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A/N: This is a Gohan/ Videl Fanfic. It takes place after the Buu saga. I don't know much about the standards for these, so no flames, please. Heehee…that rhymes. Sorry, I'm just feeling silly today. Katath's fault. You'll understand later.

Katath: Kaimie, are you writing again?

Me (Kaimie, Misty's biggest fan, Vegeta's biggest fan and friend, etc.): Yes, Katath. God, you've certainly got the attitude of Veegee. I know you're buds, but you've been rubbing off on each other.

Katath: I thought he said to call him Vegeta, not Veegee.

Me: Aww, go back to bed.

Sorry, Katath's in a bad mood. As usual. Ok, here's the story.

Chapter 1

Gohan's Love

"Gohan!" Chichi called.

"Your girlfriend's here!" Goten said.

"How many times must I tell you? SHE'S NOT MY GIRLFRIEND!" Gohan yelled.

"Gohan!" Videl said, annoyed.

"Heh… H-hi," Gohan said.

"Why are you all red?" Videl said.

"Uhh… sunburn? Heh," Gohan said.

"Nope, you told me you don't burn. Unless you lied then, you're lying now. And I think you're lying now," Videl said.

"Heh… heh… heh…" Gohan said nervously.

"You're blushing! Aww…" Videl said. "Oh, Sharpner's having a party next Friday. Just thought I'd let you know, since you're invited. He didn't know your address. Oh, and you have to have a date to go to the party. Don't ask why, Sharpner wouldn't say."

"Would… you go with me? Please?" Gohan said.

"Hmm… ok," Videl said.