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'Italics... Conscious? Inner thoughts? Whatever you wish it to be!'

Scene change

She stood upon her balcony, or at the moment the petal of the lunar flower of her home. (RSG: Now you understand why there was a swirling stairway he was going up the stem of the lunar flower XP) Looking down upon the Planet Earth, in thought, she sighed sadly. "I miss you InuYasha... Do you miss me too?" She asked into the wind. She sighed again. "The day is still young, I could be doing something, but what?" 'Do I even want to be doing anything?' Her eyes brighten with a fire suddenly, before jumping down from the balcony to the ground.

Kiba popped his head out of the window. "And where do you think your going?" a smile played at his lips.

She sighed softly, "I'll be back soon don't worry papa. I just want to talk to Lord Inutaisho..."

"I see..." Kiba murmured, before returning to his own business.

Truth be told, Yasha had no intentions on truly seeing the King of Gods, in fact she intended on seeing InuYasha, which was forbidden. She only knew one God that was allowed on to the planet they ruled over and it was that jerk, Sesshoumaru for being the God of sex or fertility some even say. 'Why should he be able to go on Earth and not me!' Yasha had thought irritably. 'Because, simpleton he is requested by several woman who desire sex. So what if he is? It's not fair, he can't be that good, anyway. He's a God and by right he can not ignore their request no matter how exhausted he may be.' Yasha fumed inwardly, 'He'll never settle down with a wife, if he's always being requested for, not that I give a damn.' This time however that snide voice did not reply.

She stopped at the ledge that she saw Sesshoumaru before playing cupid, or more like devil cupid, and thankfully he was not there. The last thing she wanted was for him to tell Lord InuTaisho of her sins. Yasha gave one last look around, making sure she saw no one within her sight, as she dropped down from the ledge and fell to the Planet known as Earth. Unannounced to her though, it would seem Sesshoumaru had seen her, the sight of her back and hair gave her away.

'I should report that.' Sesshoumaru mused, 'But sooner or later Father will find out on his own, so I won't say anything of it. I don't need ANOTHER reason for Kiba to hate me.' He mentally added, moving towards the ledge to watch her fall down in silence. When she disappeared from his view, he elegantly turned away from the ledge, his hair whipping out behind him, only to come face to face with another Goddess.

"Sesshoumaru." The female said smoothly almost huskily, "Are you going to let her go just like that and not tell InuTaisho?"

'Shit. Shit, shit, shit, shit! Blackmailed. Isn't life a bitch?' Sesshoumaru thought sorely.

"Of course if you don't," Kagura continued, "I'd happily report it myself,'re willing to do me a favor." She played with the collar of her clothing suggestively.

Sesshoumaru grimaced, but retorted with a, "And what exactly do you wish of me?" he asked as if in an innocent manner.

Kagura laughed, that rather annoying laugh he hated so much, "Oh come now Sesshoumaru, don't play dumb, you KNOW what I want." she leaned against his frame trailing her fingers along his chest, that sadistic look to her eyes.

He was annoyed, severely annoyed, she'd dare to touch him in such a way. He may have been the God of sex, and fertility, but he wasn't going to fuck everyone that requested him, even his own fellow Goddess's no matter how much he might of hated them. "No." he said simply, "He'll find out on his own sooner or later, I won't report her sins in."

"Then perhaps I should tell him of you not reporting it hmm?" Kagura eyes beamed with mischief.

Sesshoumaru growled inwardly, his eyes alight with a burning fire of hatred for this woman. 'Think Sesshoumaru, how can I weave out of this...' A cold smirk crossed his face as he looked down at her, causing her to be rather unnerved and unease. He trailed sinister fingers down her neck stopping them along the base, his eyes narrowing dangerously. "Speak a word…" he tightened his hold along her neck, "and I'll snap your pretty little neck." He hissed lowly, before releasing her and pushing her away from his figure.

Kagura looked at him with a hint of fear as she placed her hand along her neck to abruptly scurry away quickly.

'That went rather well.' Sesshoumaru thought with dark humor, as he watched her quickly fade away from his view. 'Let's just hope the threat stays clear.' Silently he shifted towards the ledge once more taking a seat there, one leg hanging down the other bent at the knee with one of his hands resting on it. 'But seeing how I'm here, why not keep an eye on her for the time being? Can't have her causing trouble.'

'Great, wonderful, great going Yasha, you had to jump to the wrong side of the town. Baka.' Yasha thought bitterly, silently landing within the dark shadows of a back ally. The moment she hit the ground her clothing formed into common clothing, shifting into simple hip hugging pants with a few rips and holes and a tube top. 'Humans and their clothing never seizes to amaze me.' She thought in bewilderment as she looked at her form, tugging on her pants and shirt silently curiously. "Well," she mumbled aloud, "now that I'm here, best catch him while he's still at the café."

