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Back to the Drawing Board:

Plans E and F: Enough is Enough and Finally

Plan E: Enough is Enough

The next morning when Hatori awoke, he was surprised to find Shigure and Ayame's bed empty. They had left him a note:

Went to town. Be back later. Prepare to be corrupted.


Aaya and 'Gure.

P.S. Don't flip out. 'Gure isn't driving the rental car. We called a cab.

Hatori breathed a sigh of relief before grabbing a fishing pole. He walked to a little pond about a mile from their cabin, happy to have peace and quiet for once. He was beginning to rethink his decision to request his cousins' help, though, he had to admit, it had made his life a hell of a lot more interesting.

Maybe he was destined to die a virgin. It wasn't that he couldn't please himself, he just wanted to know what it was like to be with someone. Unless he found a woman willing to try some strange new positions, he was destined to become a helpless little sea horse anytime he tried to have sex with a female, and after watching the movie with his cousins, Hatori was certain he was incapable of sex with men.

He gave a small smile as he thought of how hard his cousins had tried. He'd definitely give them an "A" for effort. He smiled as he thought of their lives together. He really did love them in spite of (or maybe because of) their craziness and knew that life as a Sohma would be unbearable without them.

When Hatori returned home it was almost dark. He had lost track of time. He hoped that Ayame and Shigure hadn't been back long.

Shigure greeted him at the door wearing a suit and tie. Hatori figured something must be up. He walked in to see a table set for two with sandwiches and candlelight. He gave Shigure a questioning glance.

"Have a seat, sir," he responded formally. "Your date will be out shortly."

Hatori, deciding he would play along, took a seat. When Ayame came out of the bathroom Hatori stood.

Shigure cleared his throat. "Allow me to introduce you to your date, Ami."

Ayame walked to him and batted his eyelashes coyly from beneath the wide brim of a white hat decorated with red ribbon and roses. His silver hair had been fanned over his shoulders and the hat was tied demurely beneath his chin. He was wearing a frilly white dress that was ruffled with lace on the chest and cinched at the waist. Beneath the waist flowed an enormous hoop skirt.

Hatori leaned in closer, and Ayame blushed. He was wearing heavy makeup. The eyeliner brought out his eyes. If it weren't for the ridiculous costume, Hatori might have found him beautiful.

"What's this." Hatori asked.

"Well," Shigure answered. "We figured the ruffles would give the appearance of a bosom and the hoop would keep you from noticing anything you would find…unpleasant."

Hatori nodded slowly before doing a very un-Hatori like thing. He burst into laughter. He laughed for a good ten minutes while Ayame and Shigure just stared at him in surprise. Finally he calmed himself down enough to excuse himself to the bathroom where he could laugh some more. He only stopped laughing when he heard sniffling. It was Ayame.

"Ha'ri doesn't like me," he whimpered.

"He likes us, just not in that way," Shigure comforted. "He can't help it that he's so... straight."

Hatori opened the bathroom door a crack feeling guilty. Ayame was seated on the table and Shigure was in front of him untying his hat.

Shigure grabbed a moist towel and returned to Ayame and began to wipe off the thick makeup.

"You didn't think I looked pretty either?" Ayame asked looking up at his cousin with his lower lip trembling.

"Of course I did." Shigure answered, finishing with the makeup and helping Ayame lift the ridiculously large dress over his head leaving him in just his underwear. "But when you're you, you're beautiful." Shigure tipped Ayame's chin up with his thumb and pointer finger and kissed him softly on the lips.

"Oh, 'Gure," Ayame purred before wrapping his legs around his cousin and pulling him toward him. He opened his mouth and groaned softly as their lower bodies made contact.

Hatori had never seen his cousins kiss before and was surprised to find himself slightly excited at the sight of the two of them together. He opened the door a little wider to get a better view.

Ayame undid Shigure's zipper and slid his hand inside. "Oh, Aaya," Shigure panted, "It's been…"

"Forever." Ayame finished his sentence and bit his ear. That's when the two boys noticed Hatori in the bathroom doorway breathing heavily.

Plan F: Finally

Ayame quickly pulled his hand out of Shigure's pants and looked at Hatori.

"Sorry,' he said. "Didn't see you."

Shigure, the more perceptive of the two, gave Hatori a long glance before kissing Ayame on the neck while caressing his chest with his thumbs.

Hatori's breathing had become more ragged. He couldn't believe what the sight of his cousins was doing to him.

"Mmm…,Shigure, stop it. We don't want him puking again." Ayame cast Hatori an apologetic glance as Shigure began kissing down his chest. He was still seated on the table and was surprised when Shigure knelt.

Hatori could feel his mouth getting dry as he watched what Shigure was doing to Ayame, surprised to find that it was actually kind of hot. The way that Shigure kneaded Ayame's hips, the way that Ayame was letting out little huffs of breath trying not to call out in consideration of the cousin watching from the bathroom doorway. When Ayame made eye contact Hatori could feel himself on the edge.

Shigure stopped what he was doing and stood as Ayame stuck out his bottom lip and pouted. "Tease."

Shigure kissed his forehead and turned to Hatori. That's when Ayame realized the look on Hatori's face was anything but disgust.

He let out a slight giggle and beckoned Hatori toward them.

Hatori found himself between his two cousins with Ayame in front of him stroking his cheek with the back of his hand and Shigure behind him with his arms wrapped around him unbuttoning his shirt.

Ayame traced Hatori's lips with a long finger before softly tracing them with his tongue. Shigure was kissing the back of Hatori's neck. "Is this what you want, Ha'ri?" Ayame asked pulling away.

Hatori was unable to speak, so he merely nodded while moving his arms to allow Shigure to remove his shirt.

Hatori laid in bed, entangled with his cousins, a few hours later. He was hot, sticky, and unable to sleep. Ayame was clinging to his chest nuzzling him every now and then in his sleep, while Shigure lay awake next to him staring at the ceiling. They hadn't spoken but were silently sharing a cigarette.

Hatori wasn't sure how to feel about what had just happened. He was no longer a virgin and had done several things with his cousins he couldn't wait to try again, and a few things that he didn't mind, but wasn't in any hurry for an encore.

Shigure handed him the cigarette as he exhaled. "Haa-san…are you okay?" Shigure sounded genuinely concerned. "You aren't mad at us, are you?"

Hatori took a long drag before roughly grabbing Shigure by the back of his head and kissing him soundly on the lips.

"Man of few words." Shigure smiled.

"Thanks." Hatori whispered before kissing Ayame's hair. He soon drifted off into a peaceful sleep.

Things didn't really change much between the three of them after the night in the cabin. Hatori continued to think of himself as a heterosexual (although he did occasionally indulge himself with his cousins) and Ayame and Shigure still continued to humiliate him with their flamboyant, unapologetic behavior. The only thing that did change was that Hatori finally knew what it was like to find release through someone (or someones) he cared about.


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