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Chapter 1 -

The God of High School

The mindless chatter of excited 16-year-old girls filled the ears of Yami Motou, yes, it was a new year of school, high school to be exact. And yes, this made him 16.

A girl gave a high pitch squeal and fingered Yami's new uniform excitedly, "He looks so hott, ne?" And her friend would just nod in agreement.

And yes, if you haven't guessed it, they were all chattering away about him.

Because Yami was their god.

Well, okay, not really. But Yami saw it that way. The way they worshipped him, the way they'd all cry out when he'd smirk, or faint when he smiled. No, they didn't really faint. But he didn't really pay them any mind anyway, he hated the attention.

It was enough to make him bring ear plugs to school, he didn't wear them though, for fear they might fall into his brain when some girl screams to loudly. Sure, one might say he has a wild imagination. But he was actually just overly careful. He'd always been that way, since he was young. Always looking over his shoulder, always ready to defend himself. As though someone may be out to get him. And he did have an idea of who that might be.

Subject A.

Codename: Mouto Yuugi

Type: New Student

Gender: Male

Side: Fangirls?

Yami shuddered, that boy was overly nice to them, he had already spent a whole day with their leader, Anzu Mazaki, and he wasn't dead yet. So obviously he must be on their side. Though Yami really had no proof, he had yet to see the boy, much less talk to the boy. Word around the halls though was that Yuugi was a clone, so to say, of Yami. He could hardly picture it.

He chuckled to himself.

Subject B.

Codename: Mazaki Anzu

Type: Fangirl

Gender: Female

Side: Neutral

Now, Anzu was the only fangirl Yami could stand, she was nice, much less obsessive, at least with him, and she was the only one who could control the other beasts. Yami had hung out with her a few times after school, but she was one who didn't enjoy walking around or talking much. How she was the fangirls leader Yami would never know. But all that counted was that she was indeed, and that was too much for him already.

Subject C.

Codename: Kaiba Seto

Type: Loner/Popular

Gender: Male

Side: Neutral

Kaiba was a evil, egotistic, jerk. He was loved by girls, hated by boys, the only sex which actaully knew and talked to him instead of admiring him from afar. Now, a good friend of Yami's, Jou, had a huge crush on him. So you could say he was the only insane male. Now that was beside Honda, who was also very insane, but for differen't reasons. Of course, then there was Malik, Marik, and Bakura...

Anyway! Something else very few people know...Kaiba is Yami's cousin.

Subject D.

Codename? Bakura

Type: Loner

Gender: Male


Bakura, that jerk. He's also another to add to the group of mentally challenged insane folk that Yami went to school with. He's a bigger jerk than Kaiba, he's weird, he's a friggin' vampire! Talk about scary! But then there's Ryou Bakura, he's, like, the only friend Bakura has. Oh, but then there's Yuugi...

Yami snorted.

The stupid boy befriended Bakura before he even saw him. Okay, maybe not, that's a bit impossible, but still. Yuugi must think he's some kinda saint, he's gotta be friends with everyone! That loser. His act won't work on me!

But back to Ryou, he is another close friend of Yami's. Yami, being the smart one he is, would never do anything to hurt Ryou, like tell him off, knowing Bakura is always only a step away. Literally. They always hung out. Which is how Bakura became a popular loner, sorta like Kaiba, except not. See bakura was a loner, who became popular. While Kaiba is a popular guy, who likes to be alone. Get it? It's awfully confusing, but anyway, group or no group, Yami still hated Bakura more than anyone else.

Except maybe Yuugi.

Whom, he'd never met.

But what a jerk! Thinking he can make everyone like him.

Anyway, he knew as soon as Yuugi would meet him he'd hate him. Because Yami wanted that, he'd do everything in his power to anger Yuugi, so he'd have a reason to go around announcing it to everyone. Oh what sweet rapture that would be. "Rival!" He would call him. Yami chuckled once again, lost in that sadistic imagination of his. Until Jou shook him hard.

"Itai! What is wrong with you baka?" He spat at his friend, who just grinned in return. "I just ran into Mazaki, she said that she wants ya to meet someone!" Jou added a wink and laughed, seeing the disgusted look on Yami's face.

"And why," He growled, "Would I want to go anywhere near her and her little pet?"

Jou, who knew of Yami's hate towards the boy he had yet to meet, frowned, "Yami, give em' a chance man. He hasn't done anything to ya." He rolled his eyes as Yami turned his attention elsewhere in the hallway, of course they feel onto Anzu, who was standing only feet away.

"Speak of the devil."

"Ya-Kun!" Anzu shouted gleefully, running toward him with a hand in the air and the other dragging someone else mercilessly, a boy. They boy, Yami instantly recognized as Yuugi Mouto, his enemy to be. He easily noticed the uncanny resemblance to himself Yuugi bore, and it just proved to anger him more. 'Copying me, how dare he!'

Yuugi looked up at Yami, a blush on his face, Anzu had dragged him around the school telling him to meet all the 'hotties', the one she spoke mostly of, as the 'King' of the High School stood right before him. And was almost his mirror image. Could that possibly mean she thought he was hott? This made his blush deepen, and he almost forgot that he was expected to say something. "Uhm, hi." He said weakily, with a large smile. It made Yami sick, he just growled in return and met Yuugi's large smile with an equally large frown.

A elbow to the stomach was provided by Jou. "Hiya, Yuug'? Can I call you that? I give all my friends nicknames."

Yuugi smiled brighter than before, trying desperatly to ignore the looks Yami threw him. Oh, if looks could kill!

"Oh please, call me whatever you like!" Yuugi laughed.

"Oh well how about..." Yami started, but Jou quickly elbowed him before he could finish.

"Ignore him, he's a Jerk." Jou told him, rolling his eyes again. Hanging out with Yami too much makes you do this excessivly.

"I'm not a jerk!" Yami yelled causing Yuugi to fall backword surprised by Yami's tone. Yami snorted, 'Whatta idiot, 'Oh no Yami yelled please save me!'

Thankfully for Yuugi, he was caught before he hit the ground, by Seto Kaiba. "Ah Seto, thank you!" Anzu bowed happily, Seto nodded and turned back to his cousin. "You're such an idiot." He sneered, looking Yami in the eye, Yami just smirked, "Runs in the family I suppose."

"I take it they're related?" Yuugi whispered to Jou, who nodded in return.

"Cousins." Jou said this very meakily though, perhaps it was because his crush was infront of him, paying no mind to him as usual. He sighed, oh what he'd give to have a little attention from the other boy.

"Are you o-" Yuugi's words were cut off as he was dragged off by Anzu once again.

"Hey Yuug'! Meet me infront after school and we'll hang out 'kay?" Jou called to him as he left, a smile on his face, but he was also pulled away, by Yami, who was fed up with the day.

And fed up with Yuugi.

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