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Chapter 6 -
The Confused Lover

The following day at school was a slow one.

For some reason, Yami could not keep his eyes off Yuugi. It was as if he was obsessed or something!!

He supposed it was because Yuugi was actually in school; it really surprised him. He didn't look so well the night before. Then again, that could have been his natural look.

Yami smirked, turning back to the work on his desk.

When the bell finally did decide to ring and release them from their lasy class of the day, Yami went straight to his locker, ignoring that stares and comments of the girls at school were not directed toward him.

"Oh, Yuu-Chan! Are you feeling alright?"

"Why weren't you in school yesterday?"

"I brought you some chocolate; that always helps me when I'm sick!"

Yuugi's hand scratched the back of his head in a nervous fashion, "Thanks everyone, I feel fine. I just needed some sleep. You're all so nice, thank you."

He wasn't used to this sort of attention, but was glad for all of the caring friend's he had. He excused himself from the crowd, however, when his eyes fell on Yami. He carefully walked to the boy's locker and could easily tell that Yami noticed him by the growing frown on his lovely features.


"What do you want? I would like to get home. Soon." He slammed his locker shut and turned to face the slightly shorter teen. "Well?"

Yuugi looked to his feet for support, "Um, I just wanted to thank you." Spotting confusion on the other's face he added, "Um, for, you know, bringing my homework to me. That was really nice...Of you."

Yami looked surprised, Yuugi was thanking him despite how badly he treated him. He quickly shrugged it off as well as the boy himself. "Whatever. I only did what I was told."

With that Yami turned and walked away, bag slung over his shoulder.

Yuugi watched, almost longingly, as the boy left. Why does he hate me? Am I annoying? Did I say something wrong?

He didn't have much more time to dwell on it; he had promised to go with Anzu to the mall after school.

"You think you can just step into things that aren't even about you?"

The sound of flesh on flesh echoed about the alleyway; a tall brunette fell to the ground, although he looked unhurt. Seto Kaiba easily recognized the thugs about him as Jounouchi's attackers from the other day. The leader, Bobby Lee as Jounouchi dubbed him, flashed a sharp-looking pocket knife in his direction.

The last thing Seto wanted was to be cut to pieces by a random loser with nothing better to do. Running wasn't really an option, though, as all exits were blocked by larger friends of Bobby. "What the heck is your deal?" Seto shouted, teasing a laugh out of Bobby.

"I just want to make sure that you no longer stick your large nose in our affairs." The hand carrying the knife was thrust in Seto's direction, and the tall teen almost thought it was the end for him...

Until the knife was kicked from the thug's hand in a flash of blonde hair.


The said teen look angrily upon the attackers, cracking his knuckles in a cocky manner. "This is between you and me, Bobby. Keep Seto out of it, you coward."

"My name isn't even Bobby, it's--"

"Shut up and fight!"

With that, Bobby came at him. Fists flew through the air, each of Jounouchi's hitting their mark while Bobby stumbled around. It became apparant who had the upper hand when weapons weren't involved and Bobby's friend became involved.

"What?!" Jounouchi was thrown to the ground, several kicks being aimed at his stomach. Seto jumped in, of course, but there was still too many larger guys for just the two teens to handle themselves. It didn't end until a police car drove by, scaring the gang into running. Of course, the cops hadn't actually noticed, or maybe they didn't care that the duo was being attacked and now lay wounded on the ground.

Jounouchi managed to gasp an-

"You ok?"

To Seto who answered with-

"Just dandy."

A laugh escaped Jounouchi's mouth as he tried to stand up, "Why were they after you, anyway?"

Seto was able to lift himself and lent a hand to the shorter blonde boy, "They weren't happy about me being your boyfriend."

Now, Seto had said that pretty non-chalently, but Jou was shocked out of his mind. "You're-You're what??"

Had he heard correctly? What was wrong with Seto? Was he going mad?

"You're my boyfriend."

Yep, it was for sure. Seto was crazy...But Jounouchi couldn't help but smile.

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