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Warning: Shonen-ai. Be prepared for some OOCness. There won't be much "action", if that's what you're hoping for. This is one of Jia's very, very, very few G rated, HAPPY stories...::sweatdrop:: I'm so morbid...This is my first romantic comedy people! And my last! I'm very fond of writing...

Summary: [AU] Meteor Garden/Hana Yori Dango xover. Sasuke is the Konoha University's rich bad boy. Naruto is the poor, naïve idiot who hates Sasuke's guts. Could a relationship ever form between them? And Neji...Well, what about him? Will this handsome, lonely bachelor steal away Naruto's heart? And will Sasuke and Naruto end up together? It was hate at first sight...

Kaze to Konoha

By Jia Zhang

Chapter I : Bad boys, Terror and the Beginning of Something

It was early September. The weather was still pretty warm. And on this lovely day, the soft breeze of the wind swept up the leaves that fell to the earth, and into the clear blue sky, very much like how life was for people, we the leaves, controlled by the force of the wind, our rarely benevolent destiny. The new semester had just started, and everyone was turning away from their summer vacations and back to focusing on school. Well, not exactly, anyway. Not for Konoha University.

Uzumaki Naruto road down the street on his scooter[1], past the leaves and the trees and the whisper of the wind, it's promises of a good day, to his school, Konoha U, the most prestigious and expensive school in all Japan, residing in the very high maintenance Konoha City, just east of Tokyo. Slowly, the blonde's scooter came to a stop, halting Naruto dead in the tracks. He tried to ignite the engine, but there was no effect. Sighing, Naruto banged the scooter a bit, trying to get the engine to get going.

Just then, an elegant, white Mercedez drove by and pulled along side of Naruto. The blue-eyed young man turned as the window slide down, revealing a very pretty girl with long straight black hair and olive eyes. Kakei Jun gave a little smirk, and sighed at Naruto's predicament.

"Oh, Naruto-kun...What happened? Your ride broke down again?" The girl gave a rather exasperated look.

Naruto said nothing. His sapphire blue eyes shifted back to his poor, sickly scooter, as he tried to fix it (i.e. banging it). With a sigh, Jun got out of the car.

"You know, it would be best to just get rid of that pathetic scooter," spoke Jun. "Every morning, you ride that excuse to school...and this is what happens. And it gets you all dirty." Her olive eyes eyed the small smug on Naruto's cheek. As Naruto dusted off his hands, Jun took out from her purse a small handkerchief. "Here, use this to clean that smug. Go ahead, you can use it."

The blonde youth took the handkerchief, looking at it rather curiously, as Jun got back into her car. She then suddenly turned around. "Oh, and remember to give that back to me. It's by Gucci." The girl got back into her car. "If it weren't for people like you, our school would really have some of the best people in the city." The window rolled up. "Drive," she told the chauffer.

As the car drove off, Naruto looked at the handkerchief, then back to the Jun driving off, before rolling his eyes, whipping the smug off his face, and tossing the very expensive Gucci handkerchief over his shoulder. He pushed his scooter along to the free parking zone.

As the blonde parked his pathetic excuse for a vehicle, he took off his white helmet, hearing someone call his name.

"Naruto, ohayo! Your scooter broken again?"

Naruto turned, looking up to see the Konoha U gardener, Mr. Yoshida[2]. "Ah! Good morning to you, too, Yoshida-san. Yeah, it's broken again." He turned the key and locked the vehicle. "But it's okay, it should be working again at the end of the school. It's always like this."

From the bag that swung around his shoulders, Naruto removed a neatly wrapped bundle. "I made some onigiri for your wife. I hope she's feeling better."[3] He handed it to Mr. Yoshida.

"Oh, that's so kind of you, Naruto. I'll be sure to give these to Keiko when I get home."

"See you later, Yoshida-san!" said the blonde as he left towards the school building, a large, well built academic medium.

Konoha University was, as said before, the best university in Japan, and one of the best in the world. Almost all of its students were from the richest families of Konoha City, Tokyo, and Yokohama, able to afford the most expensive things. There were, of course, a few who just got by on tuition, or got by on a scholarship. Naruto didn't exactly wish to be at a place like this. He thought that the majority of the students at Konoha University were really snobby and rude. But there were some that were nice.

Naruto got to his locker and opened it. He then noticed his friend, Temari, at her locker, getting out some book. "Ohayo gozimasu, Temari!" chirped the blonde.

Temari smiled. "Ohayo, Naruto." The other blonde got a few more books out from her locker.

Naruto then noticed the books that Temari was carrying. "Anno, Temari, isn't that a different version of our Literature text?"

"Yeah, it's an advanced version."

Naruto looked to his own Literature text for a moment. "But sensei only told us to study this one."

"Oh, I know, but Konoha U is a really well off school. I don't think they would let us off so easily. So I got this to do some more studying, just so I'd be prepared for whatever they have on the exams."

The blonde groaned. "Ah...I'm dead, then."

"Don't worry about it, Naruto. It may be just me fussing too much."

Naruto nodded. "Hn. It has to be you, 'cause sensei only told us to read this one." He sighed as he got his notebooks from his locker. "You know, I think you're the only person in this school that is worrying about studies. Nobody else seems to come here to study; all they want to do is socialize. They show off their cars, purses, and new cloth." He shook his head. "It's all so pathetic."

Temari laughed. "Ichikawa Yukari is the worst. Did you see what she did? She got a nose job! Cost $500,000!"

Naruto looked at Temari, shocked. "A $500,000 nose-job!?" Naruto sighed. "What's the good in that? People like them shouldn't play around with their piggy noses."

"And why not?" asked Temari.

"'Cause if they raise it anymore, their forehead's gonna grow bigger."

Temari giggle. "You're lying."

"If you don't believe me, just look at Yukari!"

Temari laughed and followed her friend to class. Unknown to the two girls, a locker, only a few feet away from them, was open, and hanging from the locker was a red strip of the paper in red, and written on it in black "You'll Be Dead", and in gold, K4. With a brush of wind, the empty locker slammed shut.

In a dark classroom, a young man with fuzzy eyebrows gathered whatever books were left in his desk. Outside, all the students were gazing into through the window at the man with the fuzzy eyebrows.

Yukari, a girl with dark rouge hair powdered her face, her friend Jun looking through the window. "Lee's dropped out. I'm surprised it took him so long. Why's he back?"

"He's here to get the rest of his books," spoke Jun. "But if it was me, I wouldn't even come back. It'd be way too embarrassing."


As the rest of the study body continued to gaze through the classroom window at Rock Lee, Naruto and Temari rounded the corner and approached the large gathering, both curious at what was happening.

"Oh, just look at him," said one girl. "That poor guy. I feel so sorry for him."

"Then why don't you go talk to him?" said a guy.

"No way!" retorted the girl. "What if K4 found out? I'd be in so much shit! No way!"

Rock Lee exited the dark classroom, his head hung low. All the students gazed after him, all feeling quite sorry for him, but none of them did anything. Naruto felt very sympathetic towards Rock Lee.

Suddenly, the large amount of books spilled from the bowl headed youth's hands and on to the floor. Almost on instinct, Naruto went forth to help him, but was pulled back by Temari who shook her head.

"Don't, Naruto," whispered the girl. "If you help him, who knows what K4 is going to do to you when they find out."

Naruto felt a pang of guilt as he watched poor Rock Lee pick up his books alone. "But..."

"No, Naruto. This is happening to Lee because he got in trouble with K4 last week. And that's why he's dropping out of school now."

Flash Back

"What's so great about K4?" said the bowl headed young man. "My idol, Gai- sensei, told me never to be scared of bullies like you! You think I'm scared? Noooo!"

Covered under the darkness of the shade, four figures stopped, and turned towards Lee. The leader smirked in the shadows.

"Do you know who you're talking to?" he spoke.

The very next day, as Lee opened his locker, he saw a red slip of paper, K4's signature of doom, with the words "You'll Be Dead" on it, and written in gold...K4.

Rock Lee looked around to see all the others students gaze at him and that piece of paper, and they all backed away from him, all fearing the wrath of K4.

End Flash Back

Naruto looked on sadly at the poor guy. Suddenly, a teacher came by. He curiously gazed at the students, all of them doing nothing but staring at the poor Rock Lee.

