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Lionsnake Manor

Morning, Part I

It was morning.

It was morning in the Malfoy Manor.

Or, it was morning in the place that had once been known as the Malfoy Manor. Nowadays they called it the Lionsnake Manor, for a reason too obvious to not be known, since half of its inhabitants had been in Gryffindor and the other half in Slytherin.

So, it was morning in the Lionsnake Manor. In one of its bedrooms, to be accurate.

Remus Lupin-Potter-Snape-Malfoy-Black woke up feeling very warm and comfortable. He yawned and smiled slightly. He was still encircled in Lucius's embrace. For a moment he just lay there, enjoying the sensation of his lover's arms around him. Then he sighed and gently took Lucius's hands off, crawling out from under the covers. He slid to the floor without a sound and shivered slightly as his bare feet met the cold stone.

He glanced back at the huge bed. They were all there, like they always were when he woke up. In a cute row slept the five most important people in his life: Lucius, then next to the blonde Harry, whose hair was even messier than usually - Remus grinned at the memories of the previous night this brought to his mind - then Severus, looking just as serious as always, slightly smiling Draco and at last, in the opposite end of the bed, Sirius.

He grinned. It looked like Sirius had again taken on his favourite habit and slept inside Draco. The young blonde hated it, or at least he said he hated it, but still he allowed the Animagus to do so. This was a source of endless amusement of the others, and they always teased Draco of it - until Sirius decided to pay for his embarrassed lover and did the same to the noisiest teaser. That was, until he found out that Severus in fact loved it and would tease Draco mercilessly in order to make Sirius do so.

Remus shook his head and chuckled. A marriage was never easy, and it definitely wasn't it when the two married were wizarding soulmates - but one knew nothing about complex relationships before living in one like this.

The werewolf made his way to the shower, where he washed himself quickly. Then he headed to his own bedroom. After dressing himself, he went to the kitchen to get some breakfast from the house-elves. The others would show up when awake.

Lucius Lupin-Potter-Snape-Malfoy-Black woke up only to notice that there was no one in his arms. It didn't surprise him very much, though. Remus had always been the one to wake up first. He pulled the cover better over himself, keeping his eyes shut. There was no use in opening them yet, since he wanted a shower and he didn't want it alone. So he had to wait for one of his mates to wake up.

He felt Harry's arm against his back and smiled. The young Gryffindor was warm, like he always was. Severus's touch felt cold, and Draco's, but Harry was always so warm. Not that he didn't love Severus and Draco as well, far from it, but he just preferred warmth when it came to who he wanted to wake up next to. Harry was his favourite right after Sirius, whom he liked simply because of the nice, familiar scent of the Animagus. Waking up with Sirius near was like the Heaven - for some reason he always felt safe and loved when he smelled that scent, and Merlin knew he really needed that feeling after all those years under the Dark Lord's Imperiatus.

He hoped that somebody would wake up soon. Severus, most likely. The Potions Master was never one to sleep late.

He grinned. Severus was always so much fun in the shower.

Severus Lupin-Potter-Snape-Malfoy-Black woke up rather slowly. He blinked several times, sitting up very slowly. The Potions Master liked being awake rather early, but he hated the actual waking. Once he'd get out of the bed, however, everything usually became much easier.

Getting out of the bed was the difficult part.

He glanced around him. Seemingly Remus had already left. No surprise - the werewolf was always the first one to wake up. There were still four people with him in the bed. Because he seemed to be in the middle, he had two equal choices. He could climb out of the bed over either Sirius and Draco or Harry and Lucius. He decided to go to the way with the younger Malfoy and Animagus, since Harry simply hated being waked up in the morning and would have hexed him if he'd accidentally shook him awake.

"Sorry, Mum," he muttered when he started crawling over the bodies of his lovers. He always did that, nearly every morning. No matter that his mother couldn't hear him, no matter that he didn't really mean it - it had grown into him, become a habit he couldn't get rid of. Not that he'd been very eagerly trying, since both Sirius and Harry found it utterly cute.

When his mother had long, long time ago found out that her son was in fact a gay, she had made him promise never to wake up next to more than one man at time. When he then had introduced her to his fianc├ęs - not only two, which could have been nearly sufferable, but five of them - she had been completely stunned. Not only by the amount of them, but also his choice of mates - a werewolf, an ex-convict, a Death Eater and the Death Eater's son, no less. Should the last one not have been the Boy-Who-Lived, she'd probably had disowned Severus at the same moment.

Because of Harry's presence, however, she had accepted to at least talk with them for a while. Fortunately she had soon been charmed by Sirius's wit, Harry's kind character, Lucius's wonderful behaviour, Remus's smile and sweet intelligence and Draco's ever-happy comments. Nowadays she just loved every one of her sons-in-law, although she complained about not having grandchildren every time she only had the opportunity to do so.

He yawned as he got over Sirius on the edge of the bed and dropped on his feet. Then he made his way towards the bathroom. He was just placing his hand on the door handle when he heard a voice behind him.

"May I join you?" Lucius asked suggestively, walking towards him.

"I never say 'no' to a naked man," Severus chuckled, allowing his lover to join him for the shower.

Sirius Lupin-Potter-Snape-Malfoy-Black woke up to some very distracting noises. He noticed in an instant that he was still inside Draco. The Animagus pulled out carefully, determined not to wake up the young blonde, and sat up on the edge of the bed. He listened carefully.

Yes, the noises were really distracting. A quick glance over the bed told him the absence of three people. So Remus had waked up and left, like he always did, and now Severus and Lucius were having fun in the shower.

Unfair. If somebody was having fun around, he wanted to be in it.

Without even thinking twice he walked to the bathroom door and opened it. He was greeted by a sight of kneeled Severus and moaning Lucius. Enough to turn him on.

"May I join the fun?" he asked, grinning at his two lovers. To his great delight, they both accepted his request immediately.

'There are even worse ways to get a shower,' he thought as he settled behind Severus and put his arms around the Potions Master.

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