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Gohan, Videl, Erasa, and Sharpner are sitting in a white room with no windows, no door, and only one piece of furniture, a chair currently occupied by Sharpner. Erasa is on the arm of the chair, and Gohan and Videl are on the floor against the wall, facing the chair.

"Gohan?" Videl asks.

"Yeah?" he replies.

"Why are we here?" Videl wonders, confused. "Weren't we at a party or something?"

"The authoress discontinued the story since it was crappy and made us all look stupid," Gohan explains.

"Is she going to rewrite it?" Erasa asks hopefully.

"Don't think so. Silvain isn't the editing type. It makes her annoyed at how bad her writing used to be," Gohan says.

"Great. So are we stuck here?" Sharpner wonders, annoyed.

"Until she writes more DBZ," Gohan answers.

Sharpner leans back in his chair, relaxing. "We may be here awhile," he mutters, stretching.

Videl leans against Gohan, resting her read on his shoulder and mumbling, "Might as well get comfortable…"

Erasa slides off the arm of the chair into sharpener's lap. "Sounds good to me," she agrees, resting her head on his shoulder and putting her arms around him. Gohan puts his arm around Videl and pulls her closer.