"Hn. What are you all doing standing there?" he spoke. "What's going on?"

Jun stepped up. "Uh, Ebisu-sensei...Lee's dropping out of school."

"Dropping out?" said Ebisu, incredulous.

"That's right," said Jun.

"I'm his teacher. Did he get my permission to drop out!? Lee!"

"Sensei..." spoke Yukari. "Lee was forced to drop out by K4, because he spoke against them."

"Incredible...Konoha University actually has people like this!? Lee!" Ebisu walked over the fuzzy eye browed youth. "Lee, don't get yourself in trouble anymore."

Naruto's eyes widened in surprise at the teacher's comment.

"At your next school, be a good kid and stay away from people." He patted the boy on the shoulder as Rock Lee walked away sadly. As he left, the bell rung. "Get to class everybody."[4]

Naruto and Temari stared as their classmates and teacher entered the classroom. Taking a deep sigh, Naruto followed Temari into class, still feeling the injustice and the incredulous behavior of his classmates and teacher.

As Naruto got into class and sat down, Ebisu wrote two words of kanji on the chalkboard[5]. "Onjou. Compassion. One of the most fundamental things of being human. It is one of the most essential qualities a person should have through life, as said by Confucius. Now, today we will be talking about one of Confucius' theories of compassion towards people..."[6]

Naruto sat there and listen to the incredible BS that came out of Ebisu's mouth, things about compassion, essential qualities of a human being, et cetera, et cetera. He found there to be a great irony in this whole situation, after what happened with Rock Lee and all. Unable to stand the hypocrisy the teacher was spouting, he slammed his hands on the table and stood up.

"Anno...Uzumaki-kun, what is it?" asked Ebisu.

"I need to go poo..." he said, his voice filled with annoyance and irritation.[7]

Ebisu blinked at Naruto for a moment. "Um...Alright. You may use the washroom."

Angry and pissed off, Naruto stormed down the hall, up the stairs and to the roof. He pushed opened the door angrily and stormed to edge, his hands gripping the stone concrete. He breathed hard as he looked down angrily at Konoha's campus. It was injustice, what these people did. What these people were. "Stupid school, stupid teachers," he spoke heatedly. "A student drops out of school, and all they can say is for him to stay out of those people's business. Their all bakas!" he called out. "They're all useless people, who can't do anything for themselves. They're all shit-heads!"[8] He puffed. "Especially K4...They're just retards...Pig head four! Pig head four!" He called out...knowing that really no one would hear him.

Down the street, two elegant cars followed each other as they drove to school.

"Bakayarous. Who do they think they are? They'd better not go against me, 'cause I won't back down!" Naruto called.

The two cars drove up the front of the school and came to a halt. The car doors opened, and out stepped four young men, well dressed and well groomed, and very good looking. The four boys gathered together, looking around the campus. They were back! Inuzuka Kiba, Nara Shikamaru, Hyuga Neji, and Uchiha Sasuke! The four kings of Konoha! K4!

Naruto stared out angrily as the campus. But after a few moments, his anger subsided. The blonde sighed, looking down. "If I really won't back down...Then why didn't I go help Lee..." he asked himself. Naruto felt very ashamed and guilty with himself for now helping out the fuzzy eye browed youth. "I should go back to class..."

The day passed by pretty quickly. It was lunch now, and Temari and Naruto were carrying a basket of cloth that one of the organizations of the school was going to donate to charity. "Naruto, do you have any night classes this year?" asked Temari.


"Aw...Why not?"

"'Cause I've got a part-time job," answered the blue-eyed boy.

"Damn. That means I have to go all by myself. Too bad."

Both suddenly stopped as they saw in the distance four guys walking their way. They dressed very "hip"[9], and walked as if they owned the school. Everybody was looking at them; Shikamaru, the smartest in school and a playboy (AN: I know... This doesn't work too much, but I love Shika! And he should be a player! ), Kiba, a really laid back and happy-go-lucky guy, Neji, a really quiet and stoic young man, and last, but certainly not least, Sasuke, the leader of K4, a bad boy would be the only word to describe him, and he was also the best looking guy in school.

Naruto and Temari turned to each other, a nervous gaze on both their faces. When they turned back... "Ah!" both cried in union as the teacher, Ebisu, slammed right into Sasuke, sending Ebisu to the floor. A pop can rolled to Naruto's foot. Spilt all over Sasuke was Ebisu's coke. The dark haired pretty-boy stood there passively. Ebisu looked up at Sasuke, quite frightened.

"Ah...Gomennasai..." He got up. "Gomennasai," he repeated to Sasuke. "I...I...didn't see you."

Sasuke turned to Ebisu, a scowl on his face. "You ran into me," he spoke, annoyed. "If you ran into any other students, would be you apologizing, sensei?"

"Ah, yes, yes! Of course..." said Ebisu, stuttering. "Let me clean this up for you." He thus began to use his sleeve to clean that coke that dripped off of Sasuke's face.

"Sensei..." spoke Sasuke. Ebisu immediately stopped what he was doing. "You're stepping on my foot."

"Gomen! Gomennasai!" said Ebisu, obviously frightened.

"If saying sorry was it, why would there be a need for the police..." said Sasuke.[10]

Ebisu sniff. "I'm sorry...I know...You won't see me tomorrow."

"You..." Sasuke raised his hand.

"Ah! Don't hit me!" said Ebisu as he ran away, running smack into Naruto and Temari who had been watching the incredible display of patheticism in front of them. In the process, Ebisu knocked the basket of clothing to the ground, he scrabbled to pick the stuff up and place it all back into the basket, with Naruto and Temari standing next to him.

Sasuke look to Kiba, Shikamaru and Neji, and following his lead, the four walked off. The three stood aside as K4 passed by them. Suddenly Sasuke kicked the basket of clothing to the side, causing all the cloths to scatter across the floor. "Master Sasuke isn't feeling too well this week," spoke Kiba with a smirk. "Getting the school halls all messed up."

Naruto gazed angrily after Kiba, Shikamaru and Sasuke as they walked off. Can't believe that there are people in this world who are so disregarding of others, he thought. Suddenly, he turned to see Neji pick up the basket, and piece by piece, placed all the scattered clothing back into it. When he got up, he turned, and for a moment locked eyes with Naruto. The blonde immediately felt his cheeks redden as he stared into Neji's calming and lovely pale eyes.[11]

The blue-eyed boy suddenly broke the eye contact and looked down. "Neji! What are you doing?" called Kiba. "Let's go!"

Naruto stared in awe as Neji left, following his three friends.

"This K4 you talk about, are this really this extravagant and bad- mannered?" asked Yamanaka Ino, Naruto's high school friend and fellow employee at the bakery shop "Ki Ki Wai!", where Naruto had a part-time job.[12]

"Absolutely," said Naruto, dress in a white shirt, a red vest and a cute red bow tie, with black pants, the uniform of Ki Ki Wai. "Especially their leader, Uchiha Sasuke. He's the worst! I should really show you once how bad they are."

The two friends were busy folding bags and putting cakes in the display for the Ki Ki Wai bakery. "Wai!" said Ino as she look off dreamily. "I really want to see this K4."

"Ino!" said Naruto, disapprovingly. "What kind of expression is that?"

"Oh, c'mon Naruto!" spoke the blonde girl. "Every guy in my college are all so pathetic and wishy-washy."

"Hey, they're still better than our school. I'm telling you, my school is no different from Hell." Naruto sighed. "Konoha University was started and is still funded by their four families, the four biggest in Japan, the Hyugas, Naras, Inuzukas, and Uchihas. They're all being groomed to be the heirs to their family, so at school they do what they want and when they want to. And nobody does anything about it!" Naruto sighed once more as he carried a couple of finished cakes into the display counter. "I'm not talking about this anymore. I get pissed just thinking about them."

"Eh! C'mon Naru, tell me more! I wanna know more!" whined Ino. "I'm interested, okay!"

"I'm not talking," retorted Naruto.



"C'mon..." begged Ino.

"No way."

Ino pouted, and sighed in defeat. "Then at least tell me why they are called K4?"

"Ha ha ha ha..." Naruto laughed sarcastically. "The reason for this is very funny. K4 means [Konoha's Best Four], meaning their best in looks, money, and status. It's really shameful, eh?"

