Harry Potter and the Scarlet Beetle lncident

By Penmom

Author's Notes: (1) Here we go - my Buffied version of Harry! (2) This is set in the winter of Harry's seventh year at Hogwarts (3) Let me know what you've thought - Pretty Please!

Chapter 7

He felt as if he were a bottle of champagne about to pop its top . There wasn't a molecule in his body that wasn't feeling the full effects of the twins' concoction. It had taken everything he had not to make a veritable fool of himself at the flat. When this was over he was going to have a long talk with the Weasley brothers.

His thoughts of retribution dimmed as Hermione launched herself into his arms once more.

" 'Mione --- I'm not kidding, I am going to seriously molest you if you don't lock yourself in the bathroom."

Hermione responded by pushing his T-shirt up, "You daft boy, don't you get ---" she articulated each word as if he no longer spoke English "the only way to stop this is to give into it - that is the antidote!"

He found himself so distracted by her tugging and twisting that he finally pulled off the shirt himself. He found himself in the same snarky mood as she. "There - are you satisfied?"

As soon as the words were out of his mouth, the unintentional connotations of the phrase hit him and he blanched. Here he was shirtless in Hermione's quarters seriously considering bedding her - could the situation be any more preposterous.

As soon as Harry pulled off his shirt, Hermione pressed her palms to his chest. She had made up her mind and as always, she rarely strayed from her intended course. She couldn't recall the last time she had seen him without his shirt, certainly she had at sometime. But now confronted with Harry the young man verses Harry her friend, she found his form quite pleasing. She leaned in and peppered kisses on his chest, her hands coming round to hold him.

Knowing Hermione, Harry surrendered as well. She had made up her mind and at present, she was the one doing the molesting. Still there was one thing he had to ask first before he totally went up in flames.

He inserted his hand between them and raised her face to his. He waited several seconds until her eyes cleared a bit.

" 'Mione, are you? I mean have you ever? Well, you know?" He could feel himself blushing furiously.

Her eyes widened and he prayed she wouldn't take offense at his question. How was he supposed to know what she did with Crumb or Ron for that matter? Although he imagined Ron wouldn't be able to keep something like that to himself.

Thankfully that telltale wrinkle didn't show up between her eyes, she just seemed surprised. "No, Harry. There hasn't been anyone. Honestly, what we've done --- how we've kissed tonight is more --- is quite more than I have ever done."

Harry suddenly felt very tender and protective toward her. He brushed her bangs out of her eyes and cupped the side of her face. "Me too. I mean, nor have I."

For a moment they stood there silently regarding each other, the heated blood coursing through their veins. The realization that they were really going to do this struck them both.

" 'Mione? I want to do this right. I mean..." He stopped talking and took her hand. With the other hand, he reached for his wand in the back pocket of his jeans and with a slight wave the lights went out except for the blaze lighting the hearth.


It was well after two am when a third Weasley brother apparated into the common room. How could he have forgot his dress robes! Ron looked about and shrugged his shoulders. He had expected to find his two best friends still up studying - they must have broken into the library again. He thought briefly about looking for them but he certainly didn't want to keep Fleur waiting.

As he turned to rush up the steps to find his robes, he noticed another of Fred and George's famous parcels spread on the table. Without a thought, he napped a few pieces of candy.