The Samurai of Tomorrow

"Inuyasha, ye must do this."

Inuyasha frowned at the Shikon Jewel in his right hand. They had always debated what to do with it. But he never thought they might have to use it for this. He'd never dreamed he'd have to use it to help Seshoumaru.

"Inuyasha!" Kaede was running out of patience. She knew what those dreams had meant now.

Kagome stood nearby biting her fingernails. The cold Lord of the West had ended up fighting with them against Naraku, although his reason remained unknown. Now Naraku was dead....and Seshoumaru was quickly following him. Miroku put a hand on Inuyasha's shoulder.

"Look Inuyasha, I don't want the Shikon no Tama used this way either. However, your brother's own soul is in peril. It is slowly disintegrating as we speak."

No. Inuyasha didn't want to use the Jewel on Him. But...he was his brother, no matter what he'd done in the past. Besides, he had helped to defeat Naraku. Seshoumaru's very soul had been damaged in the battle. The hanyou saw Sango looking intently at him and Inuyasha glared at her. Then he glared at the jewel.

"Tell me Old Lady, why should I care?" he growled. "Why's it so important anyway if he gets reincarnated or not?" That's it Inuyasha, act like you don't care, he thought.

"Inuyasha!" Kaede had had enough. There wasn't any time left. "Because...because much depends upon this Inuyasha. Even if it did not, I would not wish such a fate upon even ye brother."

The Hanyou stared at the broken, bloody body of his older brother. The little human girl he traveled with didn't even know the youkai's fate yet. He sighed deeply and finally held out the clawed hand to the old woman. Kaede took the Shikon no Tama and placed it over Seshoumaru's soul. His soul glowed brightly, causing the Jewel to flare up as well. The two golden globes seemed to hang in stillness for an eternity before they merged together and vanished. Seshoumaru was dead, but his soul yet lived.

Everyone stood in breathless silence before little Shippo spoke up in a tiny voice from behind Kagome.


"Yes Shippo?" The old woman looked fondly at the little Kitsune.

"Why's it so important that Seshoumaru be reborn?" The old priestess smiled.

"Because the person he becomes is needed." Then the last of her visions came upon her. She saw Seshoumaru walking down a road toward a blazing red sun. He began to slow down until finally he stopped and turned in her direction. His tall frame shrank and his silver Youkai hair turned bright red. Golden eyes now glistened sapphire blue while his youkai face melted into a human one. A cross-shaped scar appeared on one cheek. The now human Seshoumaru unsheathed the sword at his hip. But instead of pulling out the Tenseiga, he pulled out a strange sword with a backward blade. To the left of the now human swordsman, Kaede saw blood and violence. On his right side, there was a soft, warm light. The priestess could just barely make out the images of a boy, two women, and a man in a group of people that had appeared within the light. The red-haired Samurai sheathed his sword and headed back into the setting sun.

"Lady Kaede?" The concerned voice of Miroku brought Kaede out of the vision.

"I'm fine Miroku, thank you," she said and stared into the sun. Because the person he becomes is needed, she thought. Seshoumaru, Youkai Lord of the West....Himura Kenshin, Samurai of Tomorrow.

Author's Note: This is a one-shotter. If there is enough interest, I'll write a longer piece about Kenshin as a reborn Seshoumaru.