"Wow..." spoke Ino dreamily. "Wai...They must be really cool..."

Naruto hit Ino over the head with a small cake carrying box. "You're talking non-sense," said Naruto. "They may be really good looking guys, but on the inside their bad to the core, and they love to bully people and they boast like hell." The blonde puffed. "I gave them the nickname of Pig Head Four."

"Are they really as bad as you say they are?" asked Ino.

Naruto thought about it for a moment, and suddenly an image of Neji popped into his head. He immediately felt his heart go pitter-patter. "Well...There's one that's different for the other three..." He turned back to Ino. "He seems...like a nice guy."

The blonde began to place the other cakes into the display case. Ino looked at him mischievously. "Oh..." she teased as she poked Naruto in the cheek. "Naru-chan...You like that guy..."

"No way..." denied Naruto. "I've already decided that in these four years of college, I'm gonna keep to myself. If it doesn't concern me, I'm gonna stay out of it. Besides. I live in a completely different world than these people. If it weren't for my oka-san, I wouldn't even be going to this stupid school."

Ino sighed as she went to the kitchen to the rest of the cakes. "You know, Naruto, you've change after going to that school," she spoke rather nostalgically. "You used to stick up for everybody, and treated everybody the same. You're not the Uzumaki Naruto I used to know."

Naruto looked sadly at his friend. He turned towards the light that passed through the window. The truth is, I hate this me...It's not at all who I used to be...who I am. I used to help everybody. Now, I can't even offer a friendly smile to Lee. Is this really the kind of person I am now?

That day, when Naruto got home, he felt slightly depressed. His shoulders felt oddly heavy as he pushed opened the door to his house. "Tadaima!" he called into the house as he took off his shoes.

"Naru-chan! You're home!" called Naruto's mother, Tsunade. (AN: I couldn't help it! It was her or Iruka! And I just couldn't do this to Iruka! You'll see what I mean soon.)

"Wah! Ka-san..." spoke Naruto as he looked up at his mom. "You dyed your hair..."

"Yep!" answered Tsunade. "And it only cost $10! It was DIY!" The blonde, and now red headed woman beamed.

"You look like you're from Europe or something..." said Naruto as he stepped into the living room, with his mom following.

"Eh, that's good," answered Tsunade. "Naruto, you know, a foreign guy is okay too...Have you met any good guys at school?"

"Oka-san! I go to school to study," retorted Naruto as he placed his bag onto the couch. "What does it have to do with guys?"

"Yes...Study...But when you go a school that cost so much, you're bound to meet a good guy."

"Ho...Oka-san, you worry to much about image and stuff, and losing face." The blonde turned and walked down the hall into the kitchen. "We don't have any money, yet we live in this big house and you send me to such an expensive school..." As he passed by the washroom, Naruto knocked on the door. "Otou- san! It's dinner!

"An ordinary college would have been fine," spoke the blonde. He opened the rice cooker and spoon himself a bowl of rice and sat down at the dinner table. "You know, everybody at school is crazy. It's like they don't care about life anymore. All they do is socialize and talk about L.V, Prada, Chanel..." Tsunade listened in awe. "Every month I only make $5,000...and they spent that amount in one day. Bleh!" He stuck out his tongue in disgust. "I'm not like those people."

As the boy picked up his chopsticks, a suddenly smile came over his face as he looked to Tsunade. "'Ka-san, could I drop out? This way you don't have to spend so much money on my tuition."

"What are you talking about?" said Tsunade in anguish, smacking her hand down on the kitchen table. "That's called the [High Life]," she explained to her uninterested son. "I just want for you to one day be at that top, so our whole family can follow your lead of your flying leaf in the wind into the good life..." She looked off dreamily. "That's why I use so much money to send you to Konoha University, used all my connects, and leaving me with so much debt, just to get you into that school...And now you say you won't go...You want to ruin my life long..." She breathed in, seeming as if she were suffering from an asthma attack. "Life long...Long...long...long..."

"Oka-san, are you alright?" said a worried Naruto as he rushed to his mom's side. "Otou-san! Where's oka-san's inhaler?"

"In the bedroom!" called Jiraiya, Naruto's father. (AN: Once again, I couldn't help it! It was him or Kakashi! And I have a better role for Kaka, and I just couldn't make him so lame... You'll see what I mean...) The white haired man got out of the washroom, and his eyes bulged as he saw his wife's predicament. He quickly rushed to his wife's side.

"Here's the inhaler," called Naruto.

"Quick, quick," said Jiraiya as he took the inhaler to Tsunade. She breathed, her body moving from gasping for air. "Eh, anata, better now?"

Tsunade turned back to Naruto. "...Life long dream..." She puffed some more as she began to calm down. "A lot better now..."

"Okay, okay...That's good, that's good..." He shooed Naruto back to his seat as he himself sat down. "Let's eat."

"Itadakimasu..." muttered the blue-eyed boy.

Just as Jiraiya was about to spoon himself a bowl of rice, Tsunade pushed him roughly aside. "You don't need to eat anymore!" shouted Tsunade. "You've already had four bowls. Your son hasn't even had one!"

"I-I-I-I..." muttered the white haired man. "What are you yelling at me for?"

"You eat everything! If I don't yell at you who do I yell at?" shouted Tsunade. "You've been at your company for 20 years, and you have yet to be promoted. Tachikawa next door..." And the two began their string of arguments, from jobs and stuff and money, continuing on about how pathetic Jiraiya is. Et cetera.[13]

"Alright! Stop arguing!" shouted Naruto finally. He sighed. "I won't drop out of school."

"That's right, that's right," said Jiraiya, as he and Tsunade smiled, made up and began having dinner.

That night, Naruto pulled back the covers and got into bed. His head turned to the little pink bunny with a red bow-tied that sat on his night table. He gazed at it for a few moments. "What am I gonna do?" he asked the little bunny. "I don't want it to be like this at all." He sighed and turned off the light and went to bed.

In another part of the city, in the club called "Dracula's Daughter"[14], Shikamaru pushed the pool stick, catapulting the white Q ball into the rest of the colour round objects, sending them across the pool table, a very pretty girl in a black dress by his side. The music pounded against walls. Neji sat at a table, slightly bored with the whole thing. Kiba was playing darts. Then, Sasuke joined them, sitting at a seat next to Neji. All three sat down, each with their respective drinks in front of them.

"Why did we come to such a weird place?" asked Sasuke.

Kiba laughed as he starred at Sasuke's head. "Did you change your hairstyle?"

"Yeah...So? Ruiko work on it for an hour."

Kiba smirked. "Well, if you had to change it, why not get a better one."

Sasuke scoffed. "Did I asked for your opinion?" He turned to Neji. "Eh, Neji, what do you think?"

Neji stuck out his arm, his thumb pointing upwards, and then he directed it downward.

Sasuke groaned. "Well, I can't do anything about it now..."

Back by the pool table, most of the balls were now in their respective corners. Shikamaru walked around the table, eyeing at what position and how he should make the next shot.

"Eh, Kiba," spoke Sasuke. "Get some food..."

"Waiter!" said Kiba as he snapped his fingers. Neji ignored the whole thing, as he was staring very intently at his cell phone.

"A Mousse Duck Foie Gras," said Kiba.[15]

"Sorry, we don't have that here," replied the waiter.

Kiba sighed. "Then, a '89 wine."

"Um...We don't carry '89," replied the waiter. "Would you like to look at our wine selection."

"No, just go..." said Sasuke, annoyed. He turned to Kiba. "Why did we come to this lame place anyways?"

"Shika," smirked Kiba, nudging his head towards Shikamaru. "His new lady works here..."

Sasuke looked over at Shikamaru, who just shot another ball into the hole. Shikamaru looked up and nodded at Sasuke. The dark haired young man rolled his eyes in annoyance. Kiba drank from his glass. "Eh," he said to Sasuke, nudging his head towards Neji. "You know who he's waiting to call, right?"

Sasuke glanced over at the white-eyed boy for a moment, before turned back to his own drink. The trio was very bored, indeed. Just then, a group of guys walked into the bar. Sasuke's eyes shifted towards them, and then Kiba turned to where the Uchiha was looking at. The group approached Shikamaru and his "lady friend".

