary's outfit has turned white and ruby instead of the black and grey it had been before. Hilary was holding Angel who's hair had now turned two toned like Kai's.

"Hilary you did it," Star said excitedly walking over.

"Yeah I guess," she replied sadly.

"What's wrong?" Tala asked.

"A very horrible future."

"Our future?"

"No our great grandchildren."

Star laughed and checked on Angel.

"Looks like our Angel had a disguise."

"Yeah. Can you hold onto her quickly?"

Star took Angel and Hilary turned back to normal, her wings disappeared and her markings returned to normal along with her hair outfit and eyes.

She walked over to Kai and waved a hand in front of his face and he blinked. She smiled and kissed him gently and pulled away before he could react.

"You awake now?" she asked.

He smiled and pulled her into his embrace. Holding onto her as if she would disappear if her let go.

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