Overly Dramatic

Chapter One: Jisatsu no Yume (Dreams of Suicide)

Warning to all Ayame-obsessed fans, who are reading this right now: This scene in this chapter is just a dream (or rather a nightmare) Yuki's having right now. He's dreaming that he sees his brother committing suicide, so if you think you can't handle what you're reading right now, leave now before I do further damage to your fragile psyche! There may also be a bit of OOC in this story. That is all, so read on if you dare....

Ayame: So why exactly am I committing suicide in this chapter?

BSCW: You want your brother to have sympathy for you, right?

Ayame: Uh...yeah...so?

BSCW: And the title reads "Overly Dramatic", right? {Then her rolls eyes as if it's obvious}

Ayame: Yeah...that's true. Oh! I've always wanted Yuki to acknowledge my importance! Maybe now, in this fic, I'll get what I want!

Yuki: Not in a million years!

BSCW: Oh well! Let's get this fic started!
Yuki was asleep, twisting and turning on his bed.
Ayame was standing on the higher point of the bridge where motorcycles were driven. He had a gun to his head and was struggling to pull the trigger. He looked ahead to the horizon of the dawn sky.

Meanwhile Tohru and the Jyunnishi were below calling out his name. Everyone, that is, except Kyou, who was scowling at Kagura who held his hand. Ayame turned around and forced a smile to his face. His eyes looked red and glassy since he's been crying and was trying now to hold back the tears. At the sight of this, Shigure called out to him. "Aya, are you sure about this?!"

"Gure-san, I appreciate you welcoming me into your home, but..." Then he looked from his friend to his brother, who had a serious look on his face. "I know when I'm not wanted." His response surprised everyone. Him? Not wanted? Surely, this wasn't the proud Ayame they once knew. But then again, bitter reality began to dawn on them as they looked to Yuki.

Yuki sighed. "Why are you doing this?"

"Little brother, what are you worried about? You got Tohru-kun. You never seem depressed since she's around to make you happy." 'All I wanted to do was to be able to bond with you, Yuki,' he thought sadly. 'Why can't you for once understand that?'

"Ayame-san, what about your store?" Tohru asked.

"I've decided to give it to Mine."

"Aya, what about the time we spent as the Mabudachi Trio," Shigure asked. Ayame closed his eyes tightly, tears streaming down his face. Before he decided to put his suicide plan into action, he knew that there were sacrifices that had to be made. First his clothing shop, his prized dream and now Shigure and Hatori had to go on without him, since the Trio consisted of Ayame, Shigure and Hatori. Before Ayame could answer, Hatori called out to him.

"What Shigure and Tohru mean is that you used to think those things were important. We think you're important. Now why don't you drop the gun and come down!" he said sternly.

"Tori-san-" He was about to say something, but he was cut off. To his surprise, it was Yuki. "You don't want to do this, do you?" his feminine voice made a soft sigh. "Ayame, we don't want you to kill yourself. Do as Hatori-san says."

"Ayame-san, please do. I'm so sorry! I'm sorry that I'm such a burden that you resort to suicide! GOMEN NASAI! GOMEN NAS-" The hysterical Ritsu stopped apologizing as soon as Shigure poked at his ribs, causing him to faint.

"Yuki, why?"

"I know how hard it was for you to face reality to know that I didn't want you around, but you don't have to do this! I shouldn't have done that to you!" A shocked expression appeared on Ayame's face. Was his brother finally going to confess his importance? Before Yuki could say more, BANG! He heard the gun went off and saw Ayame unconsciously falling into the water below. "Ayame!" Yuki shouted.
Yuki woke up with a start. 'Damn. Why do I keep having this dream?' he thought panting and sweating. Then he fell back to sleep.
BSCW: That's all for chapter one! {Cries} Why do bad things happen to bishies that I love? NO ONE, PLEASE, DON'T ANSWER THAT! And why is it that everywhere I go on this website, I see disclaimers saying that the authors don't own Fruits Basket aka Furuba? I mean, are people stupid enough to sue someone for writing about the characters? No, I'm not saying that I own this anime. I know you're tired of my ranting. Please review!!!

Next chapter: NANI! Romeo and Juliet?! (WHAT! Romeo and Juliet?!)

The next morning, Yuki's tired and well...asleep at the kitchen table. When he wakes up he's in for a surprise....