"What are you doing here?" asked the girl as Shikamaru shot the last ball into the hole. The girl tried to get behind Shikamaru, but one of the guys (the leader) grabbed her by the arm. She snapped her arm away from him. Shikamaru look up, now interesting.

"You should be a little more polite to women," he spoke.

"Do you know whose property she is?" said the guy. "Don't you listen around?"

"Hn," Shikamaru smirked. "Yes, I've heard. And I've also heard what an ass her boyfriend is."

"Do you know who you're talking to!?" shouted the guy.

Just then, Sasuke came up, grabbed the guy by the shoulder and turned him to face him. "Do you know who I am?" he asked as he rammed his fist into the guy's face, and then turning around and hitting the other two thugs that were with them.

Feeling it was his time to join, Kiba got up from his seat and held one of the guys by the shirt as the guy tried to hit him. Kiba simply smirked as his fist suddenly met the guy in the face.

Sighing at the brawl that was now preceding, Shikamaru sighed and put down his pool stick. "Every girl's worth is only one week," he spoke as he approached the leader. "But you still should be nice to them." And thus, kicked the guy in the stomach, sending him flying.

Meanwhile, Sasuke was in an arm lock with one of the other guys. He knocked him in the head, sending the other guy flying. Calmly, Neji got up from his seat and approached the bar tender, the brawl still going about around him. Kissing the girl on the cheek and telling her he'll call her later, Shikamaru past Sasuke and Kiba, and out of the building. By then, Sasuke was done, and he followed suit, going out the door along with Shikamaru. The rest of the guys had all been beaten up. Badly.

"Hey boss," said Neji calmly. He took a wad of bills from his pocket and placed it on the counter. "Here's $5,000. It should cover the damages." He then left his card. "If not, call this number. My people will deal with it." Then he took the bear bottle next to him and smashed it over a guy's head, who Kiba was struggling with on the floor. Getting up and laughing at the situation, Kiba followed Neji out the door.

Walking down the stairs of Konoha University. Naruto and Temari were both carrying boxes of paper. In Temari's hand was a coke. "Eh, Temari, do you want some help with that?" asked Naruto. "It looks real heavy."

"Oh, it's okay," replied Temari. "It's not too bad. It's actually pretty light."

"Really? Looks kinda heavy."

The two turned a corner, and suddenly, Temari lost her foot and tripped, sending the box and her drink flying as he grabbed onto the handrail.

"Ho...That's was a close one," spoke Temari, gasping for air.

"Behind you..." said Naruto softly.

Temari turned, to see that her coke was spilled all over Sasuke's nice shirt. "Ah!" she screamed. Shikamaru just arrived then as he looked to Sasuke's wet shirt, then to Temari.

"What are you yelling for?" said Sasuke.

"G-gomen...Gomennasai..." stuttered Temari.

"Why is everybody always apologizing to me?" said Sasuke as he turned to Shikamaru. Shikamaru "tsked" as he looked from Sasuke to Temari.

"Gomennasai!" apologized Temari. "Please forgive me!"

"If saying sorry was it, why would there be a need for the police," growled Sasuke.

Temari approached Sasuke. "Let me clean you up..." said the girl timidly.

"Get away from me!" shouted Sasuke as he shoved Temari, the girl colliding with the wall. Naruto stared wide-eyed as his friend impacted against concrete, Sasuke and Shikamaru now going up the stairs past him.

Puffing in anger, he turned around. "Stop!" he called to Sasuke. He and Shikamaru turned, facing a very pissed off Naruto. Temari looked up in surprised. "She apologized," spoke the blue-eyed boy softly. "Why can't you just forgive her?"

"What? Show compassion for people like you?" said Sasuke.

Naruto scoffed, stepping up to the dark haired boy. "Useless heirs like you don't even know what compassion is!"

"Useless heirs?" repeated Sasuke angrily.

"That's right," said Naruto firmly. "You pretend to be some macho men, with a stupid title like K4..." Just then, Neji and Kiba arrived at the scene. They gazed up, to see Naruto give Sasuke a (well deserved) lecture. "You come to school, and do what you want when you want. Your nothing but a PIG HEADED FOURSOME! All you know is how to hide behind your parent's money. You've never had to work for money, you don't even know how society works!" Kiba smirked as he and Neji gazed up at Naruto in awe. "What right do you have to act this way with anybody!"

Anger awakened in Sasuke's dark eyes. His face bore a hard and angry gaze, his breath heavy. He grabbed Naruto by the chin, holding his face firmly. "You've got guts," he growled as he slammed Naruto to the wall, walking away, followed by Shikamaru who patted Naruto sympathetically on the shoulder. Down the stairs, Neji, Kiba and Temari looked up at Naruto in worry and awe.

It was then that Naruto realized the full extent of what he just did. Oh, I am so dead.

[A/N: Ho ho ho! I'm not done yet! ::smile:: Just giving myself a break...Intermission for you to go to the washroom or something. ::giggles:: My sanity is just gone now. ::crackles evilly as she shoves Sasuke and Naruto into a closet:: Yay! ::sweat-drop:: Ahem...Okay, back to the fic.]

Utterly depressed and stressed from the event of the day, Naruto quietly opened the door to his house and stepped in, dropping his bag onto the floor and taking off his shoes. The blonde felt absolutely sick to his stomach, not because that he was rude to Sasuke. He deserved it. But Naruto knew that K4 was going to do something to him. He groaned as he sloshed to his bedroom. Just as he opened his bedroom door, he heard Tsunade call.

"Naru-chan, your home!" said Tsunade.

Depressed, Naruto turned towards his mother and father. "Yeah..." he groaned out, his voice tainted with despair. He slugged into his bedroom.

"What's wrong?" asked Jiraiya.

"Hm..." Naruto walked over to his bed and fell onto it lazily. "Nothing really." He turned around, sitting on the bed, looking at his parents. "'Ka- san...'Tou-san, what would you say if I wanted to drop out?"

Tsunade immediately began to have an asthma attack. "Eh, anata, are you all right?" said a worried Jiraiya as he grasped her shoulders to calm her down.

Naruto rolled his eyes in annoyance. "Okay, okay! I was just saying! I'll die before I drop out, okay?" Tsunade began to calm down by those words as Naruto slammed the door and dropped back onto his bed, crawling into his cover and wishing that he were dead.

All I wanted was a simple life. Now it's all gone.

That night, Naruto had nightmares.

The next day, Naruto felt horrible. He sloshed to his locker. His blue eyes gazed nervously at the metal locker. Please, don't let there be an K4 red notice...Please...Taking a deep breath, Naruto opened his locker. His eyes widened. Eh? There's nothing in there...He looked around inside his locker. There was no red notice. Impossible...

As Naruto walked down the hall to his classroom, he noticed that everyone was looking at him, and backing away from him. They were all avoiding him. What the hell? Why is everybody avoiding me?

When Naruto walked into class, all the eyes of his classmates fell on him. Apprehensive, Naruto walked over to his desk and looked inside. Nothing. He looked around his desk and by his chair. Up, down, around, under. Nothing. There was no red notice anywhere. Taking a deep sigh relief, Naruto sat down, smiling, feeling rather safe.

Naruto turned and saw Temari mouthing his name, pointing to her back. She had a rather nervous and anxious look. 'What?' Naruto mouthed back.

"Hn," laughed Yukari. "He's dead this time." Naruto looked towards Yukari and Jun. They were both smirking sinisterly at him. Naruto frowned, turning back to Temari.

There was a look of despair on Temari's face as she pointed to her back, mouthing to Naruto 'Your back'.

Slowly, Naruto reached behind him and pulled off from his back a slip of paper. His eyes widened as he looked at K4's infamous red notice. Wah! How could I have not known!

And the terror thus began...

Terror Number One

There was a test in class one day. Naruto busily worked on his test. English Literature in between the 14h century to the 20th century. His very best subject. The teacher, Ebisu, was working away at his desk in the front of the class. As Naruto thought about question number 23 (What was the key theme of The Death of Ivan Lynch? Give three examples of proof. Complete sentences, essay format.)[16], a little piece of paper was tossed to him from the guy sitting in front of him.

Then, the guy to his left slipped him a not. What the hell? Ebisu looked up from his desk, just to see the girl behind Naruto toss him a note. What the hell is going on? Naruto turned to the girl behind him in question.

