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Harry knew as soon as he got into his uncle's car that this was going to be a bad summer. Vernon's purple face at being threatened by a bunch of "freaks" was just the beginning of his anger. Albus Dumbledore in his infinite wisdom saw fit to write to Harry's guardians to notify them of his godfather's untimely death. No doubt he thought that this would help Harry. But unfortunately, Harry did not have loving relatives, instead they planned on useing this information to torment Harry.

"So, I hear you got that freak Godfather of yours killed this year." Vernon remarked as they got into the car at King's Cross station.

Harry just paled at the fact that they knew. He did not respond to any of the taunting on the ride home. He felt that this is what he deserved for getting his Godfather killed. As soon as they reached Privet drive Harry put on an emotionless mask and got out of the car. As soon as he stepped into the house his uncle turned on him.

"Here are the rules for this summer, You will be writing what I tell you to write every three days and I will be proofreading all of your letters. You will do as you are told or else the old punishments will be brought back. Friends or no, you are living in my house and under my rules." Vernon seemed to grow in size as his speech went on.

Vernon grabbed Harry's trunk and drug it outside. He then came back to a shocked Harry, grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and threw him into the cupboard. Harry just sat there scrunched up, knees to his chest rocking back and forth.

"The walls are not moving in, the space is not getting smalled." He kept chanting under his breath.

The summer kept getting worse and worse for poor Harry Potter. On top of the mountain of chores that he received he also had to deal with lack of food, and daily beatings from Vernon on Dudley.

"I deserve this pain. I will not write to the order telling them that I can't even fight off muggles. What would the Daily Prophet say if it found out?" Harry kept berrating himself for the loss of his Godfather and would wake up nightly in a cold sweat from his dreams.

On June 26th, Harry woke up from another nightmare screaming for Sirius.


With that Harry was drug out of the cupboard and before getting the worst beating of his life he was forced to watch while his uncle killed poor Hedwig. He then went and cut off her head and after beating Harry to a pulp, he carved the word FREAK on his back.

"You're never going back to that place, you are ours now and you will have no contact with them. Prepare for hell." With that Vernon threw Harry back into the cupboard. Harry hit his head on the underside of the stairs and lost consciousness.

---meanwhile at Orders HQ---

When the order hadn't heard from Harry in three days they became very worried.

"It seems that Mrs. Figg has not seen Harry for the past week. It has only now come to my attention and I would like to send someone to check on Harry. I myself, would go, but the last time I talked to Harry gave me the impression that he might be slightly unwilling to talk to me." stated Albus Dumbledore.

Headquarters was soon a barrage of voices all wanting to go check on Harry, except for one. Severus Snape sat with his lips curled in disgust. "Stupid boy, probably just forgot to write and is being pampered by that family of his. He lives like a prince and people are worried if he doesn't write?"

Albus noticed the sneer on the Potion Masters face and the twinkle came back to his eye with a vengeance.

"I believe that I have the perfect person for the job. Someone that will be impartial and will tell us if Mr. Potter is truly being mistreated or not. Severus, You will go and check on our Mr Potter. Do I need to stress the importance of stealth?" asked Dumbledore.

"Of course not Albus, but I fail to see why it must be me that checks on your Golden Boy." Snape sneered.

"I need someone that will that be biased in their opinions, and from what I have heard, I believe this may be an eye opener for you on how young Harry lives." Stated Dumbledore.

"Very well Headmaster, if you insist, I will leave at once." With that Snape stood from the table and left robes billowing out after him.

"I only fear we are not too late for Harry." thought Dumbledore.

---meanwhile back on Privet Drive---

Snape apparated to the edge of the wards and without an invisibility cloak he seemed to become invisible. In truth he merely blended into the shadows very, very well. He almost walked right by number 4. He proceeded to discreetly look into the living room window and saw a family of three muggles watching a television.

"Where is that brat? I want to get out of here as soon as possible." Snape walked slowly up to the front door and knocked.

A fat blond boy opened the door and asked, "What may I help you with sir?"

"I am looking for Mr Harry Potter, might I enquire of his whereabouts?" Snape asked with a sneer on his lips.

The boy looked horror struck for a moment before turning and yelling, "DAD, IT'S ONE OF THOSE FREAKS LOOKING FOR THE FREAK!" with that he slammed the door and you could hear the steps creaking from the weight of him running up the stairs.

The door was reopened in a matter of seconds by an obese man. "There is no one here by the name of Harry Potter, you have the wrong house good day." with that he slammed the door in Snapes face again.

Upon looking out of the house later it would appear that no one was around, but Severus Snape was biding his time. Finally he heard something that he could not believe and could not just sit around for.

"So, you contacted those freak friends of your did you? How did you do it? With that freakishness of yours? I thought you couldn't do that outside of school. Well you are going to pay now!"

Snape could hear something that sounded like a belt come down on flesh. He knew that sound all too well. It was a sound from his childhood. With that he stormed into the house to see a sight that was unimaginable. There was Harry Potter on the ground with Vernon Dursley towering over him with a belt in hand, but it was to ordinary belt. He had attached pieces of sharp metal and glass to the end of it. That was the least of their worries at the moment for if you were to look at Harry you would not even be able to recognize him because he was too beaten up. Snape quickly stunned Dursley and picked Potter up. Only then did he realize how malnourished the child was.

He knew that Harry was in trouble, he could feel the fever that wracked his body. Running to the end of the apparition wards, he quickly apparated to the first place that came to mind, Snape Manor.