Yasha weaved her way out of the ally to the main streets pausing to look at the tall buildings around her. "Wow..." She whispered to herself, 'I forgot how big these buildings were in person. Why did he have to live in such a confounding large city?' She frowned then as she took up in her walk again weaving between passing-by people. Truly it was unnatural at how everyone went about their days, none passing any glances towards her as if they've seen her several times before, but then again she wouldn't of had it any other way.

But it would seem, unannounced to her two sets of eyes, one that of ice blue and one that of blood red watched her figure silently move through the crowd hurriedly...

'Ugh... Where is that blasted café? I could of sworn it was this way...' Yasha thought with a frown looking about, this way and that as she leaned against a corner of a building. 'How far off could it be...?'

"Excuse me miss..." A male voice said, causing her to whirl around like a frightened deer caught in the act of doing something wrong a hand clasped over her chest.

"Don't do that!" Frantically she exclaimed, as she calmed herself back down. Silently she looked up at the man that spoke her eyes meeting a pair ice blue ones. Honestly he was attractive and appealing to the eyes, his black hair tied up into a high ponytail along with his headband. Curiously he had pointed ears like a demon or elf, and obvious fangs seen when he spoke, but she couldn't find a characteristic that proved he was a demon, and had a rather deep voice.

"I'm sorry did I frighten you?" he said apologetically.

"Just a little." Mumbled out, before her eyes light up. "Hey, maybe you can help me!" She grinned.

"Of course," the man laughed out, "but first can I have the honors of your name?"

"Oh, um, sorry," she blushed, "Sorry that was rude of me. My names Yasha, and yours?"

"Kouga." He smiled. "And what is it I can help you with?"

"I'm looking for a café, but I believe it's on the other side of this city, so I'm kind of lost." She blushed embarrassedly. "You wouldn't happen to know how to get to it would you?"

"A café on the other side of the city..." he mused, "It wouldn't happen to be El Café Evre'monde would it?" Kouga asked curiously.

"Yes! That's it!" Yasha exclaimed excitedly, "How can I get there?"

Kouga smirked cockily, "Oh you just leave that to me." He said moving to the edge of the sidewalk and rising out a hand for a taxi, which immediately stopped. He tapped on the window, which was lowered and he leaned in conversing with the driver and passing a few words and pointing off to Yasha for a moment, until they seemed to come to an agreement and he pulled away and opened a door for her. "There he knows where you need to go so everything has been taken care of for you."

"Thanks Kouga, but I don't exactly have the money on me for a taxi." Yasha blushed scratching the back of her head nervously in a sheepish manner.

"Then I can take care of that for you too." Kouga simply said moving to lean back into the window again to speak with the driver.

"NO! I...I couldn't I wouldn't know how to make it up to you! I can't just take your money." She said waving her hands out in front of her nervously and frantically.

Kouga smiled, "Don't worry about it, I'm sure I'll see you again."

"But I'll be leaving soon, I'm not sure I'll be able to come back!" She exclaimed in guilt.

"Well then... I'll just have to take this as payment." He whispered softly pulling her near and kissing her lips softly, before pulling away.

Flustered Yasha only managed to stumble along her words, "I...I... Um... I should er… go now..." She blushed fiercely crawling into the back seat of the taxi quickly.

Kouga smirked slightly before asking the price for the drive, and handing the driver the pay ahead of time. "Take care Yasha." He said as he pulled away from the car and watched it drive off, a grin crossing his face.

Unfortunately a fuming God far, far away who was watching over her looked on the verge like he'd kill some one, and that God was... Sesshoumaru. Though he couldn't quite understand why he was so enraged at this complete stranger for kissing that...THAT half-breed, or the thought that he touched her irked him, so undoubtedly, as always, he hunted for an excuse within his mind to explain his enragement. 'I'm angry, because...because... she's a Goddess. Yes! That's why! Because she's a Goddess.' He nodded his head in approval, 'It's because she's a Goddess, despite being a filthy, yes filthy half-breed, that she should not be touched by a fowl, yes fowl dirty disgusting human. I should listen to you more often. Indeed.'

Pleased with his excuse he turned his attention back to the traveling taxi. 'Now lets have a look in what's so important within the El Café Evre'monde.' He mused silently peering into it, and finding a rather surprising face within it. "InuYasha..." He muttered, "So that's why she's heading to it..." He seethed silently, "I guess it's just natural for filthy half-breeds wanting to be within each others company." He snorted out quietly.

"But what's this?" He eyes wandered to the female within his brothers company. "A woman..." He grinned evilly. "Lets listen in on to you little brother..." He chuckled darkly.

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