"Naruto, what are you doing?" questioned Ebisu as he walked over to the blonde's desk. Ebisu looked down at the pieces of paper lying on Naruto's desk. "How dare you cheat in my class!"

"No, no...I wasn't cheating," spoke Naruto, truthfully.

"You didn't cheat?" Ebisu opened one of the notes. "Look! Right here, the answer to question number 23! This is evidence!" (A/N: Notice that #23 was an essay question that would be impossible to write on a little piece of paper.)

"But sensei! I'm not lying! I'm not cheating!" argued Naruto desperately. "I'm being framed! It's them who are giving these to me! I don't even need any answers!"

"Who? Who is it?" questioned Ebisu, not at all believing Naruto. "Lying and cheating. Utterly despicable." He took Naruto's test from him and walked back to his desk. He wrote on the chalkboard. "Cheating, eh? Zero!"

Naruto, sighing, got up from his desk to plead his case, holding the essay answer, he was suddenly tripped by someone, sending the papers flying as he fell to the floor. The papers hit Ebisu. The teacher turned around, glaring at the blonde, who had just gotten up and had not realized what had happened.

"Naruto!" shouted Ebisu. "What disrespectable behavior! Go! Get out of my class!"

"But-but..." Sighing in defeat, Naruto took his stuff and went out of the class, past the snickering of Yukari and Jun and the rest of his classmates, and the sorrow on Temari's face.

Terror Number Two

Naruto had to make a phone call. He was going to be late for work that day. When he picked up the phone, he suddenly noticed that his hand was glued tight onto the handle of the phone. He tried desperately to pull it off, to no avail.

Terror Number Three

Naruto, tired and depressed, walked into the washroom and into one of the stalls, closing the door. Quickly, two guys entered the washroom with a long stick, sticking it through the handle of the stall and locking Naruto inside the washroom stall. "Eh! Hey! Whose there?" shouted Naruto, banging on the washroom stall. "Hey! Somebody, help! Argh! Jerk! Asshole! Crap!"

Absolutely exhausted from the chaos he had to endure that day, Naruto gasped for air as he lend on his locker, his head against the cool metal. He was an absolute mess, his hair was ruined, and he was dirty all over. Jun and Yukari walked to their lockers, giving side-glances at Naruto and snickering at his sad predicament. Naruto turned at the sound of their snickering.

Suddenly, Naruto saw Temari behind Jun and Yukari. The blonde gave her a hopeful glance, but noticed that Temari was carrying a very anxious look. When she saw Naruto, her eyes widened, and she turned, walking away from him. "Hey." Naruto turned to see Sasuke at his locker (which by the way was a few meters away from his own), a smirk on his face. He scowled at the dark haired boy.

"So, this is your kind's compassion, eh?" ask Sasuke. His smirk widened. His comment was directed about Temari. "Just because of us, she's too scared to even talk to you." Giving a small chuckle, Sasuke followed Kiba and Neji and walked away from the angry blonde.

Terror Number Four

It was lunch. The cafeteria was empty. Naruto was dead hungry, having been running away from the terrorizing of the student body on him. He placed his bento on the table in the cafeteria, and sat down. He suddenly noticed that his butt was glued to the seat. "Oh, c'mon..." he groaned. He struggled to get his butt unglued.

Suddenly, there came a group of guys, who placed a bunch of firecrackers on the table in front of Naruto. The blonde stared at it for a moment, then saw one of the guys open a fire lighter and light the firecrackers. Naruto's eyes widened in horror. "Iie!" he cried as the fire crackers exploded.

Naruto was tired and stressed out as he rounded a corner of the Konoha University campus, finally having gotten away from the insane group who were hunting him down like some fox.[17] He was in a complete, utter mess. Dirty, stinky, hair in a mess...This was the worst week of Naruto's life.

Suddenly, he heard voice. "I saw Naruto going this way! Where's is he?" The blonde immediately hid behind a wall as his seekers ran past him. The blonde sighed in relief as he came out from his hiding place and slump against the wall, his knees buckling as he sank to the ground, gasping for air.

"I'm so tired...and so hungry..." the blonde mumbled out. "People always say that I'm stubborn and strong, but I don't think I can hold out much longer..." The blue-eyed youth hung in head in depression. Having felt another presence near him, Naruto looked up to see Temari with an anguished gaze on her face, standing above him. "Temari..." Naruto took a deep breath, and summoned up his best smile. He looked around for a moment. "You should go. You'll get in trouble with K4 and everybody." He beamed, slightly. "Daijobou. I'm all right. Really. Don't worry about me."

Gingerly, Temari stuck out her hand, handing Naruto a little kistune plushie. Curious, Naruto took the little thing, then turning to look at his friend. Who, with that anguished look, turned and left. Naruto stared after Temari as she disappeared from view, before turning back to the little kistune in his hand. He then noticed a little button on the kitsune's stomach. He pressed the button.

"Naruto...Gomen ne..." came the sound of Temari's voice.

A little grin came onto Naruto's face as he pressed the button again.

"Naruto...Gomen ne..."

The blonde lifted his head, resting it against the wall, his mind in thought. He couldn't be weak now. He just couldn't. It wasn't the kind of person Temari was friends with. He pressed the button again.

"Naruto...Gomen ne..."

With a new surge of determination, Naruto stood up. "If you want to find me, I'm right here!" he called. Just then, a bucket of water was dump onto his head. Naruto breathed angrily, whipping the water from his eyes, and turning to look up at the ones who dumped the water onto his head, before stalking off angrily.

BANG! He shoved open the door to the roof angrily, and ran to the edge, his hands on the stone railing. Naruto took deep, heavy, angry breaths as he looked over the Konoha U campus. Unknown to him (due to his amount of anger), Naruto did not see Neji sitting, gazing at his cell phone, next to the edge of the building.

"YOU BASTARDS! DAMN JERKS! PIG HEADS! I HOPE YOU ALL GO TO HELL! ASSHOLES! I HOPE YOU ALL GO BROKE AND DIE WITH ROTTEN TEETH!" Neji look up at hearing Naruto's yelling. "...ESPECIALLY K4! PIG HEAD FOURSOME! BAKAYAROU!" Naruto gasped for air as he continued to gaze across the campus.

"...And then what?"

Naruto suddenly turned his head at the sound of his voice, to see Neji standing at the edge of the building, completely stoic and in all his (Sex God) glory[18], a few meters away from him. The blonde was surprised, and a little embarrassed at the white-eyed youth having caught his screaming and ranting. He continued to gasp for air, from weakness and the lack of oxygen after screaming so much.

"What are you doing here?" Naruto chocked out feebly after a long moment of silence. He took a couple more gasps. "You...If you want to beat me up, that's okay...But wait a sec, I need to rest a bit before I can run."

Slowly, Neji approached Naruto. Still shocked and scared, Naruto backed away from him, still gasping for air. The dark haired young man extended out his arm, a handkerchief in his hand. "You can use this," he spoke, quite softly. Naruto stared at his outstretched hand cautiously and curiously, before slowly moving and taking the object from Neji's hand.

As Naruto used the handkerchief to whip the dirt from his face, he noticed Neji staring out at the sky. He felt his cheeks redden a little as he gazed at the dark haired Hyuga. "A-arigatou..." he mumbled out. "Sorry about that. I shouldn't have been insulting you guys. I was..."

"Don't say anymore..." spoke Neji, as he turned back to Naruto. "I'm not interested in other people's business..." With that the white-eyed young man turned to leave.

"Eh! Matte!" called out Naruto as Neji opened the door. "Your handkerchief!"

"I don't need it anymore. It's dirty now," spoke Neji as he disappeared down the stairwell.

"Damn bastards...Hmmm...I knew he was different from the other three..." mumbled Naruto as he approached the parking lot at the end of that day. He sighed, feeling drained and tired at having to go up against the whole student body. Unexpectedly, he noticed that his scooter's seat was taken apart, so he was unable to ride. "Aah...!" groaned the blonde in despair.

With no other way to go about it, Naruto pushed his sabotaged scooter along the side off the road. Hearing the roar of an engine, Naruto turned to see Sasuke's car (a gorgeous silver, hoodless Ferrari) stop by him. Sasuke turned to Naruto. "I have good news for you, and bad news," he spoke. "The good news is...your determination has won my respect. The bad news is...I'm going to work twice as hard to bring you down." And with that, he drove off, leaving an angry, irritated and determined Naruto gazing after him.

With newly gained fortitude, Naruto trained every day, running the steps (very long steps) up to the "Yamada Temple" to build strength. Naruto had an idea. He was not going to give up so easily. If Sasuke was going to be even tougher on him, then he just had to fight back. He wasn't going to let some pretty rich boy get the advantage of him. No! He was Uzumaki Naruto, the blonde thought to himself as he finished cutting a red strip of paper, and he was not going to let Uchiha Sasuke beat him!

As he spooned himself another bowl of rise, Jiraiya gazed at him in stunned awe. "Uh...Uh...Naruto, you're having your fourth bowl of rice...Are you all right?" asked the white haired man as he gazed at the blonde.

"I'm building up my strength," spoke the blue-eyed boy through a mouthful of rice.

"Ah...Oh," replied Jiraiya as he turned back to his own breakfast.

Finishing his bowl of rice, Naruto placed his bowl and chopsticks down. "I'm not going to lose to Sasuke! No way, no how!" the blonde said to himself. He looked up at Jiraiya. "Otou-san, I'm done! Oka-san, I'm going now!" And with that, he went out the door.

Jiraiya gazed after his son in shock as he rised to spoon himself a bowl of rise. When he opened the rise cooker..."Eh! He ate all of it!" Putting down his bowl in exasperation, Jiraiya stalked over to the washroom door. "Anata," he spoke as he knocked on the door. "Anata...Naruto...he ate all the rice!" complained the white-haired man. "Is Naruto pregnant?"

"Naruto is a boy, you dumbass!" shouted Tsunade.

In the Quad (the expensive dinning area of Konoha University), K4 were gathered around a table, chatting unessentially about...stuff. "Pig head four!" Sasuke turned his head as he heard Naruto's voice. Whamp! Naruto had stuck his own version of the infamous red notice onto Sasuke's forehead, his blue-eyes glaring at them. All of them gazed at him in surprise.

"I gonna tell you this only once. Don't think I'm scared of you pathetic goons. As of now, I'm declaring war against you four!" he shouted. With a nod of triumph, he turned, stalking off.

Sasuke gazed after him in surprised and awe, but was brought back by Kiba's snicker. Neji gave a small smile, watching Naruto go. "Wow...This is the first time anyone declared war on us," laughed Kiba.

Shikamaru raised a hand and grabbed the piece of red notice from Sasuke's forehead. "Heh..." He spoke as he handed it to Kiba. "It's a good imitation..."

As the two joked about, Sasuke stood up slowly, dazed and shocked at Naruto's declaration of war, staring after the blonde boy. Never...

"Wah! Naruto, did you really do that?" asked Ino in polite shock.

Leaning over the counter of Ki Ki Wai, Naruto nodded gloriously. "Uh huh." He turned to Ino. "I am not going to lose to them. No way..."

"That's great!" beamed Ino happily. "The Naruto I know is back!" She smiled at the blue-eyed boy. "You have to get them back ten times what they did to you, make them regret ever having messed with you."

Naruto smiled, nodding in determination. "Un. I'm defiantly going to make them regret."

Ino clasped Naruto's hands together [A/N: Fangirl alert! Fangirl alert! ] "Naruto, genba ne!"[19]

"Yep! Genba!"



"So do you know what your battle plan is going to be?" asked Ino.

Naruto paled. "Anno... to tell you the truth, I don't know..."

"Oh..." spoke Ino softly. "Then...do you know what K4 is going to do you to next?"

"I don't know that either..." answered Naruto, sweat-dropping.

The two friends looked to each other, their previously happy mood and dampened thoroughly.

Shikamaru went up the stairs of the club "The Coven", K4's private and favourite hangout. "Are they already up there?" he asked a waitress.

"Hai, Shikamaru-sama," replied the waitress.

"Arigatou." Shikamaru went past her and up the stairs, entering the loft. "Eh, sorry I'm late," he spoke as he took a seat next to Kiba.

"Ah, that's okay," replied the wild-eyed boy. "We're used to it." As he drank from his glass [A/N: Hm...::smiles:: I wonder if Kiba is drinking a Devil's Martini...That's really good!], Kiba suddenly noticed something. "Eh, the imotou-chan from last time isn't with you?"

"Every woman is only worth keeping for one week," replied Shikamaru as he poured himself a glass of champagne.

"It's been a week already?" laughed Kiba

Sasuke sighed. "Eh, where's Neji?"

Shikamaru turned to him. "I called his house, but the maid told me he was already asleep." He drank the sparkling liquid. He shook his head. "That guy...he has to sleep at least 15 hours per day."

"You know I'm really bored...Nothing really to do...There's nothing interesting at all," spoke the Uchiha heir.

"You know...That...what's his name? Naruto...He's really something," said Shikamaru. "He even dares to go up against the almighty Uchiha Sasuke." He shook his head. "Since we were kids, I don't think such an interesting scenario has ever come up."

"That Naruto is really pretty cool," said Kiba thoughtfully. "Even with everybody bullying him at school, he still doesn't let up." He turned to Sasuke, slapping him on the shoulder. "He's kinda like your Nii-chan! There's no way you could win him over."[20]

"What are you talking about?" said Sasuke, brushing off Kiba's hand. "I can win him any day."

"Ya wanna bet!" called Kiba cheerfully.

"Fine...Whatever..." replied Sasuke.

"Alright..." said Kiba. "A bet..."

"I'll join. I'm with Kiba," spoke up Shikamaru.

"Tch. You'll lose then," replied Sasuke.

Naruto gazed, annoyed and pissed off, at his scooter, which was covered from top to bottom in chains. He sighed, irritated at the whole situation, walking towards his chained up scooter. "Those damn bastards," he swore as he tried to break the chain with a rock (and any intelligent person would know that would take a long time to work, but Naruto wasn't Einstein). "Can't they think of anything more original? Che..."

"Need some help?"

"Huh?" Naruto turned, to see two guys standing there, grins on their faces. "Oh, thank you!" He smiled. (Author: He is an oblivious idiot.)

One of the guy's grin grew unpleasantly larger. "Don't worry about it. I got your note."

"Note?" repeated Naruto, confused. "What note?"

"Eh! Don't pretend," said the other guy. "You gave me one, too."

"What is that?" said Naruto, oddly nervous and confused as hell. "I have no idea what you're talking about."

"Your note said that if we protected you from K4, you would be willing to do anything." (Author: And I emphasize on the anything. Hint hint, nudge nudge. Get my drift?)

"What are you talking about? I never wrote anything, or say, I would do anything," said Naruto, now a little apprehensive.

"Hey, don't go pretending you don't know," said the other guy. "We risked our necks by coming to talk to you." He grinned a wolfish grin. "At least play with us a bit..." (Author: Now you know what I mean, right? You can't be that dense.)

Naruto suddenly got the implication. "What the hell are you saying, you nutcases?" shouted Naruto, stepping away from the two.

"C'mon, play with us a bit..." said one of the guys, as he tried to grab Naruto by the arm.

"Hey!" Naruto shoved him away, turning to run. "Get away!" The two chased after him.

"Get away, get away!" shouted Naruto as he ran down the hall of the building. "Don't touch me! Get away!"

Oh, but it was too late. The two grabbed Naruto and forced him onto the floor. "Let go of me!" screamed the blonde. "Help! AH! Somebody help! Let go of me!"

Naruto struggled against the two with all his might, but he was just one against two. Not too fair. "Let go of me you assholes!" he shouted "Somebody help!"

"Would you shut up already!" shouted one of them.

"Let go of him..."

The two guys turned, seeing Neji looming over them. Breathing hard, Naruto gazed up to see the face of his knight in shiny armor. "Neji-sama..."

"I said, let go of him..." Neji repeated firmly, his voice oddly scary. (Author: Cough.)

"But, we ordered by Sasuke-sama..."

"That's enough. Go."

The two guys immediately let go of Naruto, and ran from the very fearsome Neji. Naruto was quite surprised at the white-eyed man's quick change in attitude. He still laid on the floor, gasping for air from that terribly scary episode. Slowly, the blonde got up. Naruto felt vulnerable, and weak in front of Neji's eyes. "Why did you save me?" he shouted angrily. "Aren't you in the same bunch as Sasuke and them?"

