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Warning: Eventually this will contain sexual situations between men. If you don't like, don't read. Also contains some language.

Author's Note: This takes place when Hatori, Ayame, and Shigure are in high school. Please let me know what you think. Thanks.

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Hatori's Problem

Hatori was only attracted to women.

To most boys his age this wouldn't seem like much of a dilemma, but to him it was a tragedy, not to mention extremely ironic. Ironic because it meant he was a senior in high school and still a virgin.

He knew it was possible for those cursed by the zodiac to be sexually active with members of the opposite sex, but his young mind had yet to figure out how. Not only that, he knew that one false move would turn him into a helpless sea creature which would be completely humiliating. He knew he could erase memories, but he didn't think he could live with himself if he did it that way. He only erased memories when ordered by Akito or his father; that was hard enough.

He had tried to push his heterosexuality aside on several occasions and assume the attitude of his cousins, Ayame and Shigure, but he always felt that he would be suppressing who he really was. He knew that neither Ayame or Shigure were really gay-- okay, so at least he was fairly sure that Shigure was also attracted to women and Ayame at least appreciated their aesthetic qualities, but they seemed to have no problem meeting their needs through men. Hatori wished he could be as versatile.

Lately his hormones had been really bothering him. He could feel the tension building up inside of him begging for release. If he couldn't calm down, he would do something that would make him have to erase some poor girl's memory for sure.

"Ha'ri!" a flamboyant voice sounded from behind as two hands covered his eyes. "Guess who?" the voice said again.

"Aaya, I'm not in the mood."

"Wrong," Shigure removed his hands to reveal Ayame who had moved in front of him.

Ayame clapped and jumped up and down. "We tricked you!" he gushed and threw himself into his cousin's arms while Shigure embraced him from behind.

"Get off me!" Hatori roared, ignoring the interested stares from the boys around them.

Ayame and Shigure were taken aback. Sure Hatori got annoyed with their antics, but he had never lashed out at them like that.

"I'm sorry," he mumbled. "I'm just in a bad mood." The three boys walked in silence until they reached the Sohma estate.

Once inside the walls Hatori flopped down in the grass and sighed.

Ayame and Shigure sat on either side of him. Shigure put his hand on his shoulder. "Haa-san, do you want to talk about it?"

"You two wouldn't understand," he snapped, immediately feeling guilty. They had lost their virginity ages ago, and although Hatori had been mortified to hear the graphic details, he knew he should be happy for them to be able to find release in each other and several of the boys at their school.

"Try us." Ayame responded, "It can't be healthy to keep it all inside."

Hatori fumbled around in his pocket for a cigarette. "I need a woman!"

"Oh, that again." Shigure lit Hatori's cigarette before leaning back bored.

Ayame and Shigure pretended to look thoughtful. Where was Hatori going to find a woman who would allow him sexual release without wanting him to hold or embrace her. They had been through this conversation several times, so what followed seemed quite rehearsed.

"A prostitute." Ayame suggested.

"We can't have him getting some disease." Shigure answered.

"Family." Ayame chimed

"I'm afraid he'll have to wait quite awhile for Kisa, Rin, and Kagura to grow up." Shigure scratched his chin. Hatori shuddered knowing Shigure was anticipating that day.

"Hmm… I wonder where Ha'ri could find someone who would be willing to give him hot, guilt-free sex?" Ayame asked with a pointer finger to his bottom lip.

"Gee, I don't know, Aaya, wherever could that someone be?" Shigure took Hatori's cigarette and seductively put it in his mouth before taking a long drag.

"Or someones" Ayame emphasized the s.

"Would you two just knock it off." He growled from between them. Then looked back and forth from one cousin to the other thoughtfully. He was desperate. "Okay, why the hell not? Anything's worth a shot."

Ayame and Shigure's eyes were wide with shock. Hatori smirked. Now he'd finally said something that freaked them out.

"Are you sure, Haa-san?" Shigure was sure he had heard his cousin incorrectly.

Hatori nodded with resolve. "I mean… not right now or anything, but…soon." He knew that if it wasn't soon his head would explode. "But only if you guys…really wouldn't mind."

Shigure looked thoughtful. "But you're completely…"

"Straight." Hatori finished for him, "Yes."

"Have you ever even thought about…"

"No." Hatori blew the hair out of his eyes. "But believe me I've tried."

"Oh." Shigure took another drag. "I'm afraid this is going to be quite difficult." He looked doubtfully at Hatori.

Ayame had clasped his hands together in delight, "Oh, how I do love a challenge. Don't you worry, Ha'ri, for Sohma Ayame has never failed. I promise you, my love, that I will seduce you and cure you of your sexual distractions. Soon your days as a virgin will be only a distant memory."

Shigure clapped Hatori on the back. "I, too shall do my best to help you overcome your homophobic nature by allowing you to use my body as an instrument for your pleasure."

Hatori's look was anything but interested. How could he be related to these two?

Ayame stood suddenly and helped Shigure to his feet. "Come, darling, we have some planning to do."

Shigure winked at Hatori, "See you later," he promised with a sly smile.

Hatori watched as the two boys walked away from him with their heads together. Every now and then Shigure would throw him a furtive glance making him feel extremely uncomfortable.

When they were out of sight he leaned back on his elbows into the grass wondering what hair-brained ideas the two would come up with. What did I get myself into?


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