"Nobody was going to save you..." he replied softly, turning to go. Naruto watch Neji slowly walk away.

Sitting up on his knees, Naruto felt the tears come. Unable to surpress his tsunami of emotions, he let the tears fall from his sapphire eyes and down his cheeks. He sat there, weak and unable to move, crying tears that had begged to fall a long time ago. All the anger, the hurt, from the weeks before were all coming back in full force.

At the hear of Naruto's tears, Neji stopped and slowly turned around, watching the little blonde cry. He turned around and walked back to Naruto's side. Against the wall, Neji flipped upside down and did a handstand. In curiosity, Naruto stopped his sniffling for a moment and turned to Neji. "What are you doing?" he asked feebly.

After a few moments, Neji flipped right side up again, crouched beside Naruto. "When I was little, a friend taught me that if you feel like crying, and you don't want to cry, than what you do is a handstand...this way, the tears that are fall from your eyes, wouldn't fall anymore."[21] He turned, looking Naruto right in the eyes. "Got it?"

Naruto, still a little teary and a little surprised that Hyuga Neji had just comforted him, said nothing. And for a while, the two simply sat there, completely relaxed in each other's presence. Slowly, Neji got up to leave. "If you don't want to cry anymore, than just do a hand stand..." he spoke as he walked away. Naruto stared after him, a little bit in awe at just what happened

The phone rang. The butler, Akira, picked up the phone. "Uchiha residence," spoke. "Ah, two of Sasuke-sama's schoolmates are here for him? Alright then." He put the phone down, then picked it up again, pressing one of the buttons, calling the pain service. "Where is Sasuke-sama? Pool. Indoor or outdoors? Indoor, alright. Tell Sasuke-sama that the two he's waiting for are here." He place the phone back in its place and went to the door the receive the two goons.

The Uchiha mansion was one of the oldest mansions in Japan. It was building by a French architect, and the entire house was entirely designed in Venetian style, with marble everywhere and crystal chandelier lights, and stood three stories, excluding the basement. In the main lobby, two sets of stairs lead to the upstairs. There was 14 bedrooms in the house 21 washrooms, two pools on the lot, indoor and outdoor, a tennis court, and 19 other rooms of use. There was even an elevator.

Akira walked to the from entrance, greeting the two men. "Are the two of you Sasuke-sama's schoolmates?" The two nodded. "Follow me. Don't touch anything. Break it, it'll take you your entire lives to make up for it.-"

The two boys followed Akira across the mansion and inside the indoor pool. Sasuke was peacefully swimming in the pool. When he noticed Akira and the other two, he approached the edge. "Sasuke-sama..." The dark haired man got of the pool, two maids ready and waiting, handing him a fresh clean towel. With a wave of his hand, Sasuke told Akira to go.

"Well? Were you successful?"

The two goons stood before Sasuke. They look to each other, than back to the young heir, before shaking their heads. "Failed? Are you idiots?!" he shouted angrily.

"But...that guy was really hard to deal with," said one. "When we finally got him to the ground, and we going to take of his cloths, to teach him a lesson..."

"Who told you to take off his cloths!?" thundered Sasuke, smacking the guy in the head. "I just wanted you two to scare him a little."

"No, no...You misunderstand..." said the other. "We weren't successful because Neji-san appeared..."

Sasuke was quiet, thinking. What the hell...Neji?

"Hyuga Neji...?" he muttered. He turned away from the two, thinking hard about what just happened.

"Uh...What about our $500?" asked the guy.

Sasuke turned around. "You failed and you still want money?" shouted Sasuke as he kicked the guy into the pool. He turned to the other one, turning his hand. The other turned, and Sasuke kicked him in the butt, sending him, too, into the pool. "Useless mongrels..."

The next day, Sasuke, Shikamaru and Kiba were all walking serenely around Konoha campus. "Uchiha!" They heard the call, and turned, just in time to see Naruto run up to Sasuke, shove him hard, then punching him squarely in the face. Sasuke's head bounched to the side from the impact. He slowly turned back to face the blonde. Utter shock and surprise in his eyes.

"You bastard!" shouted Naruto furiously. "Are you a man or what? Doing something like that was too shameful and pathetic!" Glaring at the dark haired man, Naruto turned and walked away, the whole area of students gazing in on the situation.

Kiba and Shikamaru's jaws dropped as they watched Naruto run off. The browned haired man turned to Sasuke. "Are you okay?" he asked, slightly worried at the expression on Sasuke's face.

"Want some coke?" asked Kiba.

All Sasuke could do was stare in awe after Naruto. Never...

Naruto rushed up to the roof, his special place. He was breathing hard. "So nerve wracking..." he spoke to no one. "Will he do something? This is really scary...But...but this feels way too good!" He turned, facing the campus. "Pig head four!" He shouted. "I won't back down! No way!"

In his Jacuzzi in the Uchiha mansion, Sasuke was thinking very hard.

"What? The master's been in there for four hours?" asked Akira to one of the maids. "Eh...Something must be wrong.

The dark haired youth was thinking very hard about what happened that morning. Sasuke found that he couldn't stop thinking about the blonde, no matter how hard he tried, Naruto just kept popping back into his mind. His eyes, his hair, the stubborn and naïve way he was. Sasuke couldn't understand it. And he was annoyed.

Naruto looked out onto the rooftop. He looked around, but sighed in disappoint at seeing that no one was there but himself. Hn...Weird...he didn't come today...Sighing, Naruto turned, leaving the rooftop.

As he walked the halls to class, he suddenly heard the sound of music, a piano, playing Chopin, if he remembered correctly. He followed the sound of the music, and found himself at the school auditorium. The large splendid doors were slightly open. Curious, Naruto looked inside to see Neji playing on a grand piano. Naruto smiled as he listened to Neji play. Taking a deep breath and summoning up his courage, Naruto walked into the auditorium.

Neji's eyes slowly, opened, gazing at the cell phone lying on top of the piano. He was waiting...waiting for her to call.

Naruto carefully walked down the steps of the auditorium, towards the main stage. At the hear of footsteps, Neji stopped and looked up at the source of the noise. "Anno...You know how to play the piano?" asked Naruto timidly. "That's so cool. That song you were playing before, it was by Chopin right?"

"Don't you know when you're bothering people," spoke Neji as he got up from his seating, grabbing the cell phone.

"Anno..." He walked up to the stage, just as Neji was about come of it. "Uh...Actually, I just wanted to thank you for what you did last time...If you hadn't saved me that time, I would have been..." He stopped and blushed. "Anyways, I'm very grateful to you."

"If I knew you were this clingy, I wouldn't have saved you..." spoke the white-eyed young man. He began to take the steps out of the auditorium. Naruto remained where he was.

"But, I'm still really happy," spoke up the blonde. Neji stopped, than kept walking. "I know it's because you're in K4 that's you're not talking to me now, right?...I was at the roof looking for you..."

Neji stopped and turned around to face him, looking down at him. "Then I won't go anymore." He turned and walked out of the auditorium, leaving a very surprised and hurt Naruto all by himself.

Weird...why did he say such mean things to me? But I'm not angry at all. The blonde smiled. It's weird...But every time I see him, I feel really happy...

Still smiling happily, Naruto got to the parking lot. As he unlocked his scooter... "Are you Uzumaki Naruto?" The blonde turned as two men dress in black grabbed him by the arms.

"Eh! What are you doing? Hey, let me go!" shouted the blonde helplessly. "Who are you? Wait! Ah! Somebody help me!"

The car drove, with Naruto inside it. The boy struggled against his captures. "Hey, sit still!" shouted one of them.

"Eh! Stop moving!"

"Let me go! Let me go!"

"Oi! Watch it!"

The car swerved to the left, swerved to the right. To anyone in the vicinity, they would have seen a black car drive recklessly around the road.

"Hey, hey, watch it!"

"Let go!"

"Stop moving!"


The car stopped for a moment as Naruto tried to get out. "Let me go!"

"Eh! Stop"

"Ha, how dare you bit me!"

"Just knock him out..."



The car continued driving.

When Naruto awoke, he was lying on his back, staring up at four women. To say the least, he was confused, pissed, and a little scared.

"Hmm...His skin is in good condition...Very soft..." said one of the women.

"I think, maybe tighten the skin a bit...And some cream would make it even smoother...The master will defiantly like it..." said another.

"The hands are a bit rough...a little manicure, and a message would be good..."

"His skin is a little too dark...a bit of condensation may make it lighter..."

Naruto stared at the women. "Eh, who are you people...?" He tried to get up.

"Don't move..."

"Let me go!"

"We're going to make you look nice..."

"Let me go! Hey don't touch my cloths"

"Don't worry, you'll feel great..."

"LET ME GO! Watch it! What are you doing to my hair? HELP!"

Nervous, Naruto followed Akira. The butler opened the doors to a room. "Go into..." he spoke. Anxious and suspicious at what was going on, Naruto entered the room. It was gorgeous, with rouge walls...everything was decorated in a Venetian style. Naruto, curious, gazed around the room as Akira closed the door. He turned and saw a lovely golden-framed mirror on the way. He was shocked to see his own reflection.

He look great! No, he look better than great...He look beautiful...Hell, he looked hot! Naruto stepped closer to the mirror, turning slightly and surveying himself. His skin glowed and was lighter, and incredibly soft. His hair was sleek, and shiny. But hell, it was what he was wearing that made him slightly nervous. It was black. And it was all leather. The top was slightly tight, that cut off the sleeves and rose to the neck, and stitched at the back. The pants were, surprisingly, very comfortable. They stitched at the ankles, on the back of the pants. A silver chain hung around his waist. Long leather gloves ran from his knuckles to his upper arm. And his shows were cleaned and polish to show his reflection.

He really did look good.

Sasuke stared up and down Naruto and smiled a little. "Well?" Naruto turned at the sound of his voice.

"What are you doing here?"

Sasuke smirked. "This is my house!"

"Your house..." spoke Naruto is slight awe. "Your house is this big, even with your own message parlor?"

The smirk stayed on Sasuke's face. "This is the high life..." he spoke, turning towards the large, velvet draped windows, then back to Naruto. "Commoners like you would never dream of such things in your lives..."

Naruto rolled his eyes. "But..." Sasuke continued. "But I can see now, even common people like you...with a little work, you could even glow..." Naruto stared at himself, then back to Sasuke.

"So? What do you want?" demanded the blonde.

After a few moments of silence, Sasuke spoke. "What I mean is...I'm going to give you a offer...for you to stay by my side..."

Naruto stared a little shocked at Sasuke. "Stay by your side?"

"At school...You'll be considered mine. You have to walked behind me, but if nobody is around, I want you to always be by my side..." He smirked. "So, what do you think? You feel really happy, right..."

"Yes..." replied the blonde. "I do feel really happy...Because this proves...You been beaten by me so bad you've turned crazy! What the hell are you talking about? Did you really think I would be happy?"

"Why wouldn't you be happy?" retorted Sasuke. "I can give you $10,000 per month to spend...I can give you credit cards, you could use them to your heart's content. I can get you chauffer, to and from school...Everything in my house you could use. I could give you a life of luxury...There is nothing in this world that I couldn't give to you. If I'm happy, I could give you all of Paris...I am a man of size..." Naruto took of his shoe and chucked it at Sasuke. "Hey!"

"You baka!" he shouted. "It's SENSE not SIZE! Give me back my cloths. I'm leaving..."

Sasuke sighed in annoyance. "What do you mean..."

"What do I mean? Do you take me for an idiot? I'm not something you can buy! I am not someone you can ever buy, ever win! Understand?"

"You...Do you know how many people want to be with me? You're actually rejecting me?"

"Then go find them," spoke Naruto indignantly. "I tell you for the last time. I am something you could never buy in this world! Good bye!" He turned and left, leaving Sasuke shocked and angry.

Lying in his bed, Sasuke thought about Naruto and his words.

"I am something you could never buy in this world!"

He felt his heart oddly tight.

The next day at school, as Naruto walked around campus, he got very strange looks from his fellow schoolmates.

Weird...Why is everybody staring at me like that?

Ignoring them all, Naruto continued on walking to his Lit class. As he entered class, everybody was staring at him. Disregarding their looks, Naruto went over to his desk and sat down.

"Common people are just not like us," said a girl behind him. "They don't do things the way we do..."

"Definitely," spoke another. "Really immoral to do things like that..."

Naruto frowned as he listened to what they said. He then looked up and noticed what was written on the chalkboard. His mouth dropped as he ran up closer to the chalkboard, reading it to make sure he was not mistaken. He then turned glaring at his classmates.

Written on the chalkboard was...



Author's Note: Okay, my otou-san took away my Internet one day, and I started to re-watch "Meteor Garden", a Taiwanese drama based on Kamio Yoko's manga "Hana Yori Dango". And suddenly! Wham! This idea came to me, wouldn't it be great to do a Naruto version of Meteor Garden? And so, after much character organization and adapting the story to Naruto, this is what I came up with...I based this fic on the Taiwanese drama, 'cause the manga is damn hard to find and it's so much easier for me to just watch MG. It was hard work casting. I didn't know how hard it would be till I actually did it.

I worked pretty hard on it...5 hours of typing none stop, and then some more typing. Foo...But I'm finally done. So amazingly happy. Since I based this on the drama, and I do one chapter to each episode, there should be about 19 to 20 chapters by the end. This is the most I've ever written for any story. I've got over 10,000 words for this chapter only! Ho! This is the first romantic comedy I have ever done, hetero or yaoi. And it will also be my last.

Yes, yes, I know Sasuke seems like a jerk right now, and no descent person would give him the time of day, but his wooing for our dear Naruto-chan is going to increase, and become better. ::beams:: Oh, and I can't wait to do the whole NejiNaru bit...So kawaii! I love triangles, they're just so much fun!

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[1] It's that kind of motorcycle thingy...I really have no idea what the hell it's called.

[2] Mr. Yoshida was actually a teacher at my old high school. He allowed us to use his laptop to show Anime for my old Anime Club. Thanks Yoshida- sensei!

[3] I don't know if Naruto can actually make onigiri. But I don't really care. I semi-used part of Honda Tohru's personality for him. Tohru makes onigiri. So, Naru makes onigiri. I'm gonna make him into a uke housewife! Yay!

[4] I don't mean to be cruel to Lee. He's a really good character...But he was best for the role. I can't do Lee without going into fits of hysteria. It's the eyebrows...

[5] Hey! Kanji and Chinese are close enough by my books! So I think onjou is a close translation.

[6] Hard translating that Confucius stuff from Chinese to English, dude...You get the point, that's all you need to know.

[7] That is the LITERAL translation. Really! I really wanted to use that 'cause I thought it was really funny the first time I heard it.

[8] Hard to translate Chinese swearing...

[9] I dunno how Asian guys dress! Well, I know, but I despise to shop, and getting an explanation of clothing from me would be confusing. Just think of the coolest Asian guy you know, and there you go. No! Don't think of Ghetto clothing!

[10] Hard line to translate too. It was Meteor Garden's badass character, Dao Ming Zi's most famous line. It's philosophy is, if an apology was all that was needed, police would be needed to fix the problems and get justice.

[11] I tried my best to make Neji's eyes sound sexy...I don't think it worked...

[12] KiKi Wai is actually an Anime shop in Chinatown. They have so much plushie goodies!

[13] Too confusing to explain. Chinese parents are always arguing about money. Pathetic.

[14] Dracula's Daughter is a club that was written about in Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles.

[15] ::looks around:: Does anybody know what that is? I don't...

[16] This is actually a really good essay question. The Death of Ivan Lynch is by Leo Tolstoy. A really good book.

[17] It wasn't till I actually wrote this down that I noticed the irony. Hunted like a fox...Hehe...

[18] The "Sex God" thing is a favourite phrase from my friend K-san. She has named many bishies Sex Gods...And I think defining Neji as a Sex God would make many fangirls happy.

[19] I have no idea how to correctly translate "Genba". I know how to do it from Japanese to Chinese, and vice versa. But it is so hard to do it for English has no such phrase or words would get it to make sense. English really sucks sometimes.

[20] All I have to say is, who is Sasuke's nii-chan? ::evil smile::

[21] This was the hardest line to EVER translate! Holy crap! It basically means that to stop yourself from crying, all you have to do is turn upside down and that way your tears would fall back into you eyes. Odd, I know. This is a bit of a spoiler for the next